How We Lie to Ourselves

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Matt : Sometimes u need to hit rock bottom to wake up and realize that lying to yourself is the most toxic thing you can do.

The GearShots : I often tell myself it’s ok to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every time my tummy rumbles...

Educate Society : I like the new format of this video! Keep up the good work!

Merlin Adam Siervo : Im a simple man. I see Dr. Hannah, I click

luiOef : Click every single video you see from these guys

thevictimofawhale : Damn the animation on this one is crazy

Wolfgang Romine : Could you make a video about Relationship Anxiety and how to cope with it? I'd love to see it.

Lucía Abril : School of life it's my third parent

Miss Super Unique : "Lying to our selves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others. " Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Alien Observer : Awkward party...

MelancholicThug : Damn, this hit home. All scenarios made me somewhat uncomfortable and weird. Good job.

Luci Micle : I really like reading comments on this channel. Seeing in a way people with similar thoughts.

Jeanne-Marie Tchoumak : The biggest lie I told myself was that I was straight

Soren Kierkegaard : The farmer took his son to a local pasture where the family horse was present. The intention being to teach his son how to ride. Upon reaching the field it became clear the horse had run away. Seeing the distress the neighbor approached the farmer and said, “that’s awful”. The farmer replied, “you never know”. The next day the horse came back. The neighbor said, “that’s great”. The farmer said, “you never know”. The next day the boy was thrown from the horse and broke his leg. The neighbor said, “that’s terrible”. The farmer said, “you never know”. The following day the army came through to draft all the young men for an upcoming battle. The boy, having broken his leg, could not serve in the army. The neighbor declared, “what great luck!”. The farmer said, “you never know”. The rub: don’t ever assume you know anything in life. Remember that Socrates was the wisest of all in Athens because he knew that he didn’t know. As a result, he was open to hearing other ideas. Be humble.

Yesmine AB : I convinced myself I had no more feelings for him. I convinced myself I have commitment issues. Why? Because I am afraid. Afraid of being hurt, but also afraid of being loved.

Rattler : I regret that I had my speakers out loud

Kalamarko : The person that started acting all defensive is the most typical one i see, it might be just because its the easiest to see and because my mom does it a lot. She is a designer and illustrator and she sometimes asks me for my opinion and im a pretty honest person so I tell her the truth and many times she acts defensive and yet she keeps asking for my opinion. Strange, how the mind works.

icieWind Snitram : I lie to myself about friends. I believe they will all go away. So I don't need them. I lie about feeling good about my body, I'm fat and I want to be pretty again. I lie about being the strongest emotionally, I just want someone to take care of me. I'm tired of being the one in charge.

Brady Wade : All of your videos all so valuable. The hard part is remembering the advice constantly and implementing it into our lives.

slayagecentral : As always, thanks for the mirror!

Sebastian Elytron : Lie to yourself and live a happy life, or confront the so-called "truth" and live a depressed life? I know which one I want.

Gokulakannan Illayappan : This school is much better for me.

Lua Veli : 1. My mother loves to talk about her prison days in Mecca! I am so sorry that she ended up in jail back then, but frankly, it was all her fault. But there is something very charming and interesting about the way she denies it. Of course, the lies we tell ourselves are always more beautiful than the reality they replace. So my mother doesn't obey any rules she herself hadn't set. That's why on that journey she didn't care that her visa was expired. She wanted to stay longer , so she did. One day she got assaulted by two thieves. Then the police came and the thieves accused my mother of being the thief! She doesn't speak Arabic, so she couldn't defend herself. She didn't even had her passport with her so they took her to jail. Imagine to be locked up in a foreign country where you don't know anybody! Besides, she had no idea how long she was going to stay there. But she was convinced that it was all organised by God, for her to have the experience, to meet the people there, to suffer, to endure and to prove her faith to Him no matter what disasters life brings. Some days later a man from the Turkish embassy visited her in prison. She explained to him that she was innocent. And when he asked her how she was doing she said: " I am very fine. I am observing the people here." Two weeks later she got out, escorted by the police to the airport and sent back home to Turkey. Imagine how humiliating all this can be, for a woman in her sixties.. But she went through all that like the hero of a drama extra written for her by God. Unfortunately I am not a believer, but I do envy all the possibilities of consolation, that the believers have. My mother will never have to ask: " Why me ?". Instead she will firmly say: " Precisely me" , because God wanted it for me. Oh and in my case, I could only say: " Why NOT me ? Anything can happen to me anytime....And as Seneca says: A ship may also sink at the port...." Well, indeed, if it doesn't hurt anybody, sometimes, it may be alright to avoid the truth. I would never recommend my mother my approach. If a person successfully deludes herself, and you have nothing better to offer her instead, you may also let that be. Of course on this channel there is a great lesson on this subject too: " Can lying ever be kind" In some strange cases like my mother's, this may even apply to the lies we tell ourselves... 2. And here is the joke I love the most on this subject: " So there is this guy who suspects that his wife cheats on him. He hires a private detective to find out what's going on. After one week of a business trip he comes back and asks to the detective: - So what have you seen? - Sir, the first day when you were gone, your wife met this very handsome young man. And then they went to a fancy restaurant. After that they went to see a movie. After the movie, late at night, they went to your place , right to your bedroom. Then they hugged each other. - And then ?? - Then they closed the curtains. So the husband says: - God damn it! You pay a fortune to a private detective and even then, you can't be absolutely sure!! 3. The best cure for this is Alain de Botton's "Philosophical Meditation". You must watch the video they have made about it. Sorry that this comment got out of control and became too long :- ) Thank you for this very valuable lesson!

