Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale - ZAPPING SAUVAGE

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Francisco Parente : Iguana Jones 😂

Alecmolon : Solo vs Squad

The Original Tiger Club : This is creepy, why so many snakes!😂

JV SANCHANIYA : It's not only survivor , savage too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jose Vicente : Turtle vs Snake

Kevin Riess : Imagine just going to that beach and then sitting down and look to your right and then like 50 snakes are just staring at you under a rock and just start bolting at you🙃

Oso Emparado : My hatred towards snakes just increased. This clip is more horrible than many of those horror movies.

TavoBandana : Don't worry guys the iguana was just a hired actor and the snakes were just extras

Anuj Jakhar : Wow i was literally shocked when i saw the speed of snake but i was more shocked when i saw the brain speed of that iquana.Nature has an strong power we humans cannot overcome it!!!!!!!!!!

RCP Pilot : I never seen snakes chase anything, what kind of snake were they

Seekaz 7 : Cette iguane a mon plus grand respect.

Catrapumba 1000 : When you go to Tilted Towers and you have no weapon😅

Vimbishwar Oinam : This is one of the best video I ever see, hats off to the team

霧隠零時 : 日本人で見てる人いる?

منوعات FM : عربي خبط لايك😂

Andre G C K : The most amazing video I ever watched about an iguana

Beni Habibi : what kind of snakes are those?


黒の世界は怖くない : this person has a really nice voice

Erulan E : Да хочеш жить умей убегать 🙄

Portho31 : Quand ta les 5 étoiles sur GTA

FUB Lz : I still wonder how it survived all those snakes

J.CESAR llxll : iguanas vs serp(i)entes _serpentes_😆😅😅😂😂😂

Taralina Gae'e : My little sister said "GO LITTLE MAN" for the entire video! XD She was worried for the iguana! <3 Anyway, this video is amazing! <3 <3 <3

Jason Magalong : It's like SNAKES APOCALYPSE 😂 Lol

Sibérie : Digne des plus grand film d'action !

Black Beard : ÉPIQUE 4:28 - 4:45 !

Mohd Ubesh : Please call the mongoose 😭🙏🏻

Sammy Sammy23 : *_iTs A tRaP_*

Řa!eD : don't be afraid,be brave,run and don't look back.

Jaywolfgaming Alpha : Pro vs a pack of noobs in pub g 😂😂😂😂

N Chandra Sekhar Naidu : Incredible video

labros borovas : Magnifique!!!

Mehmooda Shaikh : Which place it is

Sagar Vinod : Horror movie

Al Flores : Tom cruise is dat you?

Rodolfo Peralta : Great video! Amazing iguana!


HashX4 : Is this the reaction of Sanic or Baldi?😋🤣

Moi sans plus : Mieux qu'un film d'action !!

iiGeograph Blade : Why can't The snake do the circle Strategy In Slitherio

AM bd NEWS : I gut you

Tiara Oktaviana : Kocak Njirr

Kacper Makosiński : kill all snake!

mohammed togan : omg i almost have aheart attack

신동현 : 한국인 부처핸즈업

Elias Lakaniemi : Team iguana

Krishnamurthy Nice super Krishnamurthy : Super

Fun Channel : Great documentary

SuccThiccThighs : 2:47 when there’s a hot girl walking