Suge Knight gives a 'death stare' after 28 year prison sentence

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The fallen rap mogul was formally sentenced Thursday in Los Angeles after having pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter last month. Knight killed Terry Carter and injured Cle 'Bone' Sloan when he rammed into them with his Ford pickup outside a burger drive-thru in south Los Angeles in January 2015 after an argument on the set of a commercial for the film Straight Outta Compton turned violent. Carter's family delivered victim impact statements in court Thursday before Knight was sentenced. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:


Spacemonkey : If Bill Cosby offers you a honey bun don't take it.

Fernando Bayron : Wasted life, he could be one of the richest millionaire in the music industry.

Biggwill NYC : I hope all the young kids see the ultimate future of the gang life. Either prison or death.

Abigail Adonis : Whose here after watching unsolved on Netflix?👀✋🏾

Joey Cussen : id laugh so hard if he were sentenced to death row instead

Marilyn Monore : Eazy E revenge sweetie 🥵😘😘😘

Lucille 11 : Death stare??🤔 More like emotionally distraught and about to cry stare😢😖

Sub Zero : Suge Knight is the poster boy for “keeping it real” and we can all see how that’s working out for him and all the other low life thugs that walk the earth. Squash them all like the cockroaches that they are.

Isac Lyric : Bill Cosby gon give him a Puddin Pop!

Chris Jordan : This clearly should have happened 22 years ago......

Cali Sportsman : Looking like Uncle Phil in a pumpkin costume.

Rob B : Damn Suge ... I’ve never seen him look so helpless

iamknosound : Karma baby. It doesn't come when you want it, but eventually it arrives with apathy. Cya Suge.

Roseann Estrada : I think P.DIDDY and SUGE KNIGHT should be dead not BIGGIE and 2PAC, they loved each other but the beef between P.DIDDY and SUGE KNIGHT drug 2PAC and BIGGIE into their beef and their for they paid the price for beef tht wasnt theirs at all!

Joseph JoeJoe : Bill Cosby's gonna bust his cheeks.

CrimsonSama : That's no death stare, that's a man trying to hold in and hide his disappointment and sadness

Sean O : Best part was the judge reading this like its a list for how to set up a wedding or something. The casualness was devastating. Ouch.

Jimmy Arce : “an unrepenting remorseful...” I hate to say it but America is beyond what could be defined as stupid.

zenmar : With his age and looking a little vulnerable i felt a little sorry for the guy but then i remember how cold blooded he repeatedly ran over a human being and im just happy that this time he wont be getting away with anything.

GateCrasher : The look of a man who had it all, and now realizes he's probably going to die in prison, with nothing

B4ndit : Looks like crime is an Entertainment in America lol

Cool Breeze : I liked my own comment.

Mark Ruby : Not a death stare. It was more of a casual "I'm screwed" glance.

Joe M : There was no “death stare”. Clickbait BS!

Shoe Nice : Hope he has his beats by Dre

Ian Duke : Got away with alot of murders! Including Bigge Smalls and Tupac!

Firstnamelastname : Judge-mr suge knight i sentence you to death row(chuckle)

who there? : hopefully someone will kill that monkey n prison to make a name for themselves

Robert Linton : You can take the man out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the man. He's a thug plain and simple

Matthew Tomlinson : The judge saw Straight Outta Compton

the777 : He will most likely die in prison from a heart attack due to obesity.

gill gully : Karma never misses

Jayyy Jay : 28 year must have hurt 😭


Daniel Nashacappo : After all these years suge got what he deserved.I hope Eazy E ghost was in da courtroom smiling........Ruthless for life!!! R.I.P Eric wright.

Phak U : This foo ain’t no real blood he snitched a long time ago he is PC not cause he’s famous causes he’s a snitch

moestavernprankcall : That wasn’t a death stare. He was memorizing the faces of everyone in the room for when he gets out

P H : Death stare?? More like (SAVE ME) stare, looked like he was crying inside! Anyone would with that much time..

Sean C : Where was the so called death stare or has it been edited out for being so scary?

iLL MANORS : What u just witnessed was 100% karma

Sam Ramos : This man is going to rule prison and in 28 years there are going to be stories... <3 see you then suge

Carl The Chemist : That was fear in his eyes.. not death stare.

Jesus Paid It All : More like he was looking for Waldo.

xpat73 : The last thing Suge needed was another burger.

Miguel Gasnier : *It was not a death stare! It was a LOST MANS STARE!*

Ko kaimanawa toku ingoa : wheres your friends now ? bangin yo misses at the crib .......

Rico Macc : Suge had all the tools to be successful as a business man! and could have been a Legend in the game like MASTER P OF "NO LIMIT RECORDS" But chose to build his company off Bullying folks and being wreckless thinking he cant be TOUCHED! What goes around sure came back around!! 28years AINT NO DAY AT THE BEACH!!

october scorpio : Suge's going to be sweet as sugar for a long time.

p reed : Yea he has to pay for his wrongs etc but aint nobody gonna be pressing him. I doubt it.