Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sno Balls | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit : Claire. Is. Back. Not prerecorded.

Emma M. : these videos make a dehydrator seem like such an essential part of the kitchen lmao

CygK23 : Butterfingers. This was the first candy bar I wanted to recreate as a child. I had no idea what the filling was made of as it was like nothing else I had tried. I had asked my mom, 'Mom, what's a Butterfinger made of?' She thought a moment and said, 'I think it's some sort of crunchy peanut butter...' Now, I hadn't had crunchy peanut butter at this point in my life but I knew it came in jars and I got unduly excited. We went and picked up a jar of crunchy peanut butter and the entire ride home all I could think of was all the new ways I could make a Butterfinger bar. I wouldn't even have to buy another candy bar again. I got home opened the jar, slathered it on some bread and took a bite. And it was just peanut butter with nuts. 😐 And the dream ended...until today! Dear Claire and Bon Apetit, please try your hand at making a Butterfinger bar so I can re-attempt the dream!

Elijah Barongan : @ 2:10 you will see the epitome of disappointment on Chris Morocco's face.

Camille : I'd love to see (and eat) a gourmet version of ferrero rochers. They are way too sweet and all the parts when not combined taste super cheap. You could caramelise the exterior and interior hazelnuts and use good quality dark chocolate for the outside. Replace the terrible wafer with a sugar cone type of wafer. And ditch the awful nutella cream that only tastes like sugar and grease and use real dark chocolate gianduja cream. You'll have the perfect crispy, crunchy, soft mix of textures that is addictive about the original chocolate with all the taste of good quality ingredients, and the dark chocolate will ensure it doesn't get cloyingly sweet. And to thank me for the idea, I would accept a box or two ;).

heliophilia : The second best part about Claire coming back (other than just Claire being Claire) is Claire and Brad’s friendship 💜

Kate Herrera : can you do POP TARTS, maybe either smores, strawberry, or any flavor

Jeff White : 3:26 Brad checking for his wallet and keys before he leaves. Then double checks. He's probably lost them one too many times.

deku : It’s pretty obvious this is their fanbases favorite series, look at the views of these videos compared to other ones compared to vids without claire

Pearl Daggett : Whatsherface: No body likes dry cake Me: makes note " I no longer like dry cake"

Pretty Little Liars : I thought I was having a fever dream when I saw the this is in my recommend. So glad she's back

Jordan The Conqueror : Claire - "Give it a little tap." *Bangs it on table*

Van Allen : How I eat a Sno Ball: Step 1: Peel of the marshmallow covering. Step 2: Take a bite of the cake Step 3: Take a bite of the marshmallow covering. Step 4: Throw both in the garbage, remembering why I don't like Sno Balls.


MF LIFE : Is she not the most beautiful women you've ever seen.... or is it just me

Brad Leone : thats the stuff! Half Sour is back

Erik Just Erik : Anyone else love how Claire embraces her Gray hairs?! 😍

IT’SAMeTyler Dreamers : Gourmet sour patch kids

Hypertonic : I hope the company watches this and does something about the dry chocolate cake...

Canter8 : Botanically speaking, a coconut is a fibrous one-seeded drupe, also known as a dry drupe. However, when using loose definitions, the coconut can be all three: a fruit, a nut, and a seed. ... The endocarp surrounds the seed.

Nicholas C. : I scrolled past this and was like "I'll watch this later." Scrolled right back up after a couple of seconds yelling "OH MY F***ING GOD, IS THAT CLAIRE?!" So here I am. Have no idea what she's making, but oh well.

Ryen Nazz : Her : *actually has fun making these* Me : uGH I WANTED sTrUgGlE

555sharp : Please make those mango/sour altoids from years ago! They're discontinued but they were so good! I wish I knew how to make them!

Cup of Tae, w/Suga Kookies & no jams : I remember seeing snowballs all the time as a kid and I think I loved it because it was pink. Then I saw them as fat cakes on Icarly and wanted them more. But for some reason I haven't tried them until a few months ago. And it was absolutely disgusting. Nothing had any taste. I didn't taste any chocolate. The coconut flavor was very faint. It didn't even taste like it had sugar in it. For some reason the cake was super oily. Plus with all the oil on the cake, the marshmallow dome just kinda slid off and looked like a piece of flaky flamingo skin. And who wants to eat flamingo skin? I was so disappointed. Sometimes in life, it's just better not to know and just dream instead, rather then to know and have a part of you destroyed.

Raul : I had actually avoided watching this because I thought it was prerecorded and now I know the truth and now I’m going to cry 😭😭😭

Sheldon Gunby : I saw the notification/title said "Pastry Chef Attempts" I was like..nooo...couldn't be.... BUT IT IS!!. SHOOK

Gideon : Is Claire 20 or 50? I don't know if she's a milf or just a cute college girl who died her hair gray.

nikolas macalma : The first time i ever had a sno ball was when Woody Harrelson was pissed off they weren't Twinkies and spent 90 minutes trying to find one.

XxAvocado ToastxX : overtime she reads the ingredients i lose brain cells

shnaw : You should try to make gourmet little bites next!!

Nerdy Newb : Omg I’m so glad Claire is back!

Emily Ann : can you make Pringles

The Laroias : Gourmet mochi

Kailee Liss Johnson : I like how Brads thing for dry cake made a comeback. Also Claire happy you’re back, I hope another video you’ll do is maybe a pop tart or nerds video. ❤️ love ya!

Connor Gibson : You should make Reese’s

Michael Ward : "I wish Claire was here" "Same" "Hey guys" "CLAIRE" *cuts to Claire

Suavecita : Make a gourmet kinder bueno i swear no one knows what the filling is

Александр Кисленко : As of marshmallow wrapping you also could put clean film or parchment paper first, then put coconut and marshmallow, place the cake on top and use film or parchment to wrap everything around the cake without awkward spachelor flipping. This will also secure coconut into the marshmallow.

Zahra Rochelle : Sno balls just remind me of Icarly

Bethany Hager : Can you make candy canes next?

MissAmericanPi : Claire is back i'm SCREAMING

enggaksalah wrongn't : 1:28 Brad: *"SNO BALL??!!"*

laraine k : Somthing im gonna say is at 2:50 - 2:56 it says carmine. Thats crush bugs used for red and pink coloring... I hope yall like crushed bugs on ur pastries

Catalina Rodriguez : I can't help it but... Whenever I hear 'Muffin pan', I just immediately think of 'Do you know the Muffin Man?' From Shrek.

WEFAbender6 : Those black and white moments get me every time 😂😂😂 "NO"


David Aberant : Instead of the gourmet cream she used I would use a coconut buttercream

Cliff P : So do you have to be Gay to work here? Other than Brad?

Heidi's Home videos : I live these videos but I don't like sno balls

Ryan Ockey : You guys should make Cosmic Brownies