Why The Community Has Turned On H3H3
Why the community has turned on H3H3

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Today we look at what is going on with H3H3, why Ethan has been acting so strange recently and why the community have began to turn on him. Let's jump in. Special thanks to FacialWeight for the music, you can check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5KxR_bz4Z-Rmg0ZTBu2siw Diesel Patch's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMNtwpZD9Ow LINKS ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/BlastChannel_ ►Music Credit: OurMusicBox (Jay Man) Track Name: "Dream Central" Music By: Jay Man @ https://ourmusicbox.com/ Official "OurMusicBox" YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/ourmusicbox License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Music promoted by NCM https://goo.gl/fh3rEJ Thanks for watching, don't forget to: - Like ▢ - Subscribe ▢ - Comment ▢


DRE Rongo : it all started when papa franku died

kirikakirikakirika : I feel bad for Hila. I think she disagrees with Ethan a lot but doesn't say anything. Sometimes she attempts damage control, but she can only take it so far. And depression or not (which I'm not entirely convinced Ethan actually has), he's still needlessly rude and arrogant. His ego is massive, even when talking to Hila, and he often disregards people's feelings. For example, in the video where they were talking about Hila being pregnant, you could tell Hila was excited but simultaneously terrified because Ethan was being so negative about it. On top of that, he clearly said things that were making her uncomfortable. You could tell by her body language, but he kept going. I'm sorry, but I don't buy depression as an excuse to be an asshole.

Fuck You : I'll just say it. vape nation was never that funny.

peanutbutterrobot : sorry but their podcast always sucked, never understood the hype

iamafeman : I started disliking H3 when he invited William Osman after his house burnt down to only talk about his house burning down and the California fires, and not about William’s youtube channel to support the content he makes or the gift he brought for H3.

The Ace of Spades : Ethan bringing up “you worried about your daughter being assaulted”?!?! Jesus.

anthony : Content Cop - H3H3?

ContactingTheDead : *Moving to L.A. was when it all started going downhill.*

Wilson Solt : Good on you for not making an ass out of him. We all have bad times. Luckily we all aren't being watched all the time.

Lethargica Stengah : Bill Burr exposed Ethan's lack of social skills. ;)

GamingReviews : If you've been following H3H3 a long time, you can tell very clearly that Ethan is depressive. You just see it physically. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just feel that everytime I watch the most recent of his videos on the podcast...

Aiden James : Add his playing the victim with Pewdiepie over Betterhelp and just acting defensive, even though Felix was actually being OVERLY nice and fair Guy doesn't just admit it's a dodgy service and say "my bad"

likeastarbaby : arrived and disliked because im sick of all these idiotic clickbait hate videos about h3, but watched and ended up liking. this is constructive criticism, not vitriol for the sake of views.

Tiago : immediately subbed when you asked me to please consider subbing at the VERY END OF THE Vid how it should be done! thx for the quality content, don't change

BOUNCY700 : Great video, very neutral and objective. Not sure where the dislikes are coming from.

Comfy Chan : I felt H3H3 started going downhill after they moved to CA. NY era H3 was the best.

MJ : And now he got exposed with the whole Betterhelp issue and defending himself from pewdepie even though he threw the guy under the bus just a couple of years ago!!! Hypocrite :/

Le reddit silver member : I remember when he went on that anti American rant about an Amazon factory but the factory was actually in a different country and Amazon could've dictate the work standards for a 3rd world country.

Liam Ryan : He makes generalized statements and poorly researched opinions.

Slag : H3H3 lost their charm for me likek 2 years ago. I started to realize that I enjoyed their videos because of the cringy/stupid content they showed, not really because ethan reaction/the 100 million coughs. I also started to realize how hypocritical he could be, I mean i still wish them the best of luck and I dont really hate them, but Idk. It just feels different watching them nowadays.

『A͜͡ɴ0ɴ』 『 』空 白 : Well, He clearly called a whole nation "Motherfu©kers"... And I don't get why that podcast is still not taken down...

Si fly : Dear mr blast. Stop using comic sans.

ƎЯIOIOIRE : I've been watching him for two years and his podcasts also just highlight the fact that he's really dumb. Or just blinded by his strongly opinionated attitude to make sense of something once he has an idea.

