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Nigels Life : For those who need help, or would like to collaborate, a sub reddit has been created. Also, I have added an additional note in the description to Part 3, to help you out. https://www.reddit.com/r/nigelslifeencrypted/

sierradc Chauvin : Dang it Nigel, all i had to do in the previous series was watch youtube obsessively, not be smart and observant

Blake Marks : I’m already lost after the first video lol

LordFennel : I made a subreddit for those wanting to discuss this series. It's r/nigelslifeencrypted. Head over there to start the discussion.


Logan W. : i ' m i n .

Randy Soviet : Have they really been disabled?

Mowsette : I'm 100% terrible at these types of games so I'm relying on the skills of the hard working folks of reddit LOL but love the unique and entertaining content! Looking forward to more!

immorta1 : keep making this type of shit nigel.

Samuel Lofthus : I love these interactive projects. I was literally just thinking about you and YouTube millionaire like 2 days ago and was wondering when the next thing would come. Great job dude.

C4sandvitch : I wish I could play but I can't find my computer charger, but I'll definitely play this tomorrow

Rik B : please place the clues and commets where the time/play/pause bar do not obstruct it

Conor Mc GG : Can’t get past part 1 :(

Skylos : Did you misspell the title?

Spicy Boi : jokes on you i typed that url out randomly because i wanted to know if it was an easteregg before finished the video :,) i love these sort of cicada 3301 games, keep up the great work!

Lance riddle : This requires some time/effort/smarts, not for those who don't want to commit. That being said my daughter and I are having a blast and some quality time together.

Altaranalt : After visiting your image.ibb.co links, I've started getting malware messages on my computer.

Lisa Edwards : My browser keeps automatically kicking me into the app 😞

Josh Foote : Suddenly seeing you in the UofA Transit Station really freaked me out. (Is my city too)

IshmaelTheAdventurer : without trying to be too specific, is there a specific type of conversion you used for the third video? everything i come up with gives me foreign chars.

Radoslaw Motylinski : So you had to do all of them in reverse order - cool idea :)

Solitary Knight : Was Part 3 supposed to be as hard as it is? Just wondering if that difficulty was intended. It was fun obviously, but took me two hours. And I think I'm the first one...

tyjøissødun : tHiS IS SO COOL ill try it tonight when i have time

Samuel Lofthus : YES IM STOKED

Joselito II De Los Angeles : Very excited for this one :)

Chandler Ferry : Oh geeze. Brilliant idea.

Vloggetts : Good thing I subbed, this looks awesome!

The Perfectionist : This is amazing!!!

Liv x : you're so amazing

Master Kronos0107 : How much work do we have to do for this?

Jazzy Grant : So excited to try this later today!

Annie G. : i'm in :)

RavenCrow : Imagine if YT recommended the next video to you. the whole game will be spoiled XD

RavenCrow : 0:39

krishna kishor bhat : Ha ha ha... Will give a shot this weekend.

Kayona Kirk : Ah so excited!!

Jacque Smit : Dude this was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally the most fun I've had with my clothes on. Excellent job with this and please we need more

- - : vines are dead

Nicholas Hoffman : I'm ready

Fiona has stuff here : This seems like a challenge for Tom Scott.