Everything About Suppressors

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ratagris21 : Great video....what would have been great would have been to use a suppressor on a Nagant Revolver which is considered the ideal revolver to supress. 

keenan walker : Awesome perfect exactly what I needed to get my first suppressor thanks man!

Monty Leverett : 5:06 - this is PROOF that the current law to regulate "devices that increase the rate of fire" is CRAP! He's using HIS FINGER, if this law passes, the government can say you "increased the rate of fire" by USING YOUR FINGER, and confiscate your weapons!

LoneStarPrepperOfficial : Great video, lots of good info. Unrelated question though, does anyone know where I can get that green jacket the Griffin Armament guy is wearing?

DAILYCOMMUTE : Great stuff guys! Hey I have to tell you about a new suppressor that's coming onto the market called the MAXFLO 3D suppressor by the company NEXGEN Defense out of Utah. This suppressor eliminates all of your issues you addressed here. Increased accuracy, ZERO back pressure, ZERO flash, Sound is quieter than a .22 rifle (shooting .556), super reduced recoil. NO gas in your face! Sounds too good to be real? I am biased because I'm related to the company's family HOWEVER, this is no joke. I have tested the MAXFLO 3D and I stand by it 100%. I urge you to research it :) anyway thanks for all the info, Love the vids.

Anon : I've never bought or fired a gun with a suppressor. What's the deal with sights on a pistol? I've heard the suppressor will cover the sight picture up, how do you aim without buying an RMR?

YooToobModerator : Where's the water jacket version?

Charles Soto : Don't see the ARX-100 in videos a lot. I'm on their waiting list for the 300 Blackout barrel. Supposedly, that kit is delayed because they're moving from MD to TN.

Joseph McClung : the subsonic 300 blackout was just ridiculous

Rio Johnson : Watched this video like 6 times.

William Clark : Damnit! Those suppressed pistols dont sound like they do in the movies!

Jeff Rodriguez : Someone please tell me what jacket evans is wearing.

Pete Lim : @21:27, you can visually see how hot that suppressor gets by seeing air being refracted around the surface or shimmer of the can

Tim Johnson : Ok I really don't understand how the gas is an issue maybe I'm just not a pussy

john smith : Start shooting already

TheHedge : When firing the Barreta to test the suppressor temperature, I noticed that the last five rounds were much quieter the first 25 rounds. Why is that? Was that from super and sub-sonic ammo choice?

Levi S. : What's the barrel length on that 300? Looks kind of like a 10.5"

Will Mathieson : you won't choke in gas using an FNC but your shoulder will know it.

Prophet Ares : you have to wear ear protection even when firing a suppressed gun lol

Jim Forgrave : when my wife gets Gas in her Face....silent or not....her eyes water too.

rdsii64 : If you pin and weld a thread mount can, how do you clean the suppressor when the time comes?

Brian : Thank for the video and the information. I needed the tutoring.

Samuel Herrick : Great video! Thanks! Would love to see info on baffle designs as well. Also, why did you choose to use water in the can instead of oil or a gel product?

GSL Technology Incorporated : We love MAC! If you guys ever want to review our cans, give us a call!

JollyWingo42 : Every time I see one of your videos, I think you're gonna break out a guitar and start singing Wichita Lineman. lol You look like a young, bearded Glenn Campbell. Great videos by the way.

mike hancho : that dude seems retarded

Lone Knight : The De Lisle is abnormally quiet compared to modern guns without Subsonic... that project was way ahead of it's time... but i bet the .45 ACP must not have that much range even on a Rifle.

Luis Arguijo : That is why you adjust the gas levels on a piston driven rifle, and if have a rifle like the Ruger SR762 they come with settings you can set for sub-sonic and standard bullets. I have not experience any gas to the face :-)

Mich'l Wezenngraon : Idiots who talk about firearms as if they used and needed them in everyday life. To get a life, is what they need.

MrHogzor : wow 300 blackout is amazing.

Bryan Olson : What would you recommend for a ppk/s

Jonathan Segura : Stop saying "SILENCER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odinwolfe : What Softshell Jacket is Evan wearing?

camas77721 : quick question: is there a noticeable difference is sound reduction depending on whether or not you use a bolt gun or semi auto?

MapleJokerRofl : Why am I watching this lol. I think I like guns now.

Underrated Critic : Why do you wear a COL rank?

Ink Black : I dislike guns, the USA availability/violence rates etc., but really enjoy learning about the design, engineering, science, production and the various local histories from the first powder bore gun to the latest electromagnetic railgun.

Texas Holdem : @ about you talk about Gas in your Face. Would it help to keep gasses Out of your face by running a Brass Collecting Bag attached to your AR Ejection port?

Dan Bolivar : (22:50) 800 degrees! Holy hot can Batman!

Anh Triệu : Wrap a piece of steak around that thing. Go through a few magazines and you'll have something to snack on.

Oz Camp n Hunt Dan : Kudos to Evan for not being one eyed about his products and bagging others, he carried himself very well. Great review !

spencer cupit : I want to SBR or keep as a pistol a 5.56 so I can take in my truck. A Pistol maybe better for travel as it is a pistol. What is the best to suppress. I currently have a 11.5 inch pistol BCM upper. I have never shot suppressed with it . I was going to use a piston upper from LWRC or POF for the fact it would be able to change the gas with the adjustment for the piston in the front. Is that not a good idea? Is keeping the BCM the best idea?

Chuck Van : Please follow this link and contact your elected Representative and Senator to support this bill.  http://americansuppressorassociation.com/hearing-protection-act/

Philippe FRATER : I always shoot suppressed, it rocks! Regards from France.🇫🇷🎯🎯🇫🇷

timb37 : Is that O-6 insignia yours?

heavy petting zoo : these guys love gay porn

wildairsoft1 : What handguard is on the fde adm uic rifle?

Tommy Lino : Wow. I know nothing about guns, but this was really interesting.

SmokeMonster : I've been watching way too many suppressor videos, i think the government might be watching lmao

yandri arce : Which caliber has better ballistics suppressed? 45 ACP or 9mm subsonic ammo?