HAPPIER - Ed Sheeran (Piano Cover) | Costantino Carrara

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Costantino Carrara Music : Sheet music now available, grab your copy here: https://mnot.es/2xDCeR5 !!!🔥🎹🔥 Thanks to everyone who will help me with this issue! Actually, just a small portion of my subs gets notifications, let's see if something change by SMASHING THAT LIKE BUTTON!

Henning Boom : Costantino the type of dude to look 34 when he really is 21 years old

Simon Cowell : It’s a Yes From Me

charbel andari : We need an Ed Sheeran medley

James Shields : Every night I listen to your artistry. It sucks that YouTube has the power to make you ask for likes before playing. You have INSANE talent. Don't let 'technology' define you as an artist. Thankyou for all your music - it's got me through a lot of hard days. Thankyou.

Random Mechanicus Guy : Never clicked on a notification so fast

Francis Jeo Mar Botoy : Can you make a music of supermarket flowers by ed sheeran😍😍we want this song LIKE IF YOU AGREE👍👍👍

Tan : A like from Germany 👍


Alans Ryals Music : More music for ed sheeran i love you costantino, please submit more songs of ed sheeran <3

Nadir W. Alcalde : Really, your music is the best. Always when I have a bad day, your covers make me feel better, I follow you since I was in the School. Thanks man


SKY Heynes : Notification squad right here❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kall Magie : Why the hell would i change my choice ?! you deserve 100000 likes !

Michelle Yutraya : you just made my favorite song even better

Vaneree Romero : Been waiting for this song for you to cover😍😍

sukrit roy : can you make a cover of thousand years?

Edvin Joseph : This makes me happier.

Pratyush sharma : Love from india!

Simon Chen : You are so inspirational Keep up with the Effort ✌️👍

Iulian Avram : Non c’è bisogno che mi chiedi di mettere mi piace io lo faccio in automatico. Sono sicuro che ogni video è meglio del precedente 👏👏

Tom36 B : This is fantastic! Love it so much

Just A Normal Guy : i love you costantino pls continue with what you're doing !

Luqman Hakim : Oh man I love it so much😆😍

Heidi Seidl : This is so beautyful i‘m crying😍

Ash Ketchum : Again , u just make your heart pop out!

greta arrieta : 😍😍😍

Music Buddies : awesome mannn

Grandmaster Himself : Before The Video Starts... Instant Like👍. And as i thought IT was Just awesome

Filippo Dolcini : Grandissimo Costantino come sempre! Potresti fare la cover di Head above water di Avril Lavigne, che è tornata dopo 5 anni?


Marco_ Meni : 👏👏👏

android gaming : Nice keep up the good work

Edoardo Ferrari : Costantino orgoglio italiano cavolo 💪 ti seguo da molto e non so perché noi italiani non ci facciamo sentire nei commenti, sei una bomba. Continua a migliorare e suonala qualche canzone italiana che fai vedere al mondo che anche noi sappiamo fare musica!!

Ng Jiun Woei : One of my favourite songs..... U made it beautifully with Piano ... I never thought I would like it without singing there....hehehe... good job!

Anki Jeremi : Make the tutorial please

bored forever : Amazing

VANSHAJ KANODIA : Masterpiece!😍

Candice Lock : You are so so incredibly talented. I love all of your videos so much, and you inspired me to really strive when playing and practicing to do the most, ever since I started learning how to play you inspired me and that was almost 2 years ago!

Eric Lee : That was beautiful! Could you please do photograph or thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran next?

草阿包子 : I am one of your fans from TAIWAN😍

Henrique Luis Engel : Piace of Art! Please come to Brasil!

That One Symphony : Love your music man!

Frolole : Hi can you play fix you by Coldplay I love you your so great

Bradley Villas - Vines, Gaming, and more! : When you play the piano, you made me think that very high and very low notes are not far to play. In other words, you made me think that the piano is small, when the grand piano is large😅

Chia Qi Cheng : Wow

Victor Cunha : Alguém do Brasil?

Aaron Lichtenberger : Costantino, keep up the work. The music that you play change people’s lives. Even if you don’t know it the people you change do. Music shows emotion, and you express that motion. Tell a story with the music, show us how you see it in your head.

Jack Lee : Beautiful piano with an excellent arrangement to go along..

Uming Hidalgo : I want to learn piano :( so sad that my keyboard piano is broken