Gravity Industries Race Series Showcase
Jet pack Racing

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We are starting to bring together the awesome flight capability from 58 live events across 19 countries to date, together with multiple pilots now flying, to deliver a new level of live motorsport....the Gravity Industries International Jet Suit Race Series.   Join the journey: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube:   Thumbnail image by Loic Salan Photography


4our20enty : There in creative mode

s10m0t10n : These videos are the sort of thing that make it worthwhile visiting YouTube. Interesting, very exciting to watch and about as cool as they can be. I'm following Gravity Industries' progress closely to see the next step. Please keep them coming - you guys rock.

Owura d : I can't believe my friend thinks this is fake

RoboBoomStick : make them red and gold

Cute Critters and Friends : These are over $300,000 But I’m still gonna get one one day

Ker-Klick Choom : I was on the pier at Bournemouth when you guys took off - it was seriously impressive! Can't wait to see how the race series works out!

fan9775 : Oh England, land of sci-fi...or just sci at this point

MrBigblack62 : Outstanding showcase! May I ask, any plans to add wings?

Lego Engineering : He should learn to do flips in the air

JT : Rocketeers from Red Alert INCOMING!!

Jeff Doe : Not gonna use black sabbath iron man theme song?

‘MuricanEagle : came from hacksmith

darksinvampire : Have you tried a wing suit with this?

Cecep Gorbacev : wow.. i think this will be a new sport at the Olympics later

boson96 : The fact that someone actually made this makes me worship them.

John Marston : TPRL: T Pose Racing League

Phillip Ferreira : That's my dream come to life btw haha.. I'd sell my house to buy one 🤣

digitalsonder : Can you do tricks with them?

ndaknemu : imagine if you could combine the jet suit with suit x and jetman wing. it would be super awesome iron man race.

JP de Rie : wow just watched the DLD converence. you guys improved so much already!

Brendan : Please give Elon Musk a red one!

Avionics TechShop : Awesome! Especially liked timestamps 0:37 0:47 1:07 nice video gravity.

Zachyze : That is really fudging amazing.

Slashley gibbins : This is something special, wow. 🇬🇧

Peter : When are you putting wings on this beauty??

Alonzo Golden : Flyin' like IronMan!

iRex : Why not add some ''wing-suit'' it's obviously light weight than adding a wing.

Andy Pugh : This is just incredible!!!

Glitchy Hacker : Who’s here because they love iron man and this is the closest to iron-mans flight system

Schtaiv1973 : Super hero landing?!

FiNiTe : I'm curious, is thrust somewhat computer controlled, or is it 100% manual?

lazer tag : race frank zapata already!

Lol Vids : Hiya Richard, and everyone else at Gravity Industries. I think your product is fantastic, and your videos are always REALLY exciting, this one being no exception! I'd love to know though, does the flight suit that you've built rely on the user having a lot of upper body strength? Or is the "stress" of the lift produced taken away by some sort of exoskeleton or frame inside the suit? And, if there isn't an exeoskeleton of some sort, why not? Cheers! LOVING what you guys are doing right now!!!

D E X I L : Wow this is a dream.

brrryska brrryska : As I understand it the engines are in the hands of the pilot. What happens when his hands get tired?

Peter Yim : Will we see a military grade version? From Hong Kong.

Victor koh : where is Robert Downey Jr?

BLANK 131 : New sports or new military transportation

Hyde Harris : The might be a stupid question but when wearing the suit do the engines get hot.

Phillip Ferreira : What's the endurance on those? How long can they generally fly at speed vs in a hover? Oh... and are they for sale anywhere??

CRISTAW Productions : I was here before it hit 10k and I am super surprised that millions aren't subscribed yet.

Crunchy Dash : Iron man!

ΘΕΟΣ ΘΝΗΤΟΣ : This channel and the Boston Dynamics makes me irritated not to be born in the era when those technologies are normal things.

Shannon Sankey : Wow !!

Pump Set : Come and try this n Chennai,India. We are awaiting to watch this kind of show

Tan Doan : Are your hands tired when flying? How long can the suit fly?Power source like iron man movie is feasible?Can you fly with the body parallel to the ground? That would be so fast!

Arif Ramdani : Amazing .


Edward Dhuyvetter : so lame