Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale - ZAPPING SAUVAGE

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Francisco Parente : Iguana Jones 😂

kevin rey sedoripa : Creepy...I imagined the iguana was I and there are snakes following me... So horrible to think

Mag 76 : Hypnotisant! On croirait un film à suspense! Bravo!

AshleyxMsp : I saw this on nation geographic

Niko Work Beats : 3:46. Zombieland for Iguana 😲

Arlife GM : Damn felt like the walking dead somehow

Ross Milton : So this is what arsene wengers doing these days

Psyduck : This had me more hyped than most action movies... I've never invested in a character this much my life :')

Rocco's World : Its looking like they are paid for filming this 🤔😅

Andre G C K : The most amazing video I ever watched about an iguana

Hamid Hamid : vraiment très captivant.. la musique entre suspenses,danger vous fais vibrer est surtout la voix du narrateur qui vous transporte comme si vous étiez...

Nikki Charms : MESSI of the iguana’s 🦎

RODRIGOR300 : One of the most impressive video that I´ve seem of animals.

SHOBHIT KUMAR : Nice video shoot

Mocky A : Frère, ce petit Iguane, il a 10 minutes de vie dans ce monde, il a vécu plus de chose que nous tous réunis

Bipo Amier : Woaw film action

Thomas Abney : So..where in the hell is this place So I don't go there!

No Remorse : Who was in the suspense lmao I was screaming run!!!!!

Alecmolon : Solo vs Squad

Istriku Lagi Jemur Baju : Plot twist: Next day he died 😂

caricature STEPH : Ne jamais rien lâcher!!!😃

Juliano Dixon : Rambo vs Army

jorge moroco : Corre Iguana, correee!! 😓😫

potdecolle : wouha, ya combien de serpent, c incroyable le nombre. jai pas envi dy etre

Animal world : nice video

Nisha Saharan : 😱😱

Jordan : My entire body is hardly vibrate when i watch this clip. 😭😭😭 I can not imagine if be that iguana.

kawahagi _0219 : This movie's Iguana are very cool!!!😭 Why are many snakes in there?

Isendrick Jenkins : Je ne peux qu'avoir un grand respect à ces iguanes

Викуля Совкова : Офигеееетт!!

Josué Galvão : bonito

Istriku Lagi Jemur Baju : Ketika ratusan jomblo liat cewe cantik single :v

ImBlue : *Me* when enemy is chasing

Portho31 : Quand ta les 5 étoiles sur GTA

Selin AVSAR : Le dernier alors la wow j applaudis 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Lis : Pubg

Dino Rendi : Savange

TUFAIL AHMAD HASHMI : Somo festa Loli tarke sow lity sowla so the volstence who do bolesty

Seekaz 7 : Cette iguane a mon plus grand respect.

Sonu Naresh : the most luckiest creature on the earth

Bayu Candra Wijaya : Freaking awesome

selva nadhan : Awesome visuals.. 💥💥💥

Max Zakho : land of snakes! 🐍😱

Sibérie : Digne des plus grand film d'action !

selfie kroos : I'd kill all the snakes and help the iggys live. I once chased a bunch of gulls away from baby turtles and swam a couple of them into the ocean.

corazon del amazonas : Malditas serpientes como las matara a todas.

Dev Thakur : Teri maa chauth doogaa

kevin m4ster dial : La iguana parkurera xd

市川かずき : 日本人おりゅ?

ต้ น ไ ม้ ใ บ ห ญ้ า : Amazing