Ace Ventura Smashes Package

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Windforce6 : Still more gentle than UPS delivering

Nicholas Alverio : The official UPS training video

BeanJr_YT : 27 people received broken packages

Matt Phebus : "...Sounds broken" "Most likely, sir. But I bet it was something nice"

Rob Viola : I am pretty sure this is advertisement for FedEx

Joshua Zavitz : The best opening to any movie yet.

Da New Champ : How i imagine every computer package i order delivered lol


Brolly5 : this scene here proves that Jim Carrey is an excellent actor no doubt

Vince Niederman : We Need Ace Ventura 3 With Jim Carrey Back As The Goofy Detective LOL!

Tomato-chan : 50% of deliveries now-a-days

Frank K : thats one deadly elevator

Julius Caesar : Opens box and it's all still intact....rage quits life.

ThaElite18 : 25 UPS workers disliked this

Blue Collar : I was like 8 or 9 when I seen this movie in theatres. I laughed my ass off at this movie

josef733 : This seriously never gets old. Its as hilarious as when I watched it 13 years ago.

Old channel, no longer active. : Fun fact from my Math teacher: after this movie came out UPS banned all talk of this movie in the workplace and during signing of the packages. They even contemplated suing the movie makers because of this.

Steven L : This how airport baggage handlers keep themselves amused on the job.

Joe Vitale : "sounds broken" "Yeah probably something nice though"

DrumsAreTheShit89 : Every day life at UPS, We see your "fragile" sticker and think to ourselves....oh this poor soul has no idea...

Zonex123 : one of the funniest movies in existence damn

Púlsar : So, thats how PS4 has been delivered? Now I understand...

Nothaut : 1,182 UPS workers liked this video

Gaurav Tapaskar : this was a bad-ass entrance they had for Jim carrey in the beginning of the movie

DirectorWestfield : That face he makes at 0:48 still makes me fall out laughing...

Benjamin Ross : I saw this in a packed theatre when I was 14.  Never since have I been to a movie that caused a non-stop eruption of laughter throughout its entirety.

Scooby Doo : I always wonder what was inside the package every time I watch the movie

Razor2048 : I call that, pulling a USPS on your package

Corona light : typical ups guy

nick87 : ups driver Friday night last package

Buck Biggsly : When your DHL package finally arrives after 3 months

Robert Rainey : I am disabled and I use amazon regularly because it makes things a lot easier for me. I constantly order things for my business, hobby and just about everything I need accept food. I cannot believe how much stuff comes damaged. This Christmas season literally 8 out of 10 things I ordered where damaged. Make sure you order way ahead of time if you plan on ordering a gift for someone. One item has been sitting here for 2 weeks waiting for them to pick it up and it has taken 6 phone calls so far to get them to finally tell me when they are going to pick it up, 3 days from now. I had it ready to send back within 15 minutes of it arriving. I thought of this scene from the movie every time I open the door and the U.P. Ass is standing there. Even small yellow envelopes with a bottle of fish medication arrived with a foot print on it, the bottle dented in and a pin hole leak at the top. They must have a guy sitting at the U.P. Ass conveyor belt so that when packages flow by he smashes them with his feet before they fall on the floor at the end. I had ordered two custom designed aquarium sumps I invested $1500 in and getting a patent on, spent 10 months in design and they finally arrived, they came completely shattered and obliterated.

Salvatore DiChiara : I work for the USPS and I have to say it isnt as much the employees as people think. Sure there are people who dont care like alot of jobs but most people dont realize when they ship something what the process entails. Everything from a letter to a box is going to go through machinery to help sort it out. Letters are literally run through a series of belts and sensors and thats just the sorting process. Not including transport in equiptment and trucks at high volumes. Packages arent any different. We certainly dont sort 100s if thousands of peices into door to door order by hand in a few hours lol The outter box or envelope is going to get beat up. Expect that. Senders need to secure the item on the inside properly.

Nik Shadrin : Плохо расслышал слова в конце ролика, чтото типа "Почта России, доставим все в целости и сохранности"?)

Biscut : It's actually quite worse than this in real life, at least in the hubs I can't speak for the drivers tho. You wouldn't believe the shit those packages go through.

Vince Niederman : The Funniest Opening Scene For Any Comedy Movie LOL!

ichael333 : does.... does that kick at the end count as foreshadowing?

Dark Demonik : Its Ace from Target delivery department

Philip SQ : He trained all the drivers for Fedex, TNT and DHL in Scotland.

Playcool18 : Now I see what happened to my RMA GPU. Nice...

DWC15 : This is the only way to deliver a Xbox One. It's the law. :0

Aydendaboss Games : I’ve seen this move


Hidingbehindhaybales : I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did as a 13 year old kid watching this scene in the theater. It blew my mind.

RMJ1984 : I'm actually surprised this cardboard package took all this abuse, without actually falling completely apart and its contents out

PeteSanctions : HDS sir and how are you this afternoon alllll righty then :)

Lord Niggatron : I  did smash that box and you want to know what was in there?

Tonio TV : Jim-Jim-Jim, please do a comedy like this again .... 'Ace-Ventura 3' anyone ? ?

Pichi biener : What's the movie name

LA B : Sounds broken...