Red Devil Squid BITES diver | Deadly 60 | Earth Unplugged

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wissem belguidoum : A remake of "Charlie bit me"

AnonymousBased : The fact that he's in the ocean and everything is pitch black is scary.

PB P : Diver molests wildlife, surprised when he gets bit.

TheGeckoNinja : lol the red and white flashing is so funny its like an alarm signal, i can imagine in its head its going " WEEEE WOO! WEE WOO!"

David King : "It really pinched my arm!" I think it did more than pinch you, Stevey B

Watson Peanut : So this is why Squidward hates his life...

Red Vanderbilt : They should have cooked it after to show it who's the higher on the food chain

120starter : "Alright Bob, now on the count of 3 I want you to yell loudly and say the squid just bit you..try to act like it hurt" "and don't worry.. we aren't showing the "bite" anyways, so they'll have to take our word for it"

TFlexxx : Molesting a Humboldt squid. What could possibly go wrong?

Angus Trout : Can't imagine why he bit you unless it's on account of you grabbing him and messing around with him for half an hour.

Rel1369 : I do love how this channel shows us things we would normally not be able to see but there is a line at which I would rather not see the creatures. This Squid was very obviously not calm or comfortable and should not have been interfered with in this way.

mrichar9 : Yeah let's just grab and molest this squid minding his own business. Shoulda taken your whole arm off ya plonker.

Felipe Barran : don't ever let one give u a blow job!!

Dentila : he got the guts to called it a monster. i see it the other way around

Dan Dan : What if the squid calls for backup (kraken)

Pickle Rick : Should’ve bit his oxygen mask off instead

Kenny Bright : And now, I'm gonna jam my finga up his butt hole

Luc Praslan : Yum. Two metres of deliciousness. 🦑🦑

Adrian Peter : Don't mess with Squidward! 🔥

a100921 : OWWW Charlie!! 😂 maybe quit grabbing his legs and pulling down his hat 🙄 he don’t like it.

Thanos : That guy is lucky, I would have chomped his whole hand off if he grabbed me like that.

Raw Techonology : The thumbnail of the squid looked like a big D.

Jennai Shirow : well. if i were a squid and a random human decided to grab me and not let go. id freaking bite him too!

Brian James : This is why i carry a .45 under water...

Wep Dip : You really need to be prepared because that squid is calling his mom

Great value bleach : Hello this is the krusty krab we have terminated our employee squidward because of this incident we are deeply sorry for this and you will be compensated with 2 ketchup packets again we are deeply sorry and will make shure this never happens at our establishment ever again

Manuel1723 _ : 1:57:was that a spring?!?

thepokekid01 : "Even though the squid seems calm" In whose body language does that look calm??

ツoCRaM : Someone give the pope his hat back

President Gameplay : This is NOT the right guy to get near animals!! I remember when the wolves almost bit him too when he stood up too fast. He doesn’t have the talent for this sort of work.

Serj : Just don't stick your fingers in that kind of holes.

Ben Gomez : Legend has it the squid now likes to be touched by humans off the shoreline beaches

Gaasuba Meskhenet : "it looks quite calm" //squid is literally flashing panic signals with it's skin//

Ravishastri Raastogii : The sqid is biting me ssss he is trying to eat me ssss i think iam bleeding ssss hell nahh iam deaddd .... ssss

Tsadiki Sewi : Not afraid of much, but the thought of night swimming in the ocean terrifies me.

Kimmy Kat : We're having fried calamari tonight bois

Kurt Russell Ignacio : Omy the thumbnail is on the video!

Qarcon : Diver: look how pissed off this squid is let me get him more pissed off.

Trey Morris : Look in at the video alone make scared

Keenyn MacDonell : All the comments here are VERY original and totally NOT the same as everyone else's.

Not Even Wrong : Sounds like he's taking a hit of that blunt everytime he speaks. Yo man ya dig!

LMB IZzLe : I thought the thumbnail was buzz lightyear from toy story.

The Curious Sapien : "The squid may seem calm..." - as it is flashing red and white like siren warning you...I'm gonna bite your ass! 😳😒🤪 Yeah...really looks calm.

Ossie White : You need to leave it alone because you pinched it first talking about that bright red.

Shawn : Some people don't have an alarm system in their head to tell them when they're in danger and they take it lightly it's pretty funny

Jadden : Stick you wee in the hole... ouch

Joe _ : Don’t stick anything in that hole.....from what a friend told me it’s a bad idea

Dimaz : Fried with rice, that squid probably could feed me for a full month :D

Big Herc 619 : Anyone remember that movie teeth

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel : Ahh squidie bit me oww! Owww sqiudie bit me!