Red Devil Squid BITES diver | Deadly 60 | Earth Unplugged

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wissem belguidoum : A remake of "Charlie bit me"

AnonymousBased : The fact that he's in the ocean and everything is pitch black is scary.

Red Vanderbilt : They should have cooked it after to show it who's the higher on the food chain

Kenny Bright : And now, I'm gonna jam my finga up his butt hole

David King : "It really pinched my arm!" I think it did more than pinch you, Stevey B

Brian James : This is why i carry a .45 under water...

Watson Peanut : So this is why Squidward hates his life...

Dan Dan : What if the squid calls for backup (kraken)

Felipe Barran : don't ever let one give u a blow job!!

Great value bleach : Hello this is the krusty krab we have terminated our employee squidward because of this incident we are deeply sorry for this and you will be compensated with 2 ketchup packets again we are deeply sorry and will make shure this never happens at our establishment ever again

President Gameplay : This is NOT the right guy to get near animals!! I remember when the wolves almost bit him too when he stood up too fast. He doesn’t have the talent for this sort of work.

ツoCRaM : Someone give the pope his hat back

Manuel1723 _ : 1:57:was that a spring?!?

Angus Trout : Can't imagine why he bit you unless it's on account of you grabbing him and messing around with him for half an hour.

st : Should’ve bit his oxygen mask off instead

Serj : Just don't stick your fingers in that kind of holes.

Luc Praslan : Yum. Two metres of deliciousness. 🦑🦑

rabidL3M0NS : Earth probably has the most alien looking creatures in the galaxy.

PB P : Diver molests wildlife, surprised when he gets bit.

Ravishastri Raastogii : The sqid is biting me ssss he is trying to eat me ssss i think iam bleeding ssss hell nahh iam deaddd .... ssss

Thanos : That guy is lucky, I would have chomped his whole hand off if he grabbed me like that.

Tsadiki Sewi : Not afraid of much, but the thought of night swimming in the ocean terrifies me.

SlikzPlayz : The thumbnail of the squid looked like a big D.

Jennai Shirow : well. if i were a squid and a random human decided to grab me and not let go. id freaking bite him too!

kinglers nipples : Legend has it the squid now likes to be touched by humans off the shoreline beaches

InTaNe : 1:04 idk why that moment was so funny

lonelybrss : I would bit you too if you would toss me around crabbing my tentacles.

HypeXmind : So this how squidward lives his life

a100921 : OWWW Charlie!! 😂 maybe quit grabbing his legs and pulling down his hat 🙄 he don’t like it.

Keenyn MacDonell : All the comments here are VERY original and totally NOT the same as everyone else's.

Mimikyu : r/dontputyourdickinthat

Shawn : Some people don't have an alarm system in their head to tell them when they're in danger and they take it lightly it's pretty funny

thepokekid01 : "Even though the squid seems calm" In whose body language does that look calm??

LMB IZzLe : I thought the thumbnail was buzz lightyear from toy story.

Kimmy Kat : We're having fried calamari tonight bois

Uwatwat : Looks like it would make some good calamari

Trey Morris : Look in at the video alone make scared

Qarcon : Diver: look how pissed off this squid is let me get him more pissed off.

yoga renaldi : Hmmm yummy yummy tekiyaki..

BURGER : I’d bite you too if you kept touching me like that

diablo X9 : That guy should be in jail for squid molestation.......

Rosepetal_love : Watch with your eyes closed 😂 sounds like their just super baked trippn out !😂

Gaasuba Meskhenet : "it looks quite calm" //squid is literally flashing panic signals with it's skin//

Kingrai 999 : Should you not squeeze it Like if you agree

selfie kroos : SquidRay

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel : Ahh squidie bit me oww! Owww sqiudie bit me!

Vitalstatistix Stats : *That looks like a bitting butthole*

The Renegadist : Steve Backshall more like Steve Kenarban.

John Gilbert : I feel hungry after seeing this...

꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂ : OOooOoOoouch Charlie, that really hurt!! Charlie bit me, and it really hurt!!