Taskmaster Is the Greatest Show in the World

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UKTV : Thanks! We're really very proud of it.

Martin Willett : Not a single point. That's why Greg is essential to this. Clearly, Alex is doing most of the work behind the scenes and is the source of most of the creative genius but Greg's idle egotistical wit and cruel spontaneity make the difference between a clever idea for a show and A Winning Show.

lennie thomas : I'd like to see all the worst players playoff for a Worst of Taskmaster wooden spoon.

SuperRand13 : This task was even funnier live, it went on for like fifteen minutes - half an hour and he basically had a full on mental breakdown.

THE VIEW5652 : Nothing beats series 1 though.

no1raniuk : Anyone else end up fancying Sally Phillips over the course of this series?

Eyedeas Never Die : Loved this moment so much. Wonder if we can buy that book somewhere.

Asmodean Underscore : It's like Saw, but consensual.

Rebecca Cresswell : L I T T L E A L E X H O R N E

iOutwrite : My sky box is stuffed with every episode, watch them back all the time. Epic show. Mark Watson's ineptitude is both tragic and hilarious.

OneHuntyBoi : i loved when they made josh count beans and other things xD

guzzaroolz : It's a fantastic show isn't it? Very original and really funny as well.

Mat O'Neill : Couldn't agree more!

Neil Connolly : Really enjoying the current series

Memphis MacPherson : This book really needs to become available

15schaa 15schaa : I agree. Every profile picture on every site I have an account on is a different portrait of Greg.

bastardBanshee : Mark was the best contestant hands down

Bethany Jenkins : Yes it is

NonsensicalVids : probably the best show ever i've rewatched 3 times already

Mimi Wolf : Fantastic show 😎😎

commandercoolify : Seems cool, I'll check it out. It reminds me of the format of the show 'QI'.

electroforpresident : totally agree.

Martin Willett : So far the casting of these series has been excellent. A great balance, no more than one complete loose cannon (Bob Mortimer, Noel Fielding) no more than one flamboyant homosexual, no more than one older woman, no more than one younger woman, at least one person who isn't just a stand-up comedian and not a single campaigning leftist/feminist/black-power activist who won't shut up. Long may that continue.

Florence CG : AGREED

99 IZE : what a waste of time

Dave : Mark and Nish's song is still the best thing ever, oh and Noel Fielding hiding in the caravan was sheer genius.

King Jellyfish : Taskmaster truly is best show in thw world

Rose English Deluxe : I wonder if he ever texted Greg "Give it to me straight, like a pear cider made from 100 percent pears."

Adam Ladd : it isn't the expanse is

Michael O Neill : I disagree,

PlayerUnknown's British Expeditionary Forces : as this real though? I feel like he would of brought it up to the others at some point and know hes the only one with the task

RockPhonic - VLOGS : it definitely is not!

Rob Scaife : I have to disagree. It’s crap.