When the Darkness comes AMAZING ENDING! | GIVEAWAY CRYPTO!

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Playign When the Darkness comes on my new PC build. Lets hit a 100 subs! Funny moments ahead! GIVEAWAY info below! TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: PM ME ON MY INSTAGRAM @gthecasual you MUST message me "RDD FTW" Prizes: 1st place: 1000 ReddCoin (Claimed) Junrock 2nd place: 500 ReddCoin 3rd place: 100 ReddCoin You can support my channel with ReddCoin (RDD) A social media crypto currency! Address: RiCbNjkRn2YgBeNtsNXSSXpdZa7HaUNGf3 Instagram:@gthecasual Twitter:@TheCasu78969074

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