The Untold Story Of America's Southern Chinese [Chinese Food: An All-American Cuisine, Pt. 2] | AJ+

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wavygr : It is so strange watching the Chinese ladies that sound like my aunts.

Madame Tia : I thank the Chinese in the Delta. They helped my mothers family for sure. My mother would tell me how they would allow my grandmother to buy on credit so they could eat. In tears! Thank you!

Mike Burton : That accent just shook my soul.

[RoRy] : Its Ironic that I've heard Asians speaking with various European accents, Caribbean accents, hell even one with with a middle eastern accent and didn't flinch. Yet of all things I hear an Asian American with a strong southern accent and I'm like; "Yo, WTF!???" :))

Ebony W. : The interviewer is so damn beautiful 💕 and hearing the Chinese woman with a deep southern accent always shocks me 🤣

MoonInSky : They have such a different look and vibe from Chinese elsewhere in America. You never see or hear about multi-generation Chinese Americans in the very deep South. Love their clothing style, jewelry, and home decor. They're extremely Southern, though - there doesn't seem to be much Chinese in them other than the food they're cooking. They seem like well-off people in the Deep South, and very classy and elegant.

ladyshkspre : I'm a black woman raised in the south and I have never met a Chinese American person who sounds like a member of my family before. But when that lady started talking at 1:34 I was like "Aunt Geraldine???" I swear she sounds just like my aunt and my jaw just about hit the floor. I've never really considered before the contributions Chinese Americans have made to places other than either the east or west coasts of the US but it makes sense that they would be in the Delta too raising families and becoming part of southern history and culture. This video is great, thanks for teaching me something!

JUUKEM : This is such a beautiful video

Himself Lee : Quit calling Americans of different ethnic backgrounds Chinese, Mexican, Irish, etc. They are Americans first.

Daphne Xplores : Hearing Chinese people speaking with southern American accents is blowing my mind right now lol

Meghan Haynes : That older woman has the same hairstyle and accent as my very southern grandma. If my grandma was Chinese they would be twins.

youtubeuser : Damn they are as country as catfish sandwiches

Galen Tong : I did some research on Southern USA chinese from the 19th century. There were also many Chinese in Louisiana who were brought there to work the sugar cane fields after the Civil War. They were all men and many married African American women. Their descendants are still there so there are some Afr Ams with Chinese last names.  A grad student at a Southern University published a book about them in the 1980s.

ayikahS H : There is no race that whites haven't mistreated. It's incredible how wicked they are.

Kiing milli : Damn that Chinese lady sound very southern that's how you know where you grow up has a very big difference

John Baugh : Dancing Southern Baptist Chinese folks with southern accents. I love these people lol :)

Tooty Futts : I once met a Chinese woman with a thick Brooklynese accent, but this lady is trippin' me out even harder.

ralph holiman : I grew up in the Mississippi Delta (Greenwood)and this really brings back memories. (And, I now have teenaged Korean children, be attending Mississippi State, who we adopted as newborns who are always having to explain their Mississippi Delta accents).

words0217 : As as an American black woman I have gotten caught in the trap of black and whites in America. Thank You for the eye opener. I will definitely be doing a history on Asians in America and other races that were here already and those who came later.

Diraac Dropper : Loooool Chinese lady with southern accent is everything

Luke Pate : Great story !! God bless from Texas.

Havefunrr : My dad's a farmer in the midwest and I'm 100% Asian, not easy

retroxlove : It's so interesting and unique to hear Chinese people with a southern accent :D

James D : Asian Southern Baptists who can cook great food: These people are real Americans.

Zachary Alexander : I swear, it's so cute to see old Chinese ladies speaking like country gals.

obiwan88 : I must say, it is quite refreshing to see a fellow Chinese speaking in impeccable Southern Accent.

Gilbert Nicholas : If blacks would've opened those successful stores they would've gotten destroyed by racists not wanting then to prosper economically

Crayola Clouds : That southern twang is STRONG and I am living for it. She sounds like the kinda granny that would lead you inside, say you need some meat on your bones and then drown everything in gravy for you. This video made me very hungry and also made me disappointed that so many people would assume an Asian person is automatically fresh off the boat. Did people sleep through the Gold Rush section of their history class?

Hugh Jafro : Can we get back to talking about the bacon-rice?

Marissa G FUNK : A souther Chinese accent hell yeaaah it’s my first time hearing it and it’s beautiful she’s beautiful 😍

ruzzell907 : Asian lady with the most Southern accent. So amazing.

DAMC3808 : As a fellow Asian American I must say how odd it is to see an Asian American w such a heavy southern accent lol. Glad this series touched on the horrors the Chinese experienced when coming into this country, also glad to see u touched on how it was only the Chinese who would serve and help out the blacks during segregation.

patrisio3 : They seem more southern than Chinese. The accents remind me of when I was moving from DC to Jacksonville, FL in a UHaul truck in 2005. I decided to stop near the border between the Carolinas. I found a nice looking motel and walked into the office. There were a few decorations from India in the office so I new the owners were Asian Indians. A 40-something year old Indian woman was working the office and she said to me "Howya dooin"? She looked at the UHaul truck outside and said "Is tha yo truuuk?" I'm a native southerner myself from Alabama, but her accent made my accent sound northern.

jrh0369 : Their southern accents are awesome. I'm Asian and was raised in Texas. When I joined the military people would ask "are you from Texas?" I would say yes why? It was because of my Texas drawl. Lol.

JoJoGunn1956 : Frieda Quon is a Southern Belle, no doubt about it.

ERL : Talk about the Black and Brown connection... I'm really suprised to find out that there were Chinese in such numbers around the Delta. Wow! And to think that they were a big help to the Balck farmers... a bit more suprised about the Southern Baptist Church. We MUST have more stories like this.

Harry Poter : after she said that "black people bought groceries on credit" I thought f those stores were not there what would have happened to the people who want to feed their children?

rucussing : If you did not know a Chinese woman was speaking, you would think it was a white Mississippi woman!

CardinalKaos : The Chinese have never gotten their fair share of credit for building this country. Our railroads would never have been built without them which means we sure as hell wouldnt be where we are today.

Manuel Delgado : one thing about the chinese is even though they are discriminated against, keep their heads down and live and work through it.

steven sosa : I'm a high school senior. This video alone gave me insight to my question about the time frame of segregation. Interesting how the society in those towns worked. I wish in history class students could get more insight of what other groups of people contributed or how they function in the society. Like seems many locations where blacks were no longer enslaved waves of Asians followed to work. This are things never really spoken about. Makes it appear U.S.A. history only involved white and black folk.

Katlego Malete : Wow my mind feels like blow... I didn't expect to hear a Chinese person with a southern eccent

Acustic Sunri : Robert Zemeckis or whoever need to make a movie about this.... Don't really care about "Crazy Rich Asians"

Glitter Love : I was hypnotize by the Asian woman with a southern accent 🤗

WeAreN1nja : Frieda Quon's southern drawl is the greatest thing I've ever heard. You know how you always see those Facebook posts asking who you want to narrate your life? I want Frieda Quon to narrate mine. No joke.

Spirit of white Christmas : Thanks chinese people for your help.

Kandyce Rogers : Wow, they fed the black community when no one else would. Deep respect to the Asian community for that.

SQUIRREL M : So sad, Asians in general have contributed to the US more than blacks and Latinos combined, they deserve more

Arthur Hosey Jr. : I'm from Greenville and I know her brothers who were robbed. That was a bad situation because they've always been good to everyone. It was frowned upon even among us. My roommate at MSU was Chinese and I worked with someone at Ole Miss who family had a store.