Smach Z - Exclusive First Look And Early Benchmarks
SMACH Z Exclusive First Look and Early Benchmarks

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Team Smach let me remote desktop into the SmachZ prototype using TeamViewer and check out what's under the hood.


Lyall Moffitt : It’s still nowhere near production ready is my takeaway from the video... the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns ended 2 years ago...

Funky Fettucine : >they let me teamvi- alright, into the trash this goes

Haseo Reviews : If I had money to bet with, I'd wager that they slapped this together really quickly and offered to show it to you just to shut StopDrop&Retro up after he proved several times that they STILL don't have a working prototype. This thing has no buttons, no screen, heats up to ridiculous levels on relatively low settings, is absolutely massive for what is supposed to be a handheld device, and they only allowed you to see what they wanted you to. This reeks of a scam at worst, and a flat-out awful product at best.

timothy80 : Okay, This makes no sense. - Why are they having a youtuber to show off their prototype instead of actually dealing with the allegations themselves? - Why did it took them THIS long to show this off? Why not had this shown off the showfloor in japan instead of a mock? There is no way your getting 5 hours of battery life on this thing. It's also nearly cooking itself DESPITE THE FACT IT'S OPEN.

Taras B : Can't wait till StopDrop&Retro get his hand on this video @StopDrop&Retro

HoLDoN4Sec : 0:39 you say its running on its batteries but there is no icon for it running on a battery on the windows taskbar... SmachZ rips people off AGAIN.

Ylendeth : I'd rather wait for the GPD Win 3 than this obsolete crap

Nicholas Seymour : I still don't trust them remember when they did the same thing with LowSpecGamer two years ago?

Rainsoakedcoat : For 650k, I too can rig up a laptop PCB to a battery pack. Srs offers only plz

RandomStuffOnVideo : You do know that stop retro has a new video made about a week ago on this topic?

Nicholas Seymour : Its been 4 years and this is the best they can come up with?

Carlos Andrés Solís : Still: until they have a product in shelves I'm not investing in one.

StringStorm ‌ : "Teamviewing" And just like that, the entire video ended up being pointless. Everyone is so easy to please these days. Show them something without having them know the obviously more important technical details, and you have them all on your lap. And I was right. Even if they do manage to release it, its going to be obsolete.

SiIverDragon : One thing I noticed , there was no battery shown in Hardware Manager also no battery icon in Windows tray at least the Statement that it run on battery is false.

Sniuchi : It’s not a scam?the Kickstarter ended two years ago,last year they had a non working fake console hold together with clear tape. The piece of pcb you are showing lacks a display,buttons and need to be connected trough the internet to be able to control it,how is this not a scam?

Cyrus Nagisa : "working prototype" yet it still cant output to its own screen and still does not work properly, sorry but a scam it still is, they based their kickstarter and early funding off lies, why should anyone trust them now?

GTFAFM : Wow, they let you TEAMVIEWER it? That's so generous of them and totally not suspicious at all. They totally didn't just show you a lump of plastic and let you access a completely different system.

LudovicoDev : Yeah yeah i ll believe or maybe i ll try, but after several years they promise to us "the next year we release" exc exc i dont believe them anymore infact last friday i bought GPD Win 2, okay its not an AMD processor bla bla, but i really can play, and i know where i spend my money, and not give to some cheater.

CanofBeams : After the extensive history of lies from the smach z team, no one should trust anything they are involved with, at all.

John Smith : Edit Pause at 6 seconds and tell me what you see. I see little orange and black wires headed into or under mr cooling fan hmmm... So we're not supposed to not notice the other two cables running from the "prototype" and behind the desk out of sight than?... if it's running on battery power than what those are cables doing? Anyone know what the yellow thing is? Guessing here it's the thing the mouse is plugged into making it usb hub or adapter of some kind?

Pan John : JUST A REMINDER. this thing has the battery placed at your handheld position.

Tim Sarai : No way this will run at 25 watt docked without additional cooling. Perhaps there may be an extra cooling solution in the dock?

Tomasz Nowak : All I can see is a board with huge bulky batteries and two different shots of gear and setup enviroment. The rest is smoke and mirrors... Looks like a desperate cash grab stunt... sneaky, sneaky... does not prove anything, does not prove that this unit has lcd at least ;) And it paints something... yup, yup... that was a point ;)

Francisco Butte : Win 2 form factor is way better than this monster

cooliofoolio : Remote desktop??? Eeeeccchhhhh totally a scam. They probably still don't have a working prototype.

Nikki Seven : Wow, where's the tape? I trust you. I don't trust them, not one iota. I would never back them. Way too shady. And to be honest, I won't believe anything until there's a production unit that people are actually playing on.

inocks : Scam z are you there?

Titan : That cooling solution doesn't look that good

brenn fett : I feel fooled by this video

peter gildersleve : it is a scam

Khamron Confused : Just get a GPD win2 or hack a switch and stream pc games on it. the niche is more than filled. Smach z is a few years late and a dollar short.

Ayman Alqroos : I wish gpd makes a new win 3 with this amd processor because it will be released earlier... lol

SweetBlu : Did you notice that they clearly do not have ANY controls, or screen on that unit they are using here? So that entire unit is JUST to power the output to the screen, and it is already HUGE. Those two boards on the side under the batteries are more than likely related to the batteries, and power.... They still need to be able to get ALL OF THAT, plus a screen, and the hardware to drive that screen, as well as ALL OF THE CONTROL er features/buttons into that case/unit. At this point all that is is a smallish computer in the shape of a Smach.

Jonathan Soko : This video does nothing for me.

Jaxfunjim : So they got a bunch of cash years ago to assemble a bunch of off the shelf components into this? And even though all the components are already out in the wild, they are not going into production in the next 3-6 months? Even though they've been working on this for years....... What is it that they are waiting for now? More cash?

jian sun : Have you seen what they took to tokyo

Dibaizin : I still believe that Gpd Win 3 will be launched before that scam!

Today I : "Working"

Titan : I want to see a finished official prototype not the board

Bri Bair : This seems way to sketch. I don't think this will ever make production. Nintendo, Sony and gpd beat them to the market

Prakasa Adnan : just wait for gpd win 3. more realistic, have a keyboard, can run non steam games or steam game.

Justin Bieber : I love the Scam Z

Johnnis : This is a prototype of something with no buttons and no display. It is not a prototype of the Smash Z as it has previously been described. Have they changed their mind on the concept all together?

Mad Jack Churchill : "Running off its own power" *Cuts to device plugged into USB"

Josef Nemec : Calling it working prototype for device that they promised is real stretch. It doesn't even have its own screen yet, we are talking about portable device...

trakaiszeks : The 70+ c during teamviewer session on an open bench... Do you seriously have any hope going above 12w without scalding something?

Иван Нанић : Isn't this supposed to be handheld?

Qwerty : >waits excitedly for new StopDrop&Retro vid

Kei _ : He talks how he controls this on teamweiver NOW 2:20 video cuts, voice won't stop. You could do a better job knowing how suspicious people are about this project.