$2 Bill Alien Invasion.MPG

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Josh Nazarino : I see it!! I really see it!!! The dislike button, I see it...

Transition Point : "...Ever see a $2 bill.... *ON WEED!?*... 😂

DISTRESS : What have u been smokin space weed

in my ol'skool state uv mind : You crafty origami weirdos need to stop folding bills... you'll believe anything. cocaine is one hell of a drug!!

Bengt Svenson : omg ur so right a movie and playing card relates to an alien invasion =:0

Russ Langford : yes they hide the truth in plain sight the alien invasion is going to happen that's how they're going to bring in the New World Order it is not going to be a real alien invasion with help of their Technologies everyone will believe it. Except this guy.

Damon Santori : jesus i Smoke Alot of pot, but damn dude Youve bumped your noodle.. and sightings have happened since the beginning of time, lol not just the 50s... stop smokin bath salts lol

Tee Hamp : and if you look really close... you can see the golden arches of McDonald's

Philip Edelstein : dude lay off the pipe

FUCDT : looks more like a nuclear mushroom cloud

Robert Vermilyer : good video I liked that movie skyline though lol, Im still waiting for part 2

boris Odor : I love getting sucked up

Tracey Starnes : WTF.... I know we are not alone and it's just a matter of time but this is really reaching it reminds me of making shapes out of the clouds in the sky I just don't get it

GRANGEROUS DESIGNS : i see a nuclear explosion not an alien invasion.

Skilzki Boykins : wtf you are ridiculous, lol.

Roy S : Gimme whatever you're on.....

Christopher Adams : dude... this is more than a strech lol.

Raven One : Streach of the imagination. Too much time on your hands;)

NORM HULL : i want what your smoking !!

jo black : Not sure what your seeing Wow you need a joint man

Marcel : Yes, you are absolutely right; you are really crazy!

smolly : is this why they stopped making $2 dollar bills?

Israel Garcia : Could be a spaceship. ....but Aliens don't exist!.....their demonic entities. ....fallen angels!

Kazanna 12488 : he is using movies and cards to predict invasions. definitely either on drugs or dropped on his head

The Zen Devil : you can make project blue beam holligrams useing clouds

Carlos Lopez : all I have to say Read the Bible if have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, you are protected by the Blood of christ.....another thing people belive all kinds of stuff they see.then again don't believe In GOD or the Word OF GOD..My God all mighty and jesus christ be with us all and I pray that the Lord and jesus will reveal themselves to you.Amen

Judy Avant : does any one else see how the top of the clouds forth two faces or profiles

Kimberly Cooper : theres no such thing as aliens. demons yes but not aliens lol. demons are real wake up people and see the light

Airik1111 : You do know not every mushroom is safe to eat.

