Irish People Try Spicy American Beef Jerky (Carolina Reaper)

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We got our lovely Irish People to try some SPICY American beef jerky and hoo boy, that Carolina Reaper messed them up! Subscribe: | Instagram: More Information: Jeff Richards, CEO of Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky, liked our last video so much, he sent us a bunch of spicy American beef jerky so of course, we had to give them to our Tryers and see what they thought! Not spon or anything, he just sent some jerky our way and we gave it a go! (Also, John is fine - he just had a sports injury that day.) The Tryers featured in this video: Éadaoin: http://TRY.Media/Eadaoin Colin Regan: http://TRY.Media/Colin Niamh Tumbleton: http://TRY.Media/Niamh Lolsy Byrne: http://TRY.Media/Lolsy Bláithín de Burca: http://TRY.Media/Blaithin John Sharpson: http://TRY.Media/John Follow The TRY Channel: Twitter: http://TRY.Media/Twitter Facebook: http://TRY.Media/Facebook Instagram: http://TRY.Media/Instagram _______________________________________________ If you'd like to send us stuff to TRY, our postal address for packages under $60*: The TRY Channel PM3530292 Unit C1, North City Business Park North Road, Dublin 11 D11 RW30 Ireland (*If you're sending food/drink to use in a video, please send 4 variants with enough to share between six people.) Credits : Content produced by The TRY Channel. Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound. TRY is your new home on YouTube. A place where people try things for the first time. Similar to popular YouTube channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, GMM & TheFineBros' React, our goal is to create content to entertain you and to bring a positive light to the start or end of your day.


BandEadd : Polished off that entire tub of ice cream trying to cool my lil tongue down after that Carolina Reaper jerky 🙈🙈

Shotaholics Entertainment : the black packaging means you guys are officially Jeff’s guinea pigs! 😉

Red October65 : Rectum? Damn near killed ‘em

SHARUF! : I loooves me some jerkey!! Also, how bout my catch at 2:56 right?? 😘😉

Dhyana Devi : "Previously on Try" please do more of this, it's hilarious!

Jen 75 : Colin 😂 "I'm the spicy boy" I'm the one who jerks " And I put the whole thing in my mouth". I'm dead I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂 Poor John I could see the fear in your eyes at the reaper.😜🙃

Manx 1217 : "I've eaten Carolina Reaper before. It's not even food. It's just pain." Puts a second piece of jerky in his mouth.

Lolsy Byrne : *BURPS FIRE*

ᗰіɢʜѕᴛ ᗩʟʟ ᑕʀᴜᴄᴋіɴɢ ᖴіɢʜᴛʏ : I hope someone put a few toilet rolls in the fridge before this one...

Catherine Jimerson : Ask for the spice... get the spice!!! #JeffOurHero

PEPE the CLOWN HONK HONK : Licking cows and retracting rectums...Just another normal day on The TRY Channel...

danfrommn : Ok, someone out there must be producing Carolina Reaper flavored Surströmming for the try channel.

Leon : Eadaoin: "It's not the kick we were looking for. I want to start having the sweats here." Me: (wincing) Ooooh! She's gonna regret saying that!

Nadia Mohamed : Awh poor John with his hurling accident, so glad you're all healed up now! 😂🙌🏽 you poor people being forced to eat more Carolina reaper products! 😂 On another note, for those of you interested there's an official fan group on fb where you can interact with other fans and the TRY crew themselves! As well as being kept up to date on any new announcements and fan meet ups when the TRYers visit your location! Just look up "the official TRY channel fans," read the rules,  answer the questions and you'll be approved! 😊

Sean's Lip Syncing Sock : Sounds like Niamh said “UDDER flavors”! Ha, ha! Beef! Udders! (I know what you’re thinking: “How ‘dairy’ make bad puns!”)

Demitrius H. : Was that a game grumps reference?? “I’m the spicy boy I’m the one who jerks” lmfao

Daniel Dunlap : My swearing vocabulary has greatly increased since watching the channel. You English speaking Europeans sure do know how to make some amazing swear combinations

Vloggerihardlyknowher : There's something really charming about an Irish woman's burp, I must admit

Kurgosh1 : They're so cute when they're suffering. Poor Laura and John were turning weird colors though.

Barbara Sampier : One of the best vids yet! However, I just can't get to the ending because @ 6:03, she has me dying! I will try to make it there eventually.

Valerie Nyanforj : Never in the history of forevers have I ever seen a White person not bust out with a horrible fake accent the nanosecond they read "Jamaica" #bigfacts

Quaker Oats : Eaodin is awesome.

Johnathan Carroll : wtf happened to yer face man? Hope ya heal up soon.

Marc Davis : Notice that nobody who made the “Irish people eat the worlds hottest wings” for Facts made a return for this. Seeing Nicole O’Connor’s face go all red was pretty awful.

Steve Kemme : I'm going to have to send some of our West Michigan jerky... Many flavors and types of animals

mark reed : You ate Carolina Reaper Jerky...on purpose? That stuff is chewable fire!

Jesse James Atencio : Lolsy is the god damn CUTEST. Those burps were so hilarious and adorable lmao

crash406 : "Who's buying this ?!?' Probably people with wicked head colds & sinus problems.

ThePolarBearFromNY : "I'm the spicy boi! I'm the one who jerks!" Someone watches game grumps 😎

Kimberly Gabaldon : Well, you said you wanted to sweat. Was that reaper hot enough for you?

Pooley_1997 : Irish people watch John Mulaney?

Will Lewis : Did Johnathon do a nose dive after going out drinking with LJG?!? WTF IS GOING ON WITH THAT NOSE?!🤷‍♂️🤔😂🤣🤪

AdorkableArtist92 : dang, I wanted to try to buy that thai sweet chili jerky but it's not on their website :(

beardo52 : Reaper Jerky will give a whole new meaning to the Annie Song "Tomorrow" ..

Dalyn Bratcher : The game grumps episode I see has reached many parts of your staff.

MajorDstruction : "Not the heat I'm looking/hoping for." Cue the Reaper and all the bravdo is instantly gone. 😂

i Granot : Looks like Leather Jacket Guy finally landed a punch on John. lol..or was the culprit Levi???

Jeff Craig : Glad somebody thought to have dairy on hand for the Carolina Reaper jerky.

Jakk Frost : Hey, at least nobody had to wear toxic containment gloves to handle the food this time!

K Wilson : How funny my rectum is reacting to it lmao great quote

Richard Ferris : Colin: Send us some spicy beef jerky, the spiciest of the spiciest. Jeff Richards: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Northern Thai Garden Guy : I grow Carolina Reapers. I use them to make bug spray for my plants. :D

Brian Marchant : That quote should live on!!! I'm the one who jerks and I put two in my mouth.... Thank you for that gem!

IntrepidFraidyCat : "This cow's fighting back." 🤣🤣🤣

Norma Martinez : Currently 11:47pm laughing at this vid 🤘🏼😂

Stangboy Prime : This is my favorite video in a while. From Lolsy's burp at 6:00 to the end of the video, I couldn't breathe from laughing!

Dean Flet : Thanks I'm crying from laughing really hard the ending was awesome so to everyone sweating on the Carolina Reaper Jerky. ✌🤤🤙

Christopher L : Thanks for another fine video - I rate it 2.5 million Scoville Heat Units!

Str8EdgeGamer : Yep, Lolsy became Mel Giedroyc at 6:03. Definitely caught me by surprise, laughing my bollocks off!