Dr. Drew Goes Off On LA Homelessness Crisis - DrDAD Highlight
Dr Drew Goes Off On LA Homelessness Crisis DrDAD Highlight

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There's lots of things to be worried about, but the Los Angeles Homelessness crisis is something Dr. Drew Pinsky is EXTREMELY nervous about. He explains to his guest Seth Green the possibility of huge amounts of disease outbreak, causing a health care crisis! http://www.yourmomshousepodcast.com/ https://merchmethod.com/collections/tom-segura https://www.reddit.com/r/yourmomshousepodcast/


Brent Woolard : Seth started off like a typical Hollywood disconnected elitist, but actually accepted some truth. Hopefully, that's contagious too.

Adrian Dobrean : It has gotten really bad in Portland Oregon as well. I don't even go downtown anymore. It's like a scene from a zombie movie out there.

gary cobiak : I like how he shut down Seths false narrative right off the bat.

Frank Francini : Dr. Drew thank god you have a real show again. Please go on Joe Rogan podcast. Tell him about the possibility of plague.

Hurricane : Wait wat?! You can jack $950 and not be hit on a felony? Thats insane.

Marcus Hosmer : Fixing the mental health problems in this country would fix a lot of problems we have.

Robert Denton : God damn that was a relief! I thought all of Hollywood were completely gone

AmericanGoonerMax : The politicians in California are to worried about the PC culture and mean words being said instead of this.

James Williams : Dr. Drew is right about one thing, California definitely has a mental health epidemic.

Morgan Harris : You never mentioned the problem with having an over saturated low skilled labor market, therefore depressing wages for the weakest among us. This is of course worsened by the “sanctuary city” policies.

gunfighterzero : its a mental health problem alright, its called liberalism

Dude Lebowski : But he just can't say it...the "recklessly negligent" are DEMOCRAT politicians who pander to all sorts of groups for votes. They destroyed Cali.

Questfortruth : I left L.A. a few years ago because of the rats! AND there's also a rodent problem there!

Brian Crawford : Our governor is a total joke. He totally ignores the will and votes of the people and him and his Democrat party are just running CA into the abyss

Arc Light : I get the feeling Seth was shocked this interview wasn't going to be the usual lib circle jerk that he would be used to. Real talk.

Steve Broggie : Never apologize for bringing the serious stuff to the table. Keep up the good work. Love the show! The jeans are higher and tighter than ever.

Kasio 22B : I hope you're running for California governor in the future, and you will sure have my vote here, Dr. Drew!

Jared does stuff : Maybe Dr Drew should start think about going into politics. Need more common sense like this.

ap5170 : I’ll never understand how someone can be so naive to think it’s a housing problem. 🤦‍♂️

Dan Customer : Dr. Drew is lying it's all Trump's fault. It's Trump and global warming ask any liberal socialist Hollywood Elite or politician in California.

super extreme David Piacenza : Keep voting democrat and your fantasy world will end a hell of alot quicker than like 12 years!!

phyllis grace : Bring back the state hospitals.

skirbyr : Keep voting democrat and it will get worse!!

Ty Webb : The problem is democrat governors for 30+ years.

John Jacob : The homeless are a political pawn pieces kept homeless by no action to further political agendas. Just the American version of Palestinian political pawns.

Randsurfer : At first I thought that was one of the homeless, but it was just Seth Green.

Duzzit Matter : Dr. Drew just said there’s 12 Million rats in Los Angeles. I didn’t know there that many lawyers and politicians in that city!!🤷🏻‍♂️

costamesa22 : Dr. Drew for mayor of Los Angeles please !!!!! You’re leadership and insights are needed !!!

jordan brown : I was homeless in LA on and off from 2014- 2016 luckily I was like 19 going on 20 and just down on my luck for the most part( sure mental issues but the drive to get out of it was way stronger) but it feels like you're in an entirely different world even when you're on the train or bus with "normal ppl" even having a job is weird because you'd have to pretend you weren't homeless while everyone is walking around talking about what their gonna do when they go home and you're just contemplating where you're gonna sleep and if your stuff is still where you left it.

Chef Lisa's Homegrown Gourmet : Thank You once again Dr. Drew. I work in mental health, mainly with alcohol and drug addict population and all of this is SO true. Our country as a whole is suffering from a major mental health epidemic. I did not realize the “real” health crisis of the rodent problem. More people need to know about this. Please continue to be loud regarding their topic!!

SoulfuzZ : Sometimes I feel like Dr Drew just thinks people are doing the wrong drugs.

The Flecks : Dr. Drew is too smart to fall for the LA government “It’s a problem with housing.”

Aaron Humphrey : Favorite Dr Drew quote:" it feels like I'm on the train tracks, waving my hands to warn the oncoming train to STOP ! BRIDGE OUT ! STOP NOW !- And the train conductor sees me, then just flips me off and goes full speed ahead."- the voice of reason is never the loudest in the crowd. You have to LISTEN !

Tyrant : Oh shit I better turn this into a California song before the Red Hot Chili Peppers do.

bourgeoi_c : The audacity of our country's leaders to bring in the foreign homeless and ignore our own just to get future ballots and potential moolah is beyond disgusting.

Damon Denis : Dr. Drew just say it!This is how the Zombie Apocalypse breaks out!

Chris Kavanagh : Dr Drew forgot about all the millions of Illegals other than the 1 Million they just absorbed. The state of CA has been letting them flow into the state for decades, and giving them all free stuff. And they can't figure out why the state if flat broke and people are living in tents!?

K C : YES! Enforce drug laws! Then get these people the help they need. It's not just LA, it is spreading everywhere. Seriously, sometimes I think I agree with the Filipino president's take on drug dealers.

DIO GALLARDO : he forgot to mention the old people on social security that can't afford housing and have health problems

Waldemar Perez Jr : 8:57 Dr. Drew showing high-level ethics. We need more people like him.

locksmith db : Dr. Drew is amazing! So smart,informed,etc.

Exocartonic : The Democrats will never admit their policies are responsible for all the strife and ruination in their streets.

Tippy : Just say it. Democrat policies. It's ok.

Joseph James : Congratulations, California. You have progressed right back into the Dark Age.

clintusmaximus : liberal policies...feel good legislation and virtue signaling apathy. How’s that sanctuary city working out

Commenter McCommentFace : LOVE when Dr. Drew gets serious. Speak the truth my dude.

Expect : So its been about a month now so what....? Now its like? Cause I live Seattle and it's about the same problem and moving towards cali masses of homelessness

Zographia Pusic : Colbert,The View, CNN, Kimmel all love it....of course its trumps fault

SCOTT M : Solution. Bring back law and order. Simple They wont do it tho. Socialism has become the religion. Its wages being shown every day.