Video of Moment Puyuma Train Falls off Rails in Yilan, Taiwan

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Sylvia Else : If that's in real time, then the train was doing about 120km/h around a 330 metre radius bend. Not going to work :(

David Wayne : Wow this train was going too fast on this curve well above the speed limit. I believe speed limit at that point is around 70-80km/h max.

J : high speed trains....high speed crashes... does anyone know if China uses the technology that would have automatically slowed or stopped the train?

siskoson : Если поезд с рельс сойдет - мало не покажется Пассажиры по вагону как говно размажутся Печень, почки оторвутся, ручки в узел свяжутся Ведь Китайские ЖД надежными только кажутся..

Oybek Ozodbekov : Йо бани ворот

Straus Pete : So sad... FYI The train, named puyuma, is made in japan

Hazardousxd : поезд сделал бум