Irish People Try Spicy American Beef Jerky (Carolina Reaper)

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The TRY Channel : HELLO ALL - Two quick things: 1) There seems to be some YouTube error meaning some people are seeing this video listed as 'private' when clicking - either refresh or open in another window and it should be fine! 2) John is perfectly fine everyone, the poor divil had a sports injury right before the shoot - he's all better now. :)

AreYaHavingThat : Nothing Is Hotter Than Johnathon's Mother!!🔥

SHARUF! : I loooves me some jerkey!! Also, how bout my catch at 2:56 right?? 😘😉

BandEadd : Polished off that entire tub of ice cream trying to cool my lil tongue down after that Carolina Reaper jerky 🙈🙈

Red October65 : Rectum? Damn near killed ‘em

Jen 75 : Colin 😂 "I'm the spicy boy" I'm the one who jerks " And I put the whole thing in my mouth". I'm dead I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂 Poor John I could see the fear in your eyes at the reaper.😜🙃

Shawn Shotaholic : the black packaging means you guys are officially Jeff’s guinea pigs! 😉

ᗰіɢʜѕᴛ ᗩʟʟ ᑕʀᴜᴄᴋіɴɢ ᖴіɢʜᴛʏ : I hope someone put a few toilet rolls in the fridge before this one...

Peter Cardona : I would have bet the rent money that Bláithín would have cracked the first meat/jerk joke but alas I was proven wrong!

commatoes : Bláithín at 5:58 is the most gif-able moment in the video. "Jeff, whenever I think of you my anus will contract." Cheers Bláithín!!! And everyone, so many sexual innuendos; even more than I expected!!! You make me so proud.😢😢😢

Dhyana Devi : "Previously on Try" please do more of this, it's hilarious!

danfrommn : Ok, someone out there must be producing Carolina Reaper flavored Surströmming for the try channel.

Lolsy Byrne : *BURPS FIRE*

Nadia Mohamed : Awh poor John with his hurling accident, so glad you're all healed up now! 😂🙌🏽 you poor people being forced to eat more Carolina reaper products! 😂 On another note, for those of you interested there's an official fan group on fb where you can interact with other fans and the TRY crew themselves! As well as being kept up to date on any new announcements and fan meet ups when the TRYers visit your location! Just look up "the official TRY channel fans," read the rules,  answer the questions and you'll be approved! 😊

Leon : Eadaoin: "It's not the kick we were looking for. I want to start having the sweats here." Me: (wincing) Ooooh! She's gonna regret saying that!

Valerie Nyanforj : Never in the history of forevers have I ever seen a White person not bust out with a horrible fake accent the nanosecond they read "Jamaica" #bigfacts

Sean's Lip Syncing Sock : Sounds like Niamh said “UDDER flavors”! Ha, ha! Beef! Udders! (I know what you’re thinking: “How ‘dairy’ make bad puns!”)

crash406 : "Who's buying this ?!?' Probably people with wicked head colds & sinus problems.

Demitrius H. : Was that a game grumps reference?? “I’m the spicy boy I’m the one who jerks” lmfao

Claudia Arevalo : "When I think of you my anus will contract " Should be on a Tshirt ! Much love ♡♡◇♡♡

Catherine Jimerson : Ask for the spice... get the spice!!! #JeffOurHero

Johnathan Carroll : wtf happened to yer face man? Hope ya heal up soon.

Vloggerihardlyknowher : There's something really charming about an Irish woman's burp, I must admit

Marc Davis : Notice that nobody who made the “Irish people eat the worlds hottest wings” for Facts made a return for this. Seeing Nicole O’Connor’s face go all red was pretty awful.

Daniel Dunlap : My swearing vocabulary has greatly increased since watching the channel. You English speaking Europeans sure do know how to make some amazing swear combinations

Steve Kemme : I'm going to have to send some of our West Michigan jerky... Many flavors and types of animals

Quaker Oats : Eaodin is awesome.

Pooley_1997 : Irish people watch John Mulaney?

DJ StaRyu : the shorter version of "jerk jerky" is jerk(1 + y)

Kurgosh1 : They're so cute when they're suffering. Poor Laura and John were turning weird colors though.

Grundle Dan : It's always time to jerk off!

beardo52 : Reaper Jerky will give a whole new meaning to the Annie Song "Tomorrow" ..

Jakk Frost : Hey, at least nobody had to wear toxic containment gloves to handle the food this time!

Albert Kurth : "I'm the one who jerks!" And then her looking kowingly at the camera.

K Wilson : How funny my rectum is reacting to it lmao great quote

Kimberly Gabaldon : Well, you said you wanted to sweat. Was that reaper hot enough for you?

Brian Marchant : That quote should live on!!! I'm the one who jerks and I put two in my mouth.... Thank you for that gem!

Luca Simoncini : I'm a man, but I'd totally lose to Lolsy in a burp contest. Period.

P A-B : Saw Blaithin in Primark tonight.....nice to then see this in my inbox & 'nice to know' about her bloody rectum & contracting anus! Was good vid 😁

Stephen Murphy : Irish People watch Classic Doctor Who (1963-1989, 1996)!

mark reed : You ate Carolina Reaper Jerky...on purpose? That stuff is chewable fire!

Jeff Craig : Glad somebody thought to have dairy on hand for the Carolina Reaper jerky.

Dónal Sharpson : Mayyn, none of these punks are OG. John has let the Sharpson team down.

Connor Matthews : Top video, guys. What happened to John??

Negro Kung Fu Doctor : Niamh ❤❤❤❤❤

Timothy Leetch : Do you expect to just sit here and pretend there’s nothing wrong with John’s face?

Barbara Sampier : One of the best vids yet! However, I just can't get to the ending because @ 6:03, she has me dying! I will try to make it there eventually.

Brett Black Plume : Johnny B.S what happened, who did this to you, Éadaoin?!

Butterfly McQueen : I wonder if you'd be okay if you ate a Carolina reaper piece of jerky, immediately followed by a Krispy Kreme donut? Maybe try that? Or don't, because F the reaper.

Chris BikerBiker1-9 : John! What the hell man?