Hunter Berry and Michael Cleveland play Chicken Reel
Hunter Berry and Michael Cleveland play Chicken Reel

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Recorded at the Fiddler's Frolic at Sally Mountain Festival, Queen City, MO, July 2010


Ricardo Ferreira de Oliveira : The best chicken reel ever! Very very very good. Hugs from a brazilian enthusiast!

strawman8 : Two great fiddle players for sure !!

MooPotPie : Trivia: This tune was first published as a piano rag composed by Joseph Daly 100 years before, in 1910.

Kevin Hankins : Two of today's most awesome fiddle players! Love it!

Regina Delahoussaye : Tristan, that is because he was Suzuki trained. My son is also a great violin player and he also was Suzuki train.

HEADSUPBERKELEY : Really great innovative plaing on a standard favorite reel of mine since childhood

strawman8 : Two of the very best bluegrass fiddlers on the planet......awesome.

Brenda Zabolotny : My favourite fiddle tune reminds me of my dad who gave me the love of the this music grow up listening to it and LOVE IT!

David C. Miller : A real toe tapper. Yiissserrr!!!

Steve Gallagher : Great!,GREAT!!! fiddling. it's nice to hear these guys playing. This is an Awsome Chicken Reel!!

Fiddler-T : Great job, little girl)

Ben Guiltner : Ah, my two favorite fiddle players in the world!

Scott Richardson : Love this one!

JERRY V. : Flat out Good Mike & Hunter. Just Great.

Zoetropeification : These guys know their chicken

Itxazoa : OMG!!! This is FANTASTIC!!! Great playing. Lots of fun. We started dancing at home... ;-D Thank you so much for sharing the joy.

Mike Gray : Thank you

oldie146 : NICE ONE !!!

BlueArpeggio : This is a Good old Beer and a Roasted Turkey for my soul ;)

Perry Mike : Hunter, you don't have to take a back seat to anyone! That was great fiddlin' by both of you!

Buxtehaydn : AWESOMEEEEE

Franz Kohler : Flying on a magic carpet made of a tune called Chicken Reel, great fun, you made my day :-)

Tristen Durocher, Metis Fiddler : Nice! Love that's guys Bow Arm

Gabriel Tolentino : Very good fiddlin' according to this Bonne Terre Mo boy

Brandt M : that was crazy! i hit the same note at the end too!!!!  synchronistic!

stone face : fell like clogging to this

tracy 511 : Omg the best ive heard. U no when there good they go into there own zone

v irgil schmoe : My Gosh,,I watch this time and time again,,,Just great

Enzo Averoldi : Amazing!

LectronCircuits : Definitely not the most pleasant tune, but very well played. Cheers!

Jeffrey Seagull : What an amazing happy jam!😃 Thank you for posting it!

Eric Banks : Ok, if you're not smiling while watching this and tapping your toes I'll do it for ya. HOT DOG WHAT A GOOD TIME that must have been. I Would have definetly been the guy dancing up front just me and my gal, and not a care in the world. Awesome job, Round #2

Elena NC : Seriously, I cannot understand how can someone dislike this...

MrMusicguyma : Hunter Berry is right up there with the best I've heard.

v irgil schmoe : This NEVER gets old,,,Love it

Gabriel Tolentino : I am now in the mood for Kentucky Fried Chicken

Rodney Hayes : Michael is my hero!

bob sink : hunter needs to not take a back seat to any fiddle player .

Chris Glow : the end! XD

bpbinette : Awesome performance!

Richard Messina : Sweet!

Baba Ghannoush : John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath brought me here ❤️

v irgil schmoe : My gosh,,,cannot help but watch this over and over,,,

Threek2d : Fantastic!!

jackie sauriol : Power to the parents and community that raised Micheal Cleveland, so incredibly far beyond adversity. Good music heals. Absurdly good music like this frees....

panreach : Damn... Fire!!

Hog Eyed Man : Haaaaaww !!!


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