Ben Howard "Further Away"

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Ross McCartney : Ben has the lyrics of Dylan, the fingers of hendrix, the hair of a proud lion and the gentle manner of jesus christ himself

Andrew Toman : KFC is Fingerlickin' good. Ben Howard is Fingerpickin' good.

whatsthestory : trippy how his music can fill you up with so much hope & comfort but also leave you feeling nothing but hurt and emptiness at the same time. it'll never go away

ellika : the best musician of our generation , no overrating here

Jacques Malecaut : There must be something about Ben Howard in the fact that he never attracts DoucheBags/Knobs in the comment section. You guys are saying some lovely, sensitive shit and I love it. Rock on. Happy Weekend!

Alexander Bennett : The amount of times I've been drawn back to this over the last 3-4 years is ridiculous, in my opinion the best video on YouTube.

Brandon Thorp : Sometimes certain music can fill a vacancy left by something you thought was forever.  Maybe it was God, maybe it was love.  Whatever it was, it left an empty vacuum, and for some, the weight of it might create a gravitational pull to the little things, and for better or for worse, you start to hear words you've never heard before, you start to see things in others you might not want to see, you start to see shades and lines where you would have erased them from your notice if the past had only lasted a little longer, and so you try to find an anchor to hold it all down, to stay the wind, to keep you grounded in that sweet, cold comfort, and you wish you didn't know, because it was less terrifying than the opposite.  All that knowing, all that panic.  And the world suddenly colliding in your life.  And maybe you feel the bottom gives out, you might find a new reason to hide, and maybe the days are passing by but you can't tell the difference.  It is only at this point that a certain song can touch you.  And it has to be that song, because no other song can do it.  This song certainly does it for me.

Ben Wolff : I would never want to be in any other shoes but my own,.... but these kind of artists make me feel otherwise. What a beautiful kind way to give to the world what you got to offer.

Cc Fogle : While listening to his music and watching the people in the background, I noticed how beautiful life really is.

John Miller : At 4:20 it's like he forgot there was a camera on him; he was just so absorbed in the music he thought he was at home in his bedroom

Hannah Smith : Two days ago I came across The Wolves by Ben, then Promise. The rest was history. My heart is so full of life from his songs (that I haven't stopped playing in two days). I don't feel like I am on Earth when I listen to them. But Earth doesn't seem so bad now if I am going to be here. His music IS love, in every way.

jellybase x : My father he told me what goes around, Comes, comes around again The faces you see on the way up Are those on the way back down, my friend But you've been climbing shoulders around you Trying to reach the big blue sky WERBUNG inRead invented by Teads And all above you is just the blackness, darling And everything below you dies And everything below you dies You've been growing up You've been growing on Further away from us now You've been growing up You've been growing on Further away from us now And nobody gives a fuck about you Tell you it's a damn shame The prettiest eyes in the whole world The same fool in the same game The same fool in the same game You've been growing up You've been growing on Further away from us now You've been growing up You've been growing on Further away from us now You've been growing up You've been growing on Further away from us now

Katie Bushur : This is probably my thousandth time watching this. And I'm still blown away.

Prime Hardware : i'd make a pact with the devil to be able to fingerpick like that, seriously... it is orgasmic

Luke Coppinger : I firmly believe listening to this song made me a better person.. Pure legend

Miss Skye : I would love to capture his guitar and voice and bring it to where ever we go when we die to show my best friend. Just so i can tell him this was his song while i was still here.

Jake Carroll : how do people come up with stuff like this....

Deshi Basara : To my fellow guitar players ,go and try to play this song . You'll probably come back here with some mad respect for Ben

Chase William : Best and most soothing use of a curse word, ever. 

OhCanada27 - : this is probably one of theee best videos in youtube....

izhak robin : your guitar skill hurts me 

Sam Bowen : love how at 4:08 after doing that amazing shit on the guitar he just laughs as if to say, yeah im that good. legend

Christiana K. : Ben Howard..this guy kicks butt. I would do anything to meet him in person!

Fathum : Ben Howard, you have become so popular over the last few months. Congratulations, you deserve it. you're one of the best musicians i have ever heard. you actually play MUSIC. Congrats, again.  

Kyle Chapman : Ben howard, I fucking love your songs. Never stop

Ezia Creed : I watch this video every single day for a year and sometimes even twice. Absolutely amazing guitarist and singer song writer. Never gets old. All i would give to meet him. And learn the tunings he has on his guitar

Georgie White : his music is perfect, therefore he is perfect.

Alec : This guy is a lefty just noticed lol

Daniel Rieger : that guy surely got puss after uploading the video

Russell Van Linge : The way he sings along to the melody at 3:50-4:05 will always make me smile

Aksel Rodriguez K. : I love "I forget where we were". I perfectly understand his evolution as a musician and as a person as well, there´s absolutely no critic that can be found for me to say...But I gotta admit that I kinda miss this Ben, the new "darker" one rather than saving me like before he digs me more into the hole sometimes. Still would turn gay for him, he´s been my greatest inspiration as a musician for the last 4 years. Again, this is just an inoffensive/nostalgic commentary, not a critic.

mblaqminoz : such beauty of a voice.

Sotiris Roussis : Nick Drake of our times.Genial.Pure.Etherial.

Wesley Drew : Don't know how he can pull off those hammer ons, this place looks freezing and windy as fuche

undeny : "Father he said what goes around comes, comes around again. The faces you see on your way up, are those on your way back down my friend."

Alex Mason : Forgot how much I adore this man

Arian Restelica : 99 Problems but this music ain't one ! ;)

Jamie y : Ben said to never meet your heroes... so I never want to meet him... but dammit, LET ME LOVE YOU.

Charlotte Draper : his music, has helped me through the shit throughout my life.

WithoutAtaste : 3:55 those hammerons gosh man!

Caroline Harvey : 4:06 - 4:29 oh my god.

TheFirstLast : Wieso ist dieser Typ eigentlich so geil?!

Sam Hughes : Timbre is so beautiful vocally. Hammer ons and harmonics are sick as.

Molly Bruce-Jones : i love this so much, cannot stop listening to it, every song he writes seems to be outstanding, I love him, brilliant on the guitar too

youarenothingihateyu : Ben Howard tickles my ear drums in such a magnificent way that nothing else ever will

pmanpatty : that hammer-on sequence! why does Ben Howard have to make all these amazing songs in his special tuning, my guitar is never in standard tuning because of him!

Joe Rispoli : hes a wizard with the guitar

James Saucier : Kinda looks like Steve Berra (the skateboarder)

BlinkBoxx44 : The fact that a song like this can even be created is far beyond me...

Andrew Boone : Should consider using at least a 1px dark outline around his name at the beginning. Can't see the white letters on a washed out and over exposed background.