Tay K Appears Happy After Family And Friends Visited Him In Jail

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Exposing Thots : lol I'm sure anybody in jail is happy to see anybody on the outside

Malia Williams : Dude is a mute .He got gifted fingers.

Dexter : if he beat the case its the biggest miracle ever

Allen Drew : He has to be the most talented hand sign gangbanger in history

tyriektolit 123 : I forgot about him right ???

TrapZane Gaye : thats crazy i thought he was like 14

lil chainz : "I tote the gun cause I have to you tote it cause its fashionable " FREE TAYK

Binary-Technique : it's over for youngblood, they're going to use all these videos to assassinate his character during trial

Balls Deep : That barber praying tay k like that hair cut 😂

zEro : Does tay-k hair ever grow

John Gotti : He’s hurt you can hear it in his voice.

Dr Cheats On Wife : #FreeRondoNumbaNine

Flunbb G : Stop throwing up gang signs in jail... That dont look good to the judge at all

Splash : Rip Xxxtentacion

flektarn : Look like he learned how to do sign language in jail

Keith Clough : Tay K getting bailed out I heard

Paul : Ohhh the sign language dude

I Unsubscribed : Don't worry y'all he'll be out soon 🙏

Gon 38 : X is gone but atleast we have tay k

Houston Texas : I wish he wouldn't do all these hands signs, he's got that childish thug mentality still. This video alone will hurt his case. When he started stacking his fingers, i was like noooooooo lil bro, STOP!

Silent3700 : Wasgood Girbaud #FreeTayK

King Merci : Tay K just turned 18 that's not good they gone to try to charge him as an adult now #FreeTayK

Le 13 ème : I love my choppa ❤️

lets rage : Rip x

KBG Cash2324 : Ayyy😁

King Gio : #freetayk

joe Garcia : #FREETAYK

king marmar nbayongboy gang : Free tay k and RIP xxx

Ray l : I got to say though, how is you proud of someone for murding a man

Isaiah 156 : 3:05 r.I.P gee money

Finance Hardo : This dude deserves the death penalty

TheBest BETS : Imma say, they were waiting for him to turn 18, so they can charge him as an adult. I think he will get life. If he was the shooter in this case, he would probably get death.


Buzz Fear : Oooo he even learned sign language in jail too :D

Its Sano : *He In A Good Mood Cause He Getting Them Cheeks Clapped* 😂

Skiii mask : Cool, hope he gets out but pray for x too everyone.

SlumpGodLui : Just imagine all the bangers Tay k could make if he gets out #FreeTayK

decoloring : Free Tay K

gunna D : 2:02 get out of jail jutsu

Fred Sellers : FREE TAY-K

youtube warrior : i wonder how deaf people intemperate his sign language?

Jeff Vergakis : Savage shadow puppet skills 💯

Dizzy G : Y’all been saying he’ll be out soon for the past 2 months lmfao

Shark omg : Free tayk happy birthday 🎂 man 🙏🏽 u a be home soon

iPhone Trapstar : Free Lil Tay K

Jxswager 21 : We’ll be waiting for you tay k

G Henny : I love Tay K’s music but why is everyone saying free Tay K. He deserves it lol.

ZJ Ross : I miss the dude bruh #freetayk

Mobileswagger Rogers : Tay-k has the hands of mute

Ken Wood : He needs his ass kicked, before they execute him.