La la la : My whole life is a lie.

Roberta Nimrod : Thank you! I don't feel very well these days

Where i belong : fellas, is it gay to be first comment 🤔

NoirRaven : I don't care for the insinuation that when we decry something as weird or disgusting, we're secretly into that thing for that kind of thinking leads to opening too many Pandoran boxes and invalidating many righteous movements.

Cena John : I feel srry 4 ppl who listened without earphones and volume at full

Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice : If only more people could and would recognize the mere existence of these problems ....

danekarl : The Manic Happiness is the saddest one. Their pain is so masked and people often don't see through it.

JoleEh2 : I don't lie to myself. (Get it?)

Lukas S : Anyone who's interested in more : Look up 'Defence mechanisms psychology', it's really interesting to see how we behave, having a wide arsenal of defence mechanisms. You learn a lot about yourself when looking up psychology which is awesome

Pariss Youngblood : Amazing job! I have been following your channel for a while and your content has molded my ideologies about life. Thank you for helping me learn 😊.

Wesley Lavinder : I'm happy TSOL is trending -- it's exactly what this world needs most right now

Prabhodya Singh : My God, that guy in the blue t-shirt that me.

ShalomShaq : this is sick, like too much overcomplicating life! take it easy folks, let people live natural how they are

Joel Waugh : Wow. How typical of SoL. It was good advice until half way through, then it became leftist indoctrination. I was thinking of sending this to my daughter until I hit the 3 minute mark, when we are told that distancing ourselves from things we know to be bad or wrong is a form of lie, as opposed to, and not a virtuous form of self-restraint. Thumbs down and this goes into the trash with the rest of the SoL progressive, post modern mouth farts.

Fasdaff : I agree with that guy at the end. There's nothing more important to me than space in my apartment. That's why I prefer 2D women; the only space they take up is on my hard drive.

rachelle2227 : Absolutely everyone lies to themselves in some form for some reason. Even just thinking that ‘chances are’ this thing, whether good or bad, is more likely to happen, is a lie to an extent. Something that isn’t a lie is acknowledging all bits of information, and seeing the chances of something as it is, or having the idea of it open in your mind. There is just some point where it may become clinical, or maybe even before that point, where it should be addressed.

Michael De Santa : Damn! Everybody looked at me when those porn noises began, and I had to explain that its just an School Of life video

Almer Staal : I miss the videos about famous authors and philosophers.

anywherein12seconds : The School of Life is a huge step forward in human society. It teaches us all the important things that public institutions failed to.

rumble131 : I swear this channel used to be a lot better

Joanna mendoza : I had the volume all the way up when the moaning started and my family thought I was watching porn. So embarrassing 😭

456gv fhi7tcj : This is soooo depressing because it is true:)

sakurawolfie : #5 ohhhh boy this one’s prevalent in the art community

daweller : Watching school of life is the sort of addiction this video warns of

blackchang1981 : I love these.


Kesh Andrew : The School of Life is not thanked enough for such incredible videos.