Why the community has turned on H3H3

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BLAST : Thanks for watching! Check out my latest video, 'REBECCA ZAMOLO IS THE FAKEST YOUTUBER OUT THERE': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZBOnBuNHTA

The Campfire : Ethan is just so negative. I understand why...but its hard to listen to a rich and famous dude that does what he wants for a living, complain. I've been watching H3 for about 4 years, so I'm not new. I disagree with most of his political views, and pretty much anything he believes. I used to literally feel love for Ethan, but now it's gotten to the point that everything he does annoys me. I do also agree with a lot of what he saya to, but he states it in such bad form. I try, I get 15-20 mins into each podcast...and leave angrily most of the time. It's just sad and frustrated.

TJ Lime : I honestly think Ethan is actually really depressed and confused right now and doesnt know how to act and what to do anymore.

I y a n a : This is coming from someone who used to really love *H3H3* , but Ethan just seems really arrogant and ignorant about the things he tries to discuss, making the podcast draining to watch at times. Ethan talks about things in a way where no matter what, he needs to be correct and no one can really disagree. The way he belittles religion and political views that don't fit with his own ideals can be vexing when there's no one else in the room that's able to disagree with him or bring a second opinion / perspective to the table. Hila tries to cut in at times, but Ethan's personality overpowers everything. The podcast is just a platform for him to complain and ramble about things at this point. Not to mention he can be very hypocritical.

Fuck You : I'll just say it. vape nation was never that funny.

Devon Palmer : Really loved him two years ago when he was just a goofy guy shooting the shit for some laughs. He just became so mean spirited that I couldn't vibe with his content anymore.

Kamex : Hey man, I gotta give you props for going the completely neutral route and stating things objectively rather than hyping up fake outrage and negativity like some commentators love to do. And even strayed from that “holier than thou” mentality some of them seem to have. Great video!

Vladimir Lenin : The end of the era was when they moved out of New York. Their content changes drastically talking about things rather than reacting to them and making sketches.

Jared Mitchener : H3 podcast is “arguably” less entertaining than their old videos? There is no argument. The podcast isn’t, nor has it ever been enjoyable. The only reason to watch part of a podcast is the guests. Ethan isn’t a smart person, and the podcast shows that.

red stark : Never liked him. I think he’s wilfully ignorant on a lot of topics and just comes across as an arrogant Prick. He’s one of those centrists dude bros that think they have all the answers

GamingReviews : If you've been following H3H3 a long time, you can tell very clearly that Ethan is depressive. You just see it physically. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just feel that everytime I watch the most recent of his videos on the podcast...

holnrew : With the Bill Burr podcast it just seems like Ethan doesn't want to be there and his head isn't in the game, not really thinking about what he's saying. That with the oversensitivity is pretty classic depression. People are being a bit hard on him because they don't understand mental illness. You see the same with boogie, people saying do this and do that when it isn't that simple when your own mind is working against you. Of course there are still things you can do to help things but you can't see what others do day in and day out, or what's going on in your head, but everyone assumes the worst and that you're not even trying. When the most basic acts of self care take a tremendous amount of effort, people assume that you're not trying because for them these things come pretty easily.

ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ : No one even watches the Podcast....the podcast isn’t even that entertaining...their mobile game is less than fun....I miss the Old Ethan....

Mikee Flores : Never liked this guy. Always came off as super pretentious to me.

Jaskaran Bhimber : You're actually right, I was upset after watching a podcast a while ago. As a British Indian; when he commented on acid attacks in London and made it seem like we were the perpetrators when nine times out of ten we are the victims of these racially charged attacks. It hurt me. You can say I'm easily offended but what he's saying can have serious repercussions. Brown people in Britain already get a hard time and things like that don't help.

BeforeIforgot : Remember when Ethan said that all women have a subconscious desire to be dominated/raped? I member

Keith Golden : i like the podcast but i get the vibe that hes in over his head with it, he does spout out some opinions that he obviously didnt research and he doesnt know how to deal with some big celebrity personalities but hes a rookie which means these are just growing pains, change always comes at a cost and i think theyll end up in a good place eventually

Lilith Sahl : I unsubscribed a long time ago mostly because their content just got very stale and boring.

Julia Kriss : I used to enjoy h3h3 back when they were making videos in their bedroom...didn't realize this guy went so downhill.

Wilson Solt : Good on you for not making an ass out of him. We all have bad times. Luckily we all aren't being watched all the time.

CJT DUP : I harbor no hate for the man but I really believe that his knowledge on these subjects is lackluster at best and non-existent at worse.I remember the times I used to look up to him as a beacon of hope in the youtube community,even though I did not watch him very much.Now,I just don’t know....

GimR's Lab : It's very simple. They made a few goofs but y'all are being incredibly hard on them. Way harder than you'd be on yourself in a similar situation Edit: just to be clear, I don't like that Ethan makes opinions on his podcast with no evidence to back them up. I don't like how their content has been for at least a year. But, I feel people are too hard on him. They don't know the shit he's been through and he's admited he has been struggling with ego. Give him time to grow. If he doesn't, then move on

眩暈夢 : I wanna see what it feels like to be depressed and rich. For just one day.

