What The Incredibles Teaches Us About Mediocrity

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The Incredibles, arguably the best Pixar movie dwells on some pretty mature themes. A Matter of Film examines this film in this analysis/video essay. If you liked this movie, be sure to support it by buying it: https://amzn.to/2soGTnI Recommended: Why The Incredibles is the BEST Superhero Movie of All Time: https://youtu.be/o91P85vFjzc The Incredibles: Pixar at their Best | Video Essay: https://youtu.be/tFuK45ONFOo Fourteen years ago, my cousin and I went to see the latest Pixar movie at the time, The Incredibles. He was 10 and I was 8 years old. Obviously, like most other kids we grew up watching Pixar movies. We were already huge fans of the stories they came up with and we used to play Toy Story all the time on VHS. But the Incredibles always had a special place in our hearts, even though we were too young to properly express why that was. Fast forward fourteen years later and we started A Matter of Film. Since the sequel is about to come out this year, we decided to share our thoughts on why The Incredibles is considered by many to be the best Pixar movie ever made. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for weekly content!

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Lenore Miller : I don't think mediocrity is the theme, exactly. Edna Mode has no powers, but she's easily the most content, successful and self-assured character in the movie. Buddy also wasn't mediocre, he was an exceptional engineer and inventor. I think it's more a movie about wasted potential. Buddy could have been like Edna, but he wasted his own potential with his obsession with being exactly like the superheroes. The Parr family are all exceptional, but the beginning of the movie highlights their complaints, and only their complaints. They don't do anything about their situation until forced to by outside forces, itself a form of mediocrity. It's not a movie about exceptionalism, it's about actually using your gifts, whatever form they take, and using them to better society instead of burn it.

Epic : I loved the incredibles, I'm excited for the second one

Eyebrow Cinema : "Being a loving family doesn't mean you have to stop kicking ass". Great line. Another very well put together video. Top-notch editing and audio mixing. Have you read any of the theories about how the film is about objectivism and how great individuals are stifled by society, Ayn Rand style? It's very similar to your own analysis, albeit with a much darker slant. I ask because this video offers an interesting counter-point to those arguments. Congrats on the channel's success. I'd say "good luck" hitting the 10,000 subscribers mark, but we all know you guys don't need the luck :)

MarkFilipAnthony : I just realized how The Incredibles is basically a family-friendly version of Watchmen, or better say: While Watchmen is a Satire of superheroes, poking fun and judging the concept in the first place, The Incredibles is a parody of it, celebrating the main thought and purpose of the super-hero genre in the first place. Watchmen also forces the superheroes into becoming "normal", but it explores the question of allowing individuals to have the power to control other peoples fates through a disguise. The Incredibles are saying that the disguise IS the power, it IS giving the individual power to be themselves and inspire others to be their true selves, that IS the power and inspiration the idea of a superhero and superpowers is giving the average joe. While one is questioning if powerful individuals in masks should be allowed to have power, the other is exploring the fact that giving the individual the option to wear the mask they want IS giving them power, is giving EVERYONE the possibility to have power and feel powerful. Maybe that is the constant argument that different people have with pro or con view up on what superheroes actually represent. For some, it means: To give power to the individual (all individuals) For others, it means: A few individuals having powers over everyone else One of them is preaching freedom of expression for everyone, the other is warning about the danger of too much power for certain individuals. Maybe they're simply two sides of the same coin, and the only thing separating them is the point of view.

Noah Ptacek : Nice Mr Robot quote. Can you do a video covering that show?

Maya Penna-Scheer : LOVE the use of Mr. Robot and the Sam Esmail quote to prove your point. A++++

The African American Podcast Selection : Great video man, audio sounds perfect, smooth and fluent. Keep it up

Efods Movies : What’s the quote at the end from? Also, any time anyone makes a video about how fucking awesome the Incredibles is, I have to watch it at least twice. Great job!

Pablo Cottin : Wow, that was a great video. Subscribed.

