Behind the Scenes - Mortal Kombat 1

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The original footage used to create the first Mortal Kombat graphics and an interview with the developers. 00:00 Daniel Pesina - Johnny Cage 01:54 Elizabeth Malecki - Sonya 05:10 Richard Divizio - Kano 06:38 Carlos Pesina - Raiden 06:53 Ho Sung Pak - Liu Kang 07:48 Daniel Pesina - Scorpion / Sub-Zero


niceguy60 : These actors had no ideal this game would IMMORTALIZE them

James Marvel : Johnny Cage trained everybody. Lol.

- ICE - 125 - : 9:24 interviewer"this is not meant for kids " ed boon" actually it is"

Sigrid : 2:20 Johnny Cage wearing a No Fear T-Shirt while choreographing MK1 with Sonja. It doesn't get much more 90s than that.

VonOverlord : Oh, so she IS wearing a thong over her tights! Closure attained!

VonOverlord : I had the pleasure of meeting these guys in person and getting their autographs.

Tere-Jackson Nanai : I would skip school to go to the arcade and watch play this game.. Then go home and get my ass beat by my parents cause school called up my home wondering where I've been all month.. Good times 90's were good to me

Albert8044 : Out of all the Sonya Blade's outfits over the years. The MK1 outfit to me is the best.

Christian G. Castillo : "That was blood" When the blood was something shocking in videogames.

Gist432 : Now I understand how a passionate archaeologist feels like when they uncover a piece of history.

Raiken Xion : The woman who plays Sonya is beautiful, nice thick, toned body.

Nymphonomicon : "This isn't really meant for kids-" "Ah, well actually, it is." I miss the 90's so hard...

Juan Rosario : I can die a happy man right now thank for the video,happy Easter Sunday world from Connecticut860

Lely : -This isnt really meant for kids right? -Actual it is! -OMG he just ripped his heart out! I used to play this sooo much when i was about 10-12 yrs old😂😂😂 Im 33 now.

HaloInverse : "What happened to your eye, Kano?" "...I fell down some stairs...several times."

Jophiel : If that reporter saw what mk is today he would rip his heart out.

Venger : Best gaming soundtrack... Ever

greedylou7 : lol i was the kid at the arcade that had a printed out move list. LOL

Victor Kruger : You know you played this game a lot when you recognize each frame of every fighter...

Vinícius Siqueira Gomes : "So this is not a Pinball, right?" Expert question

José : I'm 35 and still playing MK

Spawn : Thanks to the American company Mіdway for the wonderful trilogy of Mortal Kombat

nivel hacramate : imagine bruce lee would do that xD = 2 fps games incoming

VovkinaFaso : теперь я понял , почему они тогда так по -настоящему двигались)

The R4ND0M One : "Am I in the next game now??" Yeah. As the dude on fire in the background of The Pit II.

Pyke Bishop : And the rest is history!!!

ruminator3570 : Dan and Carlos Pesina Ho Sung Pak Richard Divizio Elizabeth Maleki. Thank you for this pile of awesome.

marvelousmarvin71 : Preferred the way the characters looked, more realistic, even with the graphics of the time

Cara De Mossoró Games : Parece que do Kano foi o mas difícil de fazer os movimentos

Ross Viens : 7:50 cameraman was using a smartphone. Time travel is real 👀

egg64 : I could watch the Sonya segment all day. She had a natural, amazing body.

Asbbbn BBB bb : Is that dan forden at the end? Sounds like him. The “Toasty!!” guy

PS4 Wonder Woman : The soundtrack for this was ICONIC!!

Aarón Michaelsson : When developers and designers actually worked with love and dedication for a game LOL

George32027 : Ed Boon was just 28 here...impressive

Potandthekettle : @ 2:26 the dude with the shirt tucked into his shorts = ULTRA 80S LOL

Venger : Please don't ever take this video down

dangolfishin : Real people? Now that's just cheating! Man I played MK for years and years starting from MK1. Still love it

Unders : MoCap before there was MoCap


derek622 : Thanks for sharing this @NeoGamer I was a big fan of this game when it first was released in arcades back in 1992 and I remember the long lines of people waiting for a turn to play when someone was done. Good times back then. :-D

Jon Rob : I think I've found the ultimate god... *Youtube algorythm*

tymfelton : These are the images burned into my memory banks, filed under Total Badassery

Erick Viana : As a kid Sonya and Raiden were my favourites, Raiden becuase he shot lightning from his arms and had a cool hat and Sonya I had no clue I just liked her. Now I know why

arcsera01 : Sonya is too pretty.

grizzlytomahawk : Kind of cool to see the people behind the digitized characters.

masta splinta : that chick who plays Sonya is drop dead gorgeous

Frank Hudson : Good footage 👍

Li Jairinho : Mortal Kombat 1 e Street Fighter The Movie são os melhores !!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)