Timothy Olyphant's Masterclass On Stage Vs. Screen Acting - CONAN on TBS

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Trap Music Now. : Timothy pisses charisma in the mornings. Awesome guest.

Lekteris : Two greatest Conan guests - Timothy Olyphant and Jeff Goldblum

philipbrankat : Timothy needs to become a resident guest on conan

Alex : I miss Justified.

minutemuse : Conan + Timothy + Jordan remote. I don't care how or why, it just needs to happen for the love of god.

Master Debater : Ellen's the only lesbian I know who's gotten into the pants of so many male actors

Vaibhav Sharma : he's the best guest on conan

Frank Heald : like a mark whalberg movie LMAO

Ibtesam Salahuddin : Conan needs to fake some laughs or something because Fallon and Kimmel have gotten so many subscribers even though Conan is the real OG.

Rachel Lam : Timothy Olyphant on Conan's show is one of the greatest things in this world.

Mr. Tulip : One of Conan's top 5 guests, definitely. This guy is always such a blast when he's on Conan

Buenomars : I would love to see Ellen's response and by the way, his children must be more embarrassed than they already are!

Vincent Phan : love tim and conan's chemistry... these guys are awesome together

younebi : "Like a Mark Wahlberg movie" hahahhahha

BAHR : "thats our nickname" andy is just the best sidekick

R R : Timothy is by far one of the best recurring guests on Conan.

Winston Chirpsehill : "Ellen just found out we don't watch" ahahaha Love Andy.

Christina Finley : Timothy Olyphant is always such a gift. But him on Conan's show? He's a goddamn miracle. <3

ikamts2 : yeah but why didnt he call Pam back?!

Mahmood Toorani : Dat Plot Twist...

deathdemonist : I love this guy

madman191 : the internet didn't expect the pants drop

Atomsk0192 : Goddamn I miss Justified.

Jay Spades : I came here for some serious acting tips. LMAO

Kyle Lucien : He is the much better 47 than the new one.

PIXELELELELEL : Timothy Olyphant is one funny guy

nepotiums : "GAP for kids" lol

JZcommand : such an under rated actor....

ninaeatworld : Hottest man in the world right here

Galag : The old Ellen troll on Conan. Well done Mr. Olyphant

B O I : Everytime he's on the show its the greatest thing ever

Ronnie James Osbourne : 1:23 *I'm Channel surfing last night,* *and this is the scene I tune into...*

Landon Tokiwa : He was in the running to play Negan on The Walking Dead!

Wren : Is that Danny Cordray?

KLABNIF : 3:16 conans hands need something. i dont know what. .but something.. dammmit..

Matthew Davis : When Conan laughs he really is laughing. When Jimmy Fallon laughs he isn't really laughing...

Nick Haddad : Every time Timothy is on Conan, it's a great day

SaintRush556 : He's such a boss! Saved the movie I am number four.

terrorista31 : Timothy is really original and spontaneous, nice

Young at Heart : This was so hilarious! I love when Conan says, "How dare you!!" about the underwear.

Pepper Potts : That's what Bryan Cranston did on Breaking Bad - he said in some of the scenes where the camera only focused on the top half of his body he was wearing nothing but his undies lol.

Steve G : We've seen everything...we've seen it all. Please tell me he was doing the Extras bit.

Sam : They need to give Tim more action roles in movies even marvel or DC ! One of my favorite actors

MrOneye : 02:16 zinger given, 04:16 zinger received and that's show biz folks :) As long as you on for time, if you throw one out, you best count your contemporary is loading one that is headed your way... XD lol

lexi219 : I don't even watch Ellen, and I knew she gave out underwear because celebrities won't shut up about them.

tkmaz : He's like a better looking, funnier, younger, version of Billy Bob Thornton.

Rebecca K. : No. No don't... don't pull them back up WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Monika T. : HOW AWESOME IS TIMOTHYYYYY ???????? omg i love him

Nervous V-Card : I think the guy would be a blast to just hang out with and have a few beers. Every time I see him he's just wildly entertaining.

supastar : Man I miss Justified...the dialogue and acting on that show were top notch.