Karim Bayad : Saw the first 2 seconds and needed to say: Sam Esmail is a genius and I hope you make a video on Mr Robot or at least Comet soon. He's gonna blow up the world in a few years; I know it.

Easton Dorman : Whoever made this video is very creative, the music in the background n everything is awesome, it doesn’t drag or anything 👌🏾

yisus lavarrera : Man i was looking at your videos without check your numbers then i realize you are a little channel, you are doing amazing content bro you deserve millions of suscribers, good vibes from Venezuela man.

Rotisserie Chiggen : I owe my early childhood to Pixar and Tim burton

That1Shoutmun : "THAT...WAS...WICKED!"

Loránd Nagy : such quality content yet not very popular

Peter Lawrence Tran : Wow that was great! Consider me a fan. Subbed

Nicolai Marquez : 8:21 Mr Robot's monologue with The Incredibles Soundtrack? I didn't know it before, but apparently that's what I needed to have so much goosebumps.

Robbert de Vries : AMAZING!

Hector Manuel Elias Oliver : Loved the video! Fantastic analysis. I just feel that you had much more to offer, especially when it came to Syndrome. Now, I'm not saying it's your fault or anything, but this movie SCREAMS for a full in-depth analysis. This is just scratching the surface. Thanks for the awesome content!

RamseyChristianDrum : The quote at the end "what mask do you wear or are you just as afraid as the rest of them" is that from the incredibles or something else? I cannot remember. Thanks

Michael Ramirez : This content is too good. I hope you blow up soon, you deserve it.

alex m : Really great Channel! Having a total binge of your content at work lol

deboyace : this is maybe one of the most underrated channel.

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Jacob Cacho : Great film essay! This film was amazing

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Graciela Herrera : Great great movie; awesome analysis. You are INCREDIBLE 😏

Jaydevsinh Raol : +A Matter Of Film A Video On Incredibles Which Ends With A Dialogue From Mr.Robot. One is my fav film of all time and other is one of my fav tv show of all time. So thanks 😃 And great video as usual 👍

Benton Pellet : Okay I think I pinned it. The thing you guys are missing in your presentation, i think the "script" comes out too much. It's not that i don't disagree with the visuals, audio (somewhat, the music mixing and audio mixing needs to be a little more deliberate in the way of... more awareness of auditory engagement if that makes sense. I'm sure you guys know Ralphthemoviemaker, he does this in his reviews, there's clearly a script, but it's rehersed, more of your charisma can come out, it's also /filmed/ but you don't need to do that. Another excellent example of very good audio editing (narration mixing, auditory engagement, good mix) is MandaloreGaming. I think with a little better audio (cuz damn you guys have editing down, i think a few more visual gags with the editing could go a long way, but thats it), and a less obvious script, it sounds like an essay more than a conversation of ideas, if that makes sense. I love your guys stuff tho, it's awesome and i've been binging your stuff. I'm offering this all cuz i think these are things that'll help earn you guys those extra points to bring it from great to godly. Very excited to see how you guys improve as a channel and grow, keep it up, advertise aggressively, keep up the quality, remain objective, OH and though this sounds supremely pretentious, id suggest reading texts and lectures about film-making. There's even plenty of legitimate stuff on YouTube, just really ensure /those/ guys are credited. RalphtheMovieMaker is a great start given he has a pretty informed perspective given he's a student film maker, but I'd suggest searching for more established material as well :P keep it up, love you guys, take this is a fan who has legitimate critique, not like "ew bad" critique, like the good kind <3

FromBeyondTheVeil : Excellent video. Reminded me of why the Incredibles is such an awesome film, and now I have a sudden desire to experience it once more. I must say that I especially liked your statement about society not liking special, or doing the extraordinary. I've often wondered how it is that remarkable people are able to accomplish the feats that they do. Certainly those few are simply born to be great, but I believe that the special spark is an acquirable trait. Which I suppose is something of an obvious idea as heroes are meant to inspire. Again, great video.

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