Suge Knight gives a 'death stare' after 28 year prison sentence

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Shoe Nice : Hope he has his beats by Dre

Chris Jordan : This clearly should have happened 22 years ago......

Spacemonkey : If Bill Cosby offers you a honey bun don't take it.

Fernando Bayron : Wasted life, he could be one of the richest millionaire in the music industry.

TJ AKA CITYBOY : They gonna love calling him Sugar in jail... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👉👌

ball boy jones : Looks like Vanilla Ice gets the last laugh Boyzzzz!!!!

Sub Zero : Suge Knight is the poster boy for “keeping it real” and we can all see how that’s working out for him and all the other low life thugs that walk the earth. Squash them all like the cockroaches that they are.

Ben Cardoza : I will never understand people who blatantly break the law, get sentenced to jail and still feel like it's someone else's fault. Was he staring down the girl who's dad was killed? Like did you expect her to just accept her father's death and let you keep on living your life without consequence? Wtf?

Sirius : play stupid games, win stupid prizes. enjoy!

Isac Lyric : Bill Cosby gon give him a Puddin Pop!

The Hip-hop historian. : I wish death, poverty or jail on no man but in this case I agree with the sentence. Suge's been getting away with murder - *literally in some cases* - for years and he deserves this sentence!

Jerrold Williams : Ill never understand, you have millions , great record label....and you still want to be “gangsta”? Well, when he gets out in the 2040s...Death Row2 records will be hot!

bigmack2016 : Finally some justice for Tupac... thank the Lawd

Lucille 11 : Death stare??🤔 More like emotionally distraught and about to cry stare😢😖

Anthony Coburn : Imagine having all the things this guy has had. Only to end up in prison for the rest of his life.

Dan : That wasnt no “death stare” that was, Im gettin old I cant see that far

Chris : Here to read the comments

B4ndit : Looks like crime is an Entertainment in America lol

iamknosound : Karma baby. It doesn't come when you want it, but eventually it arrives with apathy. Cya Suge.

Own World : You big dummy! In Redd Foxx voice

Joey Cussen : id laugh so hard if he were sentenced to death row instead

Cool Breeze : I liked my own comment.

Sean O : Best part was the judge reading this like its a list for how to set up a wedding or something. The casualness was devastating. Ouch.

zenmar : With his age and looking a little vulnerable i felt a little sorry for the guy but then i remember how cold blooded he repeatedly ran over a human being and im just happy that this time he wont be getting away with anything.

th3kingx : Finally the big bad bully is off the streets.

Lamar Love : Suge is a idiot, if he would've ran his business like a business man instead of a thug he could've been a billionaire

Darius Scisney : Couldn’t stop laughing at how that cop scooted Suge chair up 😂

K J : Aint nobody scared of Suge no more. Especially after the dude KOed him.

Why Me? : Very definition of a fool

just me : About time he needs to be away from society. He's a damn bully .

GateCrasher : The look of a man who had it all, and now realizes he's probably going to die in prison, with nothing

my wallet : ICE ICE BABY

Eric Feliciano : Who's still here in oct 2018 ?

Swamp Life : Finally justice. But not for our boy Pac

CrimsonSama : That's no death stare, that's a man trying to hold in and hide his disappointment and sadness

DRIFTKING : Dude is over 40 not much will happen to him in the joint unless he gets into ppl for money or starts flexing. You ppl watch too many movies.

Paul Maughan : That wasn't a death stare. Looked more like he was going to burst into tears.

Stone Age : That wasn't a death stare he was looking for someone.

amine hosni : Still waiting for your album called "after-death"

Matthew Tomlinson : The judge saw Straight Outta Compton

El Gato : Bye Felicia

Mark Ruby : Not a death stare. It was more of a casual "I'm screwed" glance.

Really Nigga : Rip suge (rest in prison)

David King : Death stare, NOPE. Concerned face.

Daniel Nashacappo : After all these years suge got what he deserved.I hope Eazy E ghost was in da courtroom smiling........Ruthless for life!!! R.I.P Eric wright.

Kerry Dustin : ICE ICE BABY!!!

Mark N : Weak. See “Mirko Cro Cop” for a proper death stare.

7drakkar1 : Rest In Peace, Big Suge.

Carl The Chemist : That was fear in his eyes.. not death stare.

Mike : *It was not a death stare! It was a LOST MANS STARE!*