Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale - ZAPPING SAUVAGE

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PACHIC : Iguana Jones 😂

Alecmolon : Solo vs Squad

technical Toy kid : Who hate snake

Papantzin Oxoma : iiiiEse si es un verdadero instinto de supervivencia, el esfuerzo el coraje y la perseverancia la llevaron a un lugar seguro dónde se pudo mantener a salvo. Es un verdadero ejemplo de que cuando todo parece perdido y después de estar atrapada en medio de tantas serpientes lucha por liberarse hasta consiguirlo!!!!

Jignesh Solanki : My question is who the hell was recording this while being surrounded by 1000 and 1000s of snakes

sohail khan : Motivational vedio.. never give up..

Ayesha's Kitchen : I haven’t been breathing most of the times.... like a thriller movie...

Victor Jeremy : The snakes were paid actors !

when you bust your nut and she keeps sucking it : Those iguana and snakes are paid actors

Lu Cho : Uufff Mejor que la "ROSA DE GUADALUPE"

Prince Jaann : how many cameras were there? nd how many angles did they use being premeditated??😯 unbelievable to see!

Shihab Sumon : Amazing video.....

Eloïse : Ahhhh frissoooons Le dernier est fort je suis fière de lui aha

Ikhlas Khan : Allahumma hafizna Kabr 😥😥😥

Blackout Gamer : That moment when you are the last alive no bullets on ur guns and you need to do a ninja defeuse but you are detected

Sagar Vinod : Horror movie

Florian Chomel : 4:40, le serpent qui tombe dans le vide mdr

Mas Ihnewbie : Nature is scary

Shubham G : Where tf is this place with this many snakes

bachir basha : The youtubers who disliked this video , i am sure that they wanted snakes to win !!!

JTsuits : Those snakes fast af

DarkMan 666 : Et ils sont où les français là ??????

Prasad Parab : This is Best video I ever seen what thrilling video

X M : 4:38 a gift from the ninjas ...

Seyha Bros : Great iguana

Andre G C K : The most amazing video I ever watched about an iguana

John Guzman : Who else keep checking there was no snakes by your feet 😂

BRYAN MUÑOZ : Alguien que hable español? ❤️☺️

ZZnovdecZZ 9 : Pauvre iguane 😦😦😦😦

MariosD13 768 : I hate snakes

Moi sans plus : Mieux qu'un film d'action !!

fenriz 666 : Orochimaru squad

TIO Escanor : 2 0 1 9 ?????

برليـن الرويلي : هذي مدينه الافعى معروفه الله يكفينا شرها

Thai : Rémy iguane 🦎 sans famille

Seekaz 7 : Cette iguane a mon plus grand respect.

Prakash Thakor : Supar

Pedro Saucedo Arguijo : Podre iguanas

Vivi Fischer : To be continued We’ll be right back *record scratch* yep, that’s me. I bet you’re wondering how I got myself into this situation

Antonio Benitez : Excelente

mohammed togan : omg i almost have aheart attack


kushal pravardha : This thrilling clip was part of BBC earth 2 , check it out, there are behind the scenes footage , where the cameraman followed the snakes and iguana in steady cam. This documentary won an prestigious award.

guilherme knorr : Très bien iguana

عبدالمنعم العنزي : اللهم انا نعوذ بك من عذاب القبر

JMJ Team : 4:31 The snake bites the stone :D

Amandine Lavigne : Poivre lézard

The Derp. : Is no one gonna talk about how the iguana runs?

Frédéric Fontana : Plage à éviter

Zlatan Bless God : 3:50 relatives after your results.