James Grinstead : I see what your trying to point out... good find... but, I also think it looks like a mushroom cloud. I guess it can be open for interpretation. But, seeing in how this video is popular, I'll use its popularity to share this experience that happened to me 3 years ago now. I live in Idaho, and I was helping my friends mom demo business remove years of built up trash out of one of the oldest houses in Notice, ID. Place had been abandoned for years, and when ppl lived there they didn't stay in the house, but in trailers on the outer parts of the property, really, REALLY odd. Adding to the oddness we found dog bones, attached to chains, in every room in that house. Like they were on guard, and they died in duty. poor dogs, 😐. Anyways, we were working days and staying the night there because my friends mom had an ex business partner who was trying to steal the heirlooms and antiques we were finding, so basically she wanted us to camp at night, which was fine by me because Notice is kind of a Country town, with neighbors far apart, and corn fields everywhere. So at night it was really awesome, clear skies and you Could see a million stars, which i love gazing at... haha. so it was like a camping trip with bbq, beer and a bonfire every night. going on our 3rd night there, me and my friend start to notice lights in the sky, 10-15 seperate ones, all over notice it seemed and the sky basically. going up and down, triangle formations etc. They happened again the 4th night, but more frequent. was really awesome, and suspenseful to watch cause we knew they weren't ours. The 5th night there we had planned on going home to take a good shower and eat better food, and a real bed for once haha.. so we were getting relieved by my friends mom and get friend for the night. when they showed up it was dusk, and we set up their generator and flood lights etc, and were standing there facing them talking about what we had gotten done work wise yada yada, when all of a sudden behind them about 50 feet up, just above the trees really, a truck sized object came out of NO WHERE, litterly No WHERE, and mad this noise like an electronic powering down sound followed by a pop, and it pulsated blue, then white, while simultaneously shooting chaffes from its sides, like a fighter jet does to dodge missles, and pulsated bright blue.. or maybe it was white.. And then POP! IT was GONE! This all happened in about 3-5 seconds. I turned to my friend as soon as it had gone, and he was like "DID YOU SEE THAT?! HOLY CRAP!" We talked excitedly at what we had both just witnessed, and SO CLOSE TOO, while my friends mom and her friend both thought we were playing jokes... they hadn't heard anything, and were facing the wrong direction so didn't see anything. we then tools them about the strange lights in the skies multiple nights following up to this night, which again they didn't believe us. I then end up leaving back to the house, shower, and hit the bed. this event wasn't just at that Other house, but followed me back to the house, but the storey is long enough, trying to type on my phone... so basically I wake up 30 minutes after I had fallen asleep and just KNOW something is wrong, and something tells new I should Go to the front door. And as soon as I open it here comes My friends mom and her friend running in. I look ay them and asked what was wrong, which they wondered how I would know, which I explain to them what Happened to me when id gotten back, (the part i left out) What happened to them was something was sucking the power out of everything, ALL AT ONCE, and shutting down the generator, lights, phones etc, and after this had happened to them 3 times they decided to sit in the car and talk, in the dark, when all of a sudden something big walked up next to the car and they booked it, drove out there like bats outta hell, freaked out and came home. we exchanged events.. next day we went back up there, and i wanted to walk the property line which could see the property below and sure enough I saw a TRUCK sized imprint in the corn in the edge of the property by the house. I run down there to also find diffetent sizes, from chickens feet size, to as big as an adults head sized 3 toed imprints coming right out of the imprint in the mud leading up to the house/ out camp spot. i lost the tracks in the grass but found them again right in our site. they had walked up and stood in a circle right around where me and my friend had been sleeping!! like 5-7 different 3 toed tracks, insane size differences, and i even measured the gate of the walk for the bigger prints, which was a an enormous step. When we rolled up camp later that day, i found 6 evenly spaced holes, about 1/2 inches in between each, right next to eachother, right under where I had been sleeping. I have no idea why that was done. And I've been wanting to go back there and dig where It had landed, and also where those 6 holes had been soil sampled at.. I mean that's what the holes reminded me of, like the samples scientists take out of rock or dirt, that are cylinder shaped etc... Anyways there are so many different aspects of what happened that i didn't write because Im on my dang phone, and this has taken a while I its own to get this much out.. but yeah, that was my experience. i guess you can say of the (100% for sure) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and maybe 5th kind. In my opinion, their REAL. I wish I knew more about the universe, because it's so fascinating... And sucks to get a taste like that, learn truth, and then nothing after.. SO MANY QUESTIONS. ugh . well have a good night! Keep searching for you're own truth, it just might happen when you least expect it too 🙄

r c : man wat u smoking

Juan Smit : fake rapture !? that is what the devil want every one to think ! to fight against God.

Walter Zimbabwe : Hey bro it is time for you to get a job and consider moving out of your mother's basement.

Joseph Kerwin : They are the chariots of the lord.

Tsvetan Rangelov : The whole story is about HAARP. It makes sense... " The bad vibes..." and the earthquake. HAARP is even hidden in the new 100$ bill. They're planning to do bad stuff to the people those bastards

A.I can kiss my A.S 2018 : Unfortunately what ppl see on the money os what they mew we would find...Look deeper my friend its much worse than.this even...God bless in Jesus name

jack skellington : sorry but I i can see is a paranoid person just to trade to get the attention for the people just for youtube pay hem

Rigo Rangel : that's a huge ass stretch, I have a $2 bill in front of me and I can't see anything

8Dark Knight4 : I beleive in aliens. If we exist they could exist too. But this is just too much. You need a girlfreind.

Drakonya : You've been snorting phat rails of space dust haven't you

1212LeoSnake : Hey don't forget the mini series V. And here we are fighting against each other due to a gender, skin color, and nationality...smh

Amia Chevannes : Maybe that's why they got rid of the 2 dollar bill

ROGUEZ3RO : It looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud

MrsClippit : I just see a doggie and kitty in the clouds durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

J.R. HAL : i see it without a doubt. but its not clouds, it looks like a mushroom of smoke.

Steve S : If you fold this here bill just like thaat.... it looks like you learned how to fold.

Chris Vanweele : I ran out of LSD last week so I can't quite see it.

Tina Marie : its the elite way of having it in plain view, its away to mock the people

Thatmetrix2018 : The first side of the bill, looks more like a nuclear explosion!!🤔🤔

Ethan Pincince : looked like a nuke!