Drake Bell and Josh Peck perform as the Blues Brothers! | “Drake & Josh” | Dan Schneider

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John Stanly : Why can't I go back to these days? When TEENick aired Unfabulous, Zoey 101, Ned's declassified school survival guide and the best Nickelodeon show of all time Drake and Josh. Those were the days, coming home from school, doing a bit of homework, eating macaroni and cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and then finally watch some Nickelodeon. I will argue with anyone that 2002- 2008 were the best Nickelodeon years ever. Those were the days when nick aired the wild thornberries, rugrats, catdog, all grown up, fairly odd parents, jimmy neutron, my life as a teenage robot, catscratch, Kappa Mikey, el tigre, as told by ginger, Danny phantom, Spongebob and Avatar the last airbender( the single greatest nicktoon of all time).

issa brat : Fat Josh is my favorite Josh

Black Wolf : Los niños de ahora no sabrán lo épico que fue esta parte :')

Puggle Tron88 : We want an official drake & josh dvd release make it happen!!!!

00 CD : Good times in the earlier 2000s.

TheChimcharfan123 : Then Josh doesnt invite drake to his wedding

KnapfordMaster98 : lol wtf is the bass player doing

Ryan Moen : I truly believe that the good days of television that includes this show, Ned's Declassified, Zoey 101, etc. were so damn good because of one factor. Technology wasn't completely running everything quite yet. People still left their houses/dorms and talked to each other, and their problems in each episode utilized ACTUAL human events happening outside of the web. Yeah, cell phones were around during these shows' prime running years, but it wasn't the primary center of focus, it was used as a tool of communication for calls and texts, and that's it. The scripts always had something to do with what was happening IN THEIR LIVES, and not what was happening on their social media accounts or any drama bullshit happening on the internet. I feel like that's the issue with everything as I'm getting older and observing people. Media consumption is no longer a virtual second world that used to be something that was praised for even just having a flip phone (yeah, you were pretty badass if you had one of those back in the day), it IS the world now, and it's affecting the entertainment industry in a harsh way, and I'm honestly thankful that I had the chance to grow up around the last era of good TV shows like this gem right here #drakeandjosh

WaffleMonkey75 : Back when Nickelodeon was freakin' awesome !!! Man, I miss Drake&Josh so much.

Mwkeomdjdkwosmdke Wkdomrkdneidkem : When you haven't made a good show in four years so you try to upload clips of your successful series in hopes for people to remember how you could make good shows.

Nicholas DaRocha : Remember when the two actually liked each other

Android Modz : Y los billetes :v?

Raven S. Alvarez : This was so iconic

Francesco Oliva : Mi infancia :(

Pizzalover542 1 : Everybody ignore 2:38 and 2:41

Josh Whitmore : Did this with a friend 10 years ago in a talent show... We won just sayin

Seu Top 10 : I found my childhood, it's here...

LikeMikeSIKE : Man forget this let's go sing some christmas carols

Crazygamer 199 : I'd very easily sit down and watch all episodes of Drake & Josh in one run. Most classic show ever

Jocelyn Aime Alfonso Ramos : Sigan comentando en español! Tenemos que ganar♡

Crystal Games : Dan , come on make a spinoff for Drake and Josh, we all now it was an awesome show and a loved show by the audience including me. Please make it happen, it was funny in stuff and a lot other things that the new shows doesn't have!!! Like if you agree!!

Lauriiana Lauriie : Deberían recreear esta escena 😂😂😂

Leo : Nostalgia :'3

EDA2K : #CHILDHOOD #MEMORIES #OMG 💙💙💙✌✌✌🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌✍✍✍.

Tyrel Gibson : Why does this have 9 dislikes

jesus fabian corro martinez : Me izo llorar epico video se merese su buen like

Kyle Starr : They really do look like the Blues Brothers... Josh looks like Joliet Jake (John Belushi) and Drake looks like Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) when they're dressed up like that, except it's normally Jake singing and Elwood dancing and playing the harmonica, so the opposite.

La Gilada : Un clásico haciendo de un clásico

KigerHeart AO : So sad that these two broke up as friends. Josh got cocky.

Edwin De Jesús : me gusta Drake y Josh extraño a esos hermanos

Luis Rangel : *una de las mejores series de mi infancia*

Arianator96 : Megan !

Gabriela Ramirez : NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angi rastelli : Guys... can u PLEASE come back?!?!? My childhooddddddd love u

vcarter0723 : 1:55 i was always amazed how clearly I could hear both of their voices when neither was near the microphone...or singing

angi rastelli : COME BACK PLEASE!!!😭😭😭😭

mysarcazem : Best scene in any how ever

Edon Rreci : Drake and josh best series on Nickelodeon

jider : Let's not forget about the fact that Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding

Aaron ElTravolta : Como olvidar que drake y josh, usaron el atuendo de dangerous de Michael😂😂😂😂😂😂💞

Damn_ Daylan _ : 1st... I MISS THIS SHOW SO MUCH😢😢

TimTam DaBest : Great timing. It's only a few months after their fight about Josh's wedding

Anthony Tinaj : josh in his prime

Reack : El gordo y el flaco

Maria Ruiz : let there be a Drake & Josh reunion 😭


Jacques Long : We never figured out the WHO IS SHE?!?!? Girl is

TheRattleRKO : *The Blues Brothers Of Fathers Is Jazz*

HURevolution4lx : Make the HD episodes of Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh available

Chelsea Charleson : Is anyone still watching this in 2018 😂😍😍