Ben : I gotta admit, I kinda wanted to hate this video. I thought it was going to be unnecessary slander thrown at such an important creator, but you were very fair with your criticism and showed support for h3. Good on ya!

kung foo keney : Ethan was racist asf in his t-series video and i mean *over-the-top* guys

Killer Bean : What's tuff for me is I've been watching YouTube from when Minecraft first came out. I was on everyday and it has been my trend for a good 7 years. The reason all these YouTubers are falling out is because the platform itself is dying. It hits me hard as some one who's been on YouTube since the beginning. Sucks that this once great website/app has turned into such a horrible thing. But I have to look at it another way, maybe my perception on yt has changed since I was 10 and the cancerous thing, The Internet, has got to me. Idk but it scares me.

TrashZoned Boi : it all started when papa franku died

Tiago Kaye : immediately subbed when you asked me to please consider subbing at the VERY END OF THE Vid how it should be done! thx for the quality content, don't change

KaD0 : See, I liked watching his stuff that was a lot less political but once he dived into politics his ignorance really showed. He needs to realize you can't just spout off bs on things you have no idea about. I hope they truly get out of this hole and go back to making better content

Aceofacez10 : I don’t think the Bill Burr episode was Ethan’s fault, Bill was dodging around most of Ethan’s questions and he never actually said anything comedic or interesting. As for Ethan’s wacky ideas, he’s rarely 100% accurate but that’s part of the H3 style, that self-aware sarcasm has been their trademark since their skits from back in Israel. And yes let’s hope h3 is feeling much better in 2019.

snow tea : I agree with...well....pretty much everything in this video. Thank you for making this <3 I hope Ethan and Hila will be in a better place mentally.. take care, and papa bless 💖💕💞

Love Gestapo : I've got to admit; I had no idea how toxic H3's fan base was until recently. Update: I'm not referring to _every_ H3 fan, people. I shouldn't have to clarify that, but it seems much more of you misunderstood me than I ever would have imagined 😒 but I've also gotta say that I appreciate all of the likes, and the obvious love and support many of you have for one of the greatest comedy couples ever! Our favorite artists go through hard times and creative blocks, and it's important that we stand behind them and show that love and support through tough times as well as the good ones! *PAPA BLESS* ✌❤

Ajit Pai : Yeah... it’s like H3 tried to do the Joe Rogan Podcast but with less weed and less fun

iamafeman : I started disliking H3 when he invited William Osman after his house burnt down to only talk about his house burning down and the California fires, and not about William’s youtube channel to support the content he makes or the gift he brought for H3.

jacesaces15 : I didn't know people actually enjoyed these people's content. They always seemed like they had no idea what they were talking about, came across as pretty arrogant and often times super unfunny when the we're trying to be funny. I just thought they were popular cuz people loved to hate them, kinda like the Paul brother s.

Zexon Hairi : I feel ethan should do a healthy blend of maybe a comedy video 1 week and a podcast another. I also think his podcasts should be less political. I can agree with some of his statements, but i feel like he needs to do his research before openly assuming he knows about a situation, because he has gotten some information wrong. I feel like Ethan is trying to be a good guy, but he's slowly hopping into the playpen of narcissism. I also believe his superfans need to chill out and accept Hila's and Ethan's buisness decision.

Hillary Trump : *H3H3 has hit a new low*

BOUNCY700 : Great video, very neutral and objective. Not sure where the dislikes are coming from.

Josh Burton : After the "police should be willing to die cause it's their job" shit he pulled a month or so back, I lost any respect I had for him. Not that I much cared for him in the first place.

SeasonalGent : I can't really even say I ever liked H3, their videos never clicked with me like I've seen them do with most people. And once the podcast started and the main channel videos ended, it just became even more clear to me that Ethan doesn't do any research and it was purely monetary. Especially with the main channel update, its just ridiculous to me in the choices made.

Lethargica Stengah : Bill Burr exposed Ethan's lack of social skills. ;)

djwaters22 : I still enjoy h3h3's content. Their podcast are really good

RazielTheLost : ethan is just another opinionated idiot on the internet that people fell for his persona of intellect that was falsely perceived because he googled everything before whereas he isnt doing that on podcasts, if he was able to google shit right there on the podcast he would sound just as "intelligent" as he does on youtube, albeit with long pauses and awkward silences while he just reads then spouts like he did on youtube.

SSJChrist one chosen : People are just triggered that he's not a magacuck and doesn't have the same opinion as them. News flash magacucks. Most of the rest of the world doesn't either. Sorry if you snowflakes can't handle hearing things you don't like.

Hillary Trump : *I've never watch the podcast.*

The Ace of Spades : Ethan bringing up “you worried about your daughter being assaulted”?!?! Jesus.

Petite : Glad to learn the H3 community is also getting annoyed with their main channel's situation. It feels like Ethan's not over his self consciousness regarding what they put on there afterall.

orgy57 : I kinda stopped liking h3 for the same reason I'm kinda iffy on JonTron, like they both get political while being too ignorant to know what they're talking about. At least JonTron still makes funny videos, Ethan just doesn't make anything at all anymore though other than politics. Like if I wanted to watch politics I'd go back on MSNBC. sure h3 can voice his opinion but he was loved for being funny

Meki : i might not be understanding this drama correctly, but i don't get why people want to attack someone for not uploading the videos that the fans want. i mean, it's their life, everyone needs a break sometimes, and jeez, it's not any of our business if they don't want to upload those kinds of videos right now and focus on something else.

Weeniehutjr619 Twitch : "I miss the old Ethan, straight from Israel Ethan..."