Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sno Balls | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit : Claire. Is. Back. Not prerecorded.

Tay Leigh : I love how everyone at BA is drawn to Claire. Everyone clearly feels at ease, just as her viewers do. So, so excited she’s back!!! P.S. Everyone else there is fabulous, too (Chris and Amiel never get enough credit!), but Mama Claire just brings that family together!

Jeff White : 3:26 Brad checking for his wallet and keys before he leaves. Then double checks. He's probably lost them one too many times.

IT’SAMeTyler Dreamers : Gourmet sour patch kids

Hypertonic : I hope the company watches this and does something about the dry chocolate cake...

Brad Leone : thats the stuff! Half Sour is back

Benheartsart : I feel like people don’t watch this for the recipe but to just watch and admire Clair being a total queen for 20 min. Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates ! And I hope everybody has a happy holidays . Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Canter8 : Botanically speaking, a coconut is a fibrous one-seeded drupe, also known as a dry drupe. However, when using loose definitions, the coconut can be all three: a fruit, a nut, and a seed. ... The endocarp surrounds the seed.

555sharp : Please make those mango/sour altoids from years ago! They're discontinued but they were so good! I wish I knew how to make them!

The Laroias : Gourmet mochi

heliophilia : The second best part about Claire coming back (other than just Claire being Claire) is Claire and Brad’s friendship 💜

Emily Ann : can you make Pringles

Claire Bear : I've legit binge watched all the gourmet videos over the past day, didn't know the drama about Claire leaving..... But I'm so happy for the videos to watch. They're weirdly soothing but also interesting. Thank you Claire and BA team and keep up the good work!

jane haviland : claire and brad remind me of jenna and julien

Alyssa Brianne : Her and brad remind me of lorelai and luke from Gilmore girls

Nicholas C. : I scrolled past this and was like "I'll watch this later." Scrolled right back up after a couple of seconds yelling "OH MY F***ING GOD, IS THAT CLAIRE?!" So here I am. Have no idea what she's making, but oh well.

Jake Maye : Dude did I just see brad without some sort of hat on???????????????????????

Gideon : Is Claire 20 or 50? I don't know if she's a milf or just a cute college girl who died her hair gray.

Brittany Mann : 1) the *taste the rainbowwww* made me wheeze 2) SnoBalls are disgusting but Claire always makes me so proud. 💕 Her unwaivering dedication.

Suavecita : Make a gourmet kinder bueno i swear no one knows what the filling is

Sheldon Gunby : I saw the notification/title said "Pastry Chef Attempts" I was like..nooo...couldn't be.... BUT IT IS!!. SHOOK

WEFAbender6 : Those black and white moments get me every time 😂😂😂 "NO"

Kailee Liss Johnson : I like how Brads thing for dry cake made a comeback. Also Claire happy you’re back, I hope another video you’ll do is maybe a pop tart or nerds video. ❤️ love ya!

Catalina Rodriguez : I can't help it but... Whenever I hear 'Muffin pan', I just immediately think of 'Do you know the Muffin Man?' From Shrek.

Raelyn Rainforth : I’ve actually never heard of snowballs. Are they American?

Pretty Little Liars : I thought I was having a fever dream when I saw the this is in my recommend. So glad she's back

Alisaishere : Is Brad looking for a wife?

Taylor U : Among an absolute amazing team, Claire and Brad are still some of the best assets at BA. So happy she's back.

Bethany Hager : Can you make candy canes next?

SincereDoper : Here's how I eat a Sno Ball: Step 1: Carefully unwrap the Sno Ball. Step 2: Get out a knife and cut it into 4 equal parts. Step 3: Collect those 4 parts, putting 2 in each hand. Step 4: Throw all 4 parts in trash. Step 5: Pull out a Twix, Snickers, or Skittles depending on mood. Step 6: Enjoy.

MissAmericanPi : Claire is back i'm SCREAMING

Brianna Evans : I ship Claire and Brad

Keane Waah : Make moonpies!

shnaw : You should try to make gourmet little bites next!!

enggaksalah wrongn't : 1:28 Brad: *"SNO BALL??!!"*

Nerdy Newb : Omg I’m so glad Claire is back!

xAdorkable Chan : Brad is such a SNACC

The Creeper King : These videos make me question why I don’t have a food dehydrater

Tess Williams : Is it bad that these are more fun when Claire has a meltdown in the middle

black jack : Do instant Ramen


Invader Sqwid : I honestly love this series so much. It's brilliant. It's like The Office meets a test kitchen.

Simura Gemi : Who fact-checked it?

Ryan Ockey : You guys should make Cosmic Brownies

liveloveandhope : When will be the next episode of Claire??? Last time Claire always get new episodes.... :-(😭😭

Michael Ward : "I wish Claire was here" "Same" "Hey guys" "CLAIRE" *cuts to Claire

Thebular1337 : Claire should make gourmet mallomars

Coburgly : Fact Checked: A coconut is actually called a dry drupe but when defining it one can say it is a fruit, nut and or a seed.

slevin kelevra : Gourmet ding dongs ?👍😁🤞 I cannot express to you how stoked I am to see you back.. I knew in my heart of heart you were a lefty 👍❤️👌😎😁...

Zahra Rochelle : Sno balls just remind me of Icarly