HAPPIER - Ed Sheeran (Piano Cover) | Costantino Carrara
Happier Ed Sheeran piano cover

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Simon Cowell : It’s a Yes From Me

Henning Boom : Costantino the type of dude to look 34 when he really is 21 years old

charbel andari : We need an Ed Sheeran medley

Random Mechanicus Guy : Never clicked on a notification so fast

Francis Jeo Mar Botoy : Can you make a music of supermarket flowers by ed sheeran😍😍we want this song LIKE IF YOU AGREE👍👍👍

Tan : A like from Germany 👍

James Shields : Every night I listen to your artistry. It sucks that YouTube has the power to make you ask for likes before playing. You have INSANE talent. Don't let 'technology' define you as an artist. Thankyou for all your music - it's got me through a lot of hard days. Thankyou.



Alans Ryals Music : More music for ed sheeran i love you costantino, please submit more songs of ed sheeran <3

Nadir W. Alcalde : Really, your music is the best. Always when I have a bad day, your covers make me feel better, I follow you since I was in the School. Thanks man

Edoardo Ferrari : Costantino orgoglio italiano cavolo 💪 ti seguo da molto e non so perché noi italiani non ci facciamo sentire nei commenti, sei una bomba. Continua a migliorare e suonala qualche canzone italiana che fai vedere al mondo che anche noi sappiamo fare musica!!

SKY Heynes : Notification squad right here❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Michelle Yutraya : you just made my favorite song even better

Kall Magie : Why the hell would i change my choice ?! you deserve 100000 likes !

Vaneree Romero : Been waiting for this song for you to cover😍😍

Pratyush sharma : Love from india!

Candice Lock : You are so so incredibly talented. I love all of your videos so much, and you inspired me to really strive when playing and practicing to do the most, ever since I started learning how to play you inspired me and that was almost 2 years ago!

Eric Lee : That was beautiful! Could you please do photograph or thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran next?

Simon Chen : You are so inspirational Keep up with the Effort ✌️👍

Just A Normal Guy : i love you costantino pls continue with what you're doing !

Rext AGE : I am from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 i love this song 😭😭😭😭 happier

Iulian Avram : Non c’è bisogno che mi chiedi di mettere mi piace io lo faccio in automatico. Sono sicuro che ogni video è meglio del precedente 👏👏

Gio Sevilla : You are the type of people who inspire me to play music, I wish I could teach myself piano but I don’t have one😂

Sanaa Imky : Meraviglioso! Non sai quante emozioni!

Aaron Lichtenberger : Costantino, keep up the work. The music that you play change people’s lives. Even if you don’t know it the people you change do. Music shows emotion, and you express that motion. Tell a story with the music, show us how you see it in your head.

Elie Abou nasr : Hit like then change ur mind... Yea okay

Tom36 B : This is fantastic! Love it so much

VANSHAJ KANODIA : Masterpiece!😍

Grandmaster Himself : Before The Video Starts... Instant Like👍. And as i thought IT was Just awesome

Jack : Amazing once again Costa! Loving your Instagram activity as well.

The Flying Piano : Lovely mate. It's so soothing to the ears. Smooooooth

جمانة الزهراء : Following you from Iraq

Ash Ketchum : Again , u just make your heart pop out!

Khoa Bùi Tiến : thanks for making these videos.

Ricky Adji septianto : Why i always crying when i listening this cover.. Remember my girlfriend:"(

S4m1 : My like has come to stay. You are amazingly good!

Rocel Samillano : Im trying to learn this on piano for our talent show (: your really inspirational (: keep up the good work :D

Bianka T. : You're amazing!! I really want to hear Spanish Sahara from you cause this song will be better if you'll play it ❤ (sorry for my english, but I am from Slovakia)

fafi : as always costantino, "best"👌, after seeing the notif i immediately watch the vid😂been waiting for this ma whole life

VL24 : This is one of my favorite songs, and you did an AWESOME job with this cover! Honestly, I strive to play like you.

Ambrogio Livio : Fantastico!!! As the same..........

moonlit_dragon : I would give everything to ever get your talent... Please never stopp playing the piano, I really love your covers!

Miguel Angel Castillo Godinez : Like from Spain!!! I love all your covers seriously😍 don't stop doing this!!

ahmad nazrul hafeez ahmad rosly : This song make me feel happier ! :,)

Filippo Dolcini : Grandissimo Costantino come sempre! Potresti fare la cover di Head above water di Avril Lavigne, che è tornata dopo 5 anni?

The TMM Guyszz : as always never disappointed the fans ...👏👏👏👏 😍

Todd Booth : Play with heart

Sky 201 : *0:01** my reaction when I started playing every yt vids*