2017 Focus RS Passed a Ferrari! 19.05.2018 Nurburgring Nordschliefe lesson

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Bruce Catalano : Check out the coach Jon driving my 2016 WRX on the ring here. https://youtu.be/PAkRp5cAuoA

Doug MacRay : Please consider changing the title of your video- it’s not giving this phenomenal video it’s due justice. This should be a mandatory video for driving instructors. The instructor’s feedback is calm and concise while under stress. Listen to his analogies. This is a tool used to improve learning retention. His criticism comes immediately upon a mistake yet the delivery is supportive- he doesn’t make it personal and he doesn’t linger on the issue. Most importantly his genuine enthusiasm transcends into motivation and better performance from his student. You can feel the student’s desire to satisfy his instructor! I wish I knew the background on the coach- His technique echos of a military or emergency responder background. Good man and a phenomenal teacher. Please, please consider a different title. This is a goldmine of information for those of us who teach. Thank you for posting, warmly, Boston

fento r : That dude in the passenger is boss

MarkCup70 : Tuition, so often dismissed and completely underrated. I love it, love learning, love leaning on the car, love getting that little bit more out of it. Smooth on, smooth off, smooth in, smooth out. Nice lap 👍

Pelvis Wrestling : The driving is great and coaching here is phenomenal! You’ve got yourself a subscriber :)

ComputerNoises : I pass lots of stuff on my way to work.

Gio Jo : Fantastic car lap and teacher

Elijah Hua : “Every time you’re behind a car you Gotta do your best not to look at it, because it’ll mess u up every time” Sooo true.

nilzr1 : Jon seems like a guy I want as a friend. Top video!

Fezza : Brilliant!

Ricky : I would love to get down a few laps with this guy he really knows his stuff

jcriley76 : I have never seen a video like this. Good driving, wicked coach, good attitude. He's on it, tell you what to do and you have time to do it! Awesome to watch.

Ollie Johnson : That tutor was great.. I even felt like I was the one driving getting taught 😂 🚘

WeLdErNiKe77 : Title: Ferrari let pass a Focus RS with a learning guy inside.

Daniel B : Passenger completed forza in one day

Scooter Scott : Jon is excellent! Is he on staff at the the "Ring"? How do I get in touch with him for my bucket list track holiday? You were pretty good too btw.

Mára : 4:55 np

frenchv8 : "Dive in here ! Dive in here !!"

Randy Willsey : Truly educational Top notch nice work.

Street707 : Not only was the driving GREAT but the coaching was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching this.

King ABS : I really appreciate how the constructions are accurate,well detailed,in the perfect time/place. He's not a teacher *He's a maestro* Good driving skills . Thanks for sharing .

wesleysuperman : Instructor is great, But props to the driver here. he was mostly on point and used all the track where he needed to. clearly not the first pony ride.

john martin : Ferrari allows student driver to pass for obvious safety reasons.

Dusan Pantelic : Did you blow the head gasket yet?

fieldmarshaljoe : 2017 Focus RS passed an MR2

MR Islandtime : To race the Nurburgring is a dream of mine, absolute bucket list item.

Grand Finish : That was fun. Do it again! Ha ha!

Santiago Mendoza : yeah sure . . . .super car beaten by diz rookie . . .

William Arrington : Old farrari driver out for a nice drive. The rs is incredible but the farrari lines are horrible.. you dont see the back end actually moving on it so you know he isnt pushing it. Guy was basically grannying around corners and only getting on it when the track was straight.

frenchv8 : Really good coach. I'd like to have a french guy like him to try this track

Eric McManus : I really like the teacher. Tells you how it is. That's how you learn. Was that your first lap?

mickey oh : what does the instructor mean by rolling?

Swoldier : Great coaching, wish more people uploaded coaching laps instead of videos of accidents n whatnot 😄

FIGJAM : Nicely instructed. Clear and to the point. The points about looking to where you want to go are so relevant and more so with bikes when riding at high speed.

chergui toufik : I'mma show this vid to my father....and say this the way that want you to be when i'm in god damn driving seat!

Youssef KH : very nice thank you

Youssef KH : wow at 10:36

Juandersause : Dope video

-Slurmdaddy - : Attack the apex!

Bob Evans : money doesn't buy skill

Wilbert Cedeño : I'm not sure about the coaching about the braking being soft instead of hard on corner entry. The less time you spend braking the faster your lap times. Maybe it's because it's a long track and the brakes are prone to overheat? It can be because of trying to teach trail braking?

BlueSkies : "It's the driver not the car" skills🖤

Shun Sato : Dude I really enjoyed this video!! I do hope that you and your friend make more awesome videos like this!! I want to see more build of your ride too ok? 😉

Andy Man : Passenger is my hero.

Mr.Mister : Why did you put it in neutral at the last straight part?

johnnyquest456 : What kind of tires, oil, and brake rotors and pads did you use? Also you’re a good driver! Any issues with the head gasket on your RS? Or did Ford fix that problem already

totes dev : Luv the noise from the RS, is it stock? Great job all three of you :-)

Jaden Riley : I like how he has Android Auto pulled up still 😂

Nikhilesh Sharma : Im glad that the title is click bait so that i could watch the whole video. Great!

Dan Dun Did : 4:50 for the impatient guys