Everything About Suppressors

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TheMixmastamike1000 : SAM!! I miss seeing you on range time and they are slacking on the videos... I know Corey and Erica are dealing with some stuff but you should make your own YouTube channel... thanks Tim for another informative video still my favorite channel

zamardii12 : Beards + Guns = Instant Badass?

MapleJokerRofl : Why am I watching this lol. I think I like guns now.

DevilDolphin : Glad to see Sam away from Range Time with AWOL and Erika. I'd hate to see him get burned by someone else's actions. I think you two would work well in the future if it's something you're considering. 

Lorenzo Soliz : so was this "How Suppressors work" or was this an extended infomercial?

Breck M : One of the most awesome vids ive seen in awhile, no BS

Zach Billings : Fantastic video. I've done a lot of suppressor research and definitely still learned a lot because of how well articulated all of this was. I'm glad suppressors are getting popular enough to warrant this video.

obatron-one : "not available in the People's Republic of Californiastein"

cnknguyen : "video intro starts playing" *THUMBS UP*....

Anthony Mayor : is the government watching me closely now?

Anh Triệu : Wrap a piece of steak around that thing. Go through a few magazines and you'll have something to snack on.

rajvosa71000 : Looks like Sam's appearance is more popular than suppressors lol

timb37 : Is that O-6 insignia yours?

Michael MacKean : im compleatly "baffled" XD

Luis Cazares : +Military Arms Channel was that Sam Cummings or Cummins? The same person that used to be with Range Time with Cory and Erika?

Julius Godinez : Lol @ 22:55 the guy in green looks pissed that his friend ran his gun like that lol

rdsii64 : If you pin and weld a thread mount can, how do you clean the suppressor when the time comes?

nikolasbbq : Mack - great vid.  One question.  How do you know that a silencer will be "lined up" ie, that the barrel is concentric to the silencer hole?  I know rods would work, like the kind from Geissle, but is this even a worry?

Adam : Hey, isn't that Sam?

MrGunman11 : I knew just how much quieter the 300blk ARs were compared to standard 5.56 and sub 308. But I had NO IDEA it was that freakin quiet. It sounded like it was just as quiet as a 22 or just a bit louder. Now I really want a 300blkout where before I didn't lol.

Ron5topable : OMG you stole Sam!

chrisbo66 : Great video. Great information with a lot of very practical and useful info. I have been researching if I should invest in a suppressor and this validates my decision. Thanks guys!

Michael Nguyen : Could you cover the oss suppressor, silencerco osprey suppressor and their new 12 gauge suppressor? Some of the most interesting stuff to come out over the years regarding suppressors

Gavin Sloma : any one know what soft self that is?

MrRoboskippy : I have a question.  How do I get the politicians in my state to make suppressors legal.

Oz Camp n Hunt Dan : Kudos to Evan for not being one eyed about his products and bagging others, he carried himself very well. Great review !

Chad Blaha : Great video. Have you had issues with pmags not locking back. It seems to be a problem I'm hearing more of and one I'm starting to see on my dpms lower bcm upper ar15. Nice to see Sam in a video again! Welcome to Wisconsin buddy!

John Burkitt : Holy crap! You're Matt Damon. Great info. This really changed my mind on 300 blackout.

Dale Landry : I wanted to put my 2 cents in here. After 14 years in the class 3 business we have seen a lot of innovations in suppressors, designs and mounting options. I have been asked these same questions numerous times. I wish I would have made this video as all aspects of this relate to all suppressors regardless of manufacturer. Great job guys!

Tylor Hughes : What's the price difference in subsonic vs super ammo in say 5.56?

Robert Russo : Mak can you do a if you could only own 3 suppressor video

CowboyWubWub : So is this why the finish was burned off the M4SDII in the ARX100 video?

Rudra Pratap Panjeta : One of the best and most informative video of this channel. Really exceptional work. Suppressors are like Turbochargers of the firearm, increasing the fun without much downside to them. Never saw such in-depth coverage of them. Really appreciate the effort you put in to it.

D. MARTIN : I have a berreta 92fs how r they suppressed? U normally see them suppressed alot. Wats yur thoughts on that? Great video by the way.

Benjamin : what .22 handgun was that?

Hu Dini : Why did you go out of your way to disparage piston guns? Seriously, eyes watering? I had to laugh. So what's the motivation?

chrisloUSA : Great video, I learned a lot of fun facts.

Keith Root : Hey that was Sam!

cbrabb : Good to see Sam out there! This is great info.

Bewitched Angling : Hmm.... with the sig 552 sure looks like you have the wrist stock to make your SBR a "pistol" to get away from the tax stamp and waiting for it to come back.... yet you still shoulder the gun and have 3 points of contact.... which makes it an SBR.... just sayin. You seem too professional to be illegal though...

kmjansen : Can somebody explain the point of silencers as they are not really silent?

ShooterMedic : Man I love the 300 blackout. I hope it catches on more and ammo comes down in price. 300 blackout is what the AR should be normally chambered in in my opinion. What a great round. Awesome vid as always.

: Next video, "Oppressors, How to deal with them using suppressors" :)

Robert Andrew Crawford : I'm not for a gun ban nor is any genuine liberal or progressive I know. It's a second amendment right to keep and bare arms by a well-regulated militia. But in that lays the problem. There are no militia armys now and the civilian population is not considered such. So here's what I would put forward as my constitutional amendment to curb the problem of gun violence in the states 1 A band on all military grade weapons 2 A ban on high-capacity magazines anything over 15 individual rounds of ammunition. If you need more than that to kill what you're aiming at you have no business even looking at a gun 3 A universal background checks at the point of sale. Encompassing international national and local law enforcement. 4 A 16 week cooling period for each new firearm brought. 5 100 hours of firearms training and safety along with a full psychological evaluation for all new and current license holders. This must be completed and passed to receive a new license or to continue to hold ur current one. 6 Closing the gun show loophole. 7 Anyone wishing to sell a firearm publicly or privately must register themselves as a legal firearms trader with the proper authorities 8 A ban on armor piercing rounds. 9 A nationwide gun buyback program. 10 A ban on anyone from owning a gun who has a criminal conviction involving violence. 11 an automatic 25 year for anyone using a firearm during the act of committing a crime 12 A ban in anyone under the age of 16 owning or using a firearm That's it. I know it's not going to fix all the problems but I believe its a good start. To fixing the problem of gun violence in the states feel free to disagree or make suggestions

Mr. Meems : I would recommend a pistol or carbine in .45 ACP for use with a suppressor, simply because full-power .45 ACP is usually subsonic.

Kyle : came for suppressors. stayed for the beards.

Matt Jones : Ahhh!!!! You would think with this guy's experience he would call them by their proper name.

Miguel : It's Very Loud.This is not suppressor.

LooksLegitBro : Can someone start a petition already to make suppressors easier to get? its complete nonsense that a safety feature isn't allowed on a gun without papers, worth an extra $200 in taxes and a 9 month wait.

ratagris21 : Great video....what would have been great would have been to use a suppressor on a Nagant Revolver which is considered the ideal revolver to supress.