Britney used to be Talented

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NEVER SEEN BEFORE! HERE'S THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE FROM 1999 WANGO TANGO! EXCLUSIVE!!! CLASSIC BRITNEY!!! WITH LIVE VOCALS!!! This was filmed on June 12, 1999 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California by the house cameras. If you were at the show, this was on the screens. Did you have magazine posters on your wall of Britney in the now infamous pink top and black shiny pants? Ever wish they aired that performance on