The Edgy Grape : They spent 1.5 years on that mediocre game? Big oof

Kishore Dubariya : *Either you exit as a hero, or stay long enough to see yourself turn into a ..... :(*

khalooosh : Not to mention they were completely racist towards Indians in the t series video podcast which did bring some considerable amount of hate towards them as well

Kirby's Misadventures : I feel like the only fan that likes the podcast and ethan even if i dont agree with everything he says. Idgaf about all this random nonsense people mad about lmao.

Tim TheAutist : This vid was released on my birthday, nice

The Campfire : Ethan is just so negative. I understand why...but its hard to listen to a rich and famous dude that does what he wants for a living, complain. I've been watching H3 for about 4 years, so I'm not new. I disagree with most of his political views, and pretty much anything he believes. I used to literally feel love for Ethan, but now it's gotten to the point that everything he does annoys me. I do also agree with a lot of what he saya to, but he states it in such bad form. I try, I get 15-20 mins into each podcast...and leave angrily most of the time. It's just sad and frustrated.

Ben : I gotta admit, I kinda wanted to hate this video. I thought it was going to be unnecessary slander thrown at such an important creator, but you were very fair with your criticism and showed support for h3. Good on ya!

T R I B E : I used to think if this is a karma of him for picking 13yrs old of Logan Pool fans 😂 I used to get entertained by him until he shown his true colour in his podcast and becoming a clout chaser around Post Malone. C'mon Ethan, you are better than this.

jhughes19851 : there is something very unsettling and unlikable about Ethan

SSENPAI : they are Zionists so no surprise

Devon Palmer : Really loved him two years ago when he was just a goofy guy shooting the shit for some laughs. He just became so mean spirited that I couldn't vibe with his content anymore.

Alan Michael Jackson : Who da fook is this legend BLAST? Subbed.

Just a guy wasting some time : Congrats on the views my dude

Elaine : People here blaming depression instead of someone's actions... Depression can affect someone's point of views on things, but depression isn't ignorance, I'm not a fan of Ethan, but I've watched his videos, and he doesn't do research at all. Yes, he is famous; yes, he needs to keep his audience; but that doesn't mean his videos (his job) are well done. To me, he is just lazy. You can be depressed (like almost every creator on YouTube is) but at least do your job right, or put effort on it. He does not take the time to make good videos. He does a half ass job most of the times; if he needs to take time off, he should, because blaming your laziness on mental disorders/issues is not the right way to go on.

Matei Stoian : 1:38 Nah, he's actually been talking about politics since long before, such as with the 2016 election

Kamex : Hey man, I gotta give you props for going the completely neutral route and stating things objectively rather than hyping up fake outrage and negativity like some commentators love to do. And even strayed from that “holier than thou” mentality some of them seem to have. Great video!

Matthew Ryan : I love your positive criticism. Knowing the difference between criticizing actions versus attacking someone's character is very important to actually winning over an audience and gaining reception from your viewers. I love Ethan and Hila and I think you're right about Ethan going through a tough time right now. Though I do hope he reads and sees some of this criticism, because a lot of the point's that people are making are valid, he needs our support, not more hatred.

Glenn Hanlon : You know, I really love the way you handled this. Awesome video.

Aurelius : Shoutout to ma boi *G O K A N A R U*

Kerendips : Because he betrayed the cause by stabbing pewdiepie in the back out of jealousy. He is filth.

I y a n a : This is coming from someone who used to really love *H3H3* , but Ethan just seems really arrogant and ignorant about the things he tries to discuss, making the podcast draining to watch at times. Ethan talks about things in a way where no matter what, he needs to be correct and no one can really disagree. The way he belittles religion and political views that don't fit with his own ideals can be vexing when there's no one else in the room that's able to disagree with him or bring a second opinion / perspective to the table. Hila tries to cut in at times, but Ethan's personality overpowers everything. The podcast is just a platform for him to complain and ramble about things at this point. Not to mention he can be very hypocritical.

Mako Shinkai : I've reached the point where I just use the podcast as background noise, and don't even care about what their talking about.

JackStrait : Idk I like the podcast, and I realize nobody's perfect

James Raven : honestly, Bill Burr was too good for that podcast.

toddler1009 : how is your immediate reaction to bill burr bustin on you not just laughing uncontrollably it's hilarious, he's hilarious, you're a youtuber. severe lack of awareness

MysticVision : "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villan"