The Open Relationship

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xereeto : Your sketches are great guys, you deserve way more subscribers.

shingnosis : Balls deep... nice touch.

nawab256 : haha love that awkward ending!

Friendly Druggo : Those girls were 10/10

Cody Brandley : polyamory doesn't work!

Ball is Life : "shes balls deep" LMFAOOO

garriaga : that ending

Matt Nen : back on form chaps, balls deep lol

2121person : Represent Colville, WA, USA

Dragon Ball Super V.S Naruto Shippuden : xD This is me!

Dalia J : You are amazing guys!! What are there names!

Silas ofNj : Hey, you guys are pretty funny. #Subscribed.

Tadgh B : I live south of Colville Wa. Lol

Jose R : "ah...she's balls deep." lmfao X'D

Sherine Harivandi : You guys are the best!

Mayur : wait..can we see other peoples recently added friends?

Jamie Michael : i'm a being heels editor - very funny video love the concept would you like to email me back with details of what you'd like on our page

Cat : Not funny at all.