: Amytiville Toaster : Foamy The Squirrel

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casketking00 : this episodes like a 10 years old. still funny to this day.

San Inuzuka : Regular bread turns into wheat toast. Wheat bread turns into pumpernickel bread Pumpernickel turns into blueberry muffins Bagels turns into pork chops or steaks Waffle turns into a human hand what about pop tarts? 

Marit : *What did l say about using waffles!?* xD

GaynorOL79 : Toasted Human Hand? CAAAAAAAAARRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

Lunestia Crescent : How many people, like me, would put in what ever was convenient that day and just keep re-toasting what pops up? I have a feeling that it would either be DAYS OF FUN... or the Apocalypse ~shrugs~ I'm cool with whichever.

Kevin Kiker : now the question is what happens if you put in a human hand

The Chocolate Goth : I wonder what would happen if you put in a pop tart

Naomi Rodriguez : Man, foamy the squirrel used to be my shit back when I was in middle school. I used to have the T-shirt that said "I'm going to poke you in the eye with a really hot french fry!" Germaine, however, has really changed over the years. ._.'

Bailey McMillan : i think this is the first foamy episode i ever saw waaay back in the day

The Sinful Fangirl : Damn, wish I had that toaster. I'd buy a whole loaf of pumpernickel bread just to make myself blueberry muffins.

Dani- Chan : Yum Yum Yum Human hand =^.^=

shyguy4no1 : To this day... I still want another episode of amityville toaster... Please... I want to know what else it can do...

Midnght Eclipse : Yum yum yum, human hand. I wanna make that my ringtone.

EVA_Unit_4A : 6798 seconds is equal to 113.3 minutes, or 1 hours and 53-and-a-half minutes. Germaine's meal must have been really cold by the time that pork chop appeared.

Kevin S. : I want this toaster....the stuff i'd test in it....would probably kill me.

Necroticus : What about english muffins? Cibatta buns? Hoagie rolls? Pop Tarts? Strussles? Sour dough?

Unknown .Unknown : what would happen if you put the pork chops back in?

cmatrix4761 : lol it took longer to get back sliced pork chops than a toasted human hand. WAY longer.

Tirdaelyn Bieshahn : Wonder what a pop tart would give you.

cixhusjzxh do hssggxhxhs : Sure it isn't the evil toaster from Fallout: NV?

phontex : Ok, so the next logical step in the sequence of experiments would naturally have to be... "What do you get if you put a severed human hand in there?"

Daniel Fern : 113 minutes later a bagel becomes steaks

The85thArbitrary : Did anybody realize that it took almost 2 hours for bagels to turn into pork chops, but a little over 16 minutes for waffles to turn into a toasted human hand? Freaky.

Jacob Antar:Content Controller Of Jacob's Stuff: : Even after about 14 years this is still one of my favorite episodes. I remember watching this for the first time in college.

YinDragon665 : Still one of my favorite foamy episodes.

Jacob Antar:Content Controller Of Jacob's Stuff: : YouTube post 9 years ago and made 14 years ago and still really funny.

Serena : Ah, man. I remember back when I first heard of this in a stupid Naruto AMV. Ahh, memories.

Darthbomb : What if you put in pretzel bread?

Blaze - : What happens when you put in a human hand

Racing Stripe A/V : This was the episode that got me into the whole series. :D

Asshat818 : U want a toaster designed like that

revinevan87 : They were waiting almost 2 hours for the bagel that became a pork chop

Daniel Mars : It's been 5 years. I need to know what the background song is! Tell us, Jim!!!

TeamDreamhunter : It's been over five fucking years and I only just now noticed the background music.

James L : I loved following this series when it appeared on Newgrounds. This was my fave episode, I had to see if it still existed.

HNG : *_i was looking for a jontron video but i got this masterpiece_*

Dante : I remember trying to watch this video on the illwillpress website when I was younger but for some reason it would never load.

Kay Carter : "Yum Yum Yum. Human hand!"

Catherine Martinez : OMG!! The best episode!!

TheY2AProblem : What have to put into the toaster in order to get a waffle?

terminator10111 : my Toaster talks to me bought it from a haunted store it tells me to stick my hand in it

Missionary of the Adepta Sororitas : In Haunted Amityville, My Eggo leggo of you.

MarkEdwardRom : still a classic that makes me laugh even after so long. Long live Master Foamy!

Justin Thomas : It's 2018 and this is still my favorite episode.

Dragonrider1227 : This was one of my favorite shorts XD

Ethan Rodriguez : smoke it...

Mew Wew : Now what happens when I put a human hand in it?

MistaOppritunity : Put a poptart in it.

Jace Mckinley : Is there ever going to be a sequel to this video?

destroyernoah : 1:06 The quote of the year. :P