Self Defense
Self Defense

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1966Zodiac : Damn I hate it when girls are tied up in my car wanting to mug me for crack money.

Gabriel Mendoza : Known fact all muggers mug you for money to buy crack

blinkatreyu : I love those transitions he makes haha DerrickComedy was the best of the best on youtube back in the day. 

Everette Bills : Gotta love the scene transitions And still no crack for you today my friend

azariasthelast : Real life situation number 4:Your kid has fallen into a gorilla cage and is currently being mugged by the gorilla. That's when you pull out your gun.

Violence City : It's all about wrist control

high. : "You encounter a mugger, okay? he wants crack." *Donald looks at the camera like "yeah, right"*.

Cheeses Fries : real situation #99, a mugger is in jail and he wants to mug you....

Marvale Kellogg : Man I'm 21 now and I was 13 when I first started watching these there still hilarious

GangsterTurtles : This helped so much. I was mugged by a bird a long time ago. Now I can defend my self no more crack for that bird.

Castiel : real life situation #5. Your mugger is asking you to put your hands in the air because he wants crack. Just try to get wrist contr- *bang*

MadMaker7 : From YouTube skits to being a famous rapper and an actor in one of the biggest films of the year. Inspirational.

Sadpants McGee : Just took an NRA Certified Personal Defense class, and all they did was play this video and hand us a certificate of completion. And then they mugged us to buy crack.

LilTittyTwist : Real Life Situation #1031. Your mugger was born without arm and wants crack. So all you gotta do get wrist control.

TheSoYa : I remember when this came out. Still funny

Terry Guerra : He must be hardcore. He's a white belt "instructor".

Sports Gamers Online : Still funny in 2015.

5thElemnt : I got wrist control.

Adam West : Wrist Control is still a priority in 2015

Enmanuel : Was that first mugger Childish Gambino?

Drake Brunette : I love how he is a 1 stripe white belt. Like that one guy who has spent 2-3 months at your dojo/gym and now thinks he is qualified to teach other people.

Quentin Dickens : Its 2018 and i still show this video to people funny as heck

Twist Clip : dream crack tastes terrible though

aesthetic : Real Life Situation Number 7: your mugger is in his grave. first thing, wrist control, wrist control, and it'll be easy cause he's *DEAD.* Okay, and then i'll *PULL OUT MY GUN* (Intense Shrieking)

Syasya Hisham : no crack for you my friend

Niklaus Mikaelson : real life situation #10 your mother is high on crack and shes mugging you to buy crack. What do you do?

CN What I'm Saiyan? : I lost my everything the moment he pulled out the gun

Zenhotta : You know, call me crazy, but I don't think that those guys were mugging him

TheSecretProvider : I'm so glad all the thumbnails are back.

Ryan Holmes : this is the best self defense video on the internet

Adam Wright : Holy shit, I just realized that Donald Glover was in this.

YoutubeUser : "Hes asleep and hes mugging you." Hahahaha its been a decade and i still remember that scene

Zeke Isendahl : Dope! Music: Colosseum-The Kettle

WordsForStrangers : wow i saw this in middle school and never realized the black dude was donald glover

Preston G : real life situation number 5: your mugger is a herd of tigers, THEY ARE TRYING TO MUG YOU

gabmig mago : That wrist control man,its 10th planet skill....You earned my respect..... :)

Kurt Nordstrom : Holy crap, did not realize that was Donald Glover.

DonBebe : Classic

MOMOarabe : this was 8 YEARS AGO!?!? holy shit how come i never saw that before

blockthisuser : fathers of yt

Username0123456789 : 0:55 - THIS IS AMERICA

Kobe Greenan : This wouldn't happen if Reagan was never president smh

yogafireyogaflame23 : I just noticed the Renzo Gracie logos on the gi, haha nice

Jkkk J : It's aaaaaallllllll about wrist control

Three Freaks, One Cup : I like how even in the last scene he's setting up the next transition

Negan : Real situation #100 A baby is mugging to buy some crack

Phantomz Requiem : Oh god, this was 10 years ago? Makes me feel so old.

FA : the 3rd scene is the funniest

sonji_chindia ? : Everybody wants to mug you and they all want crack and u should always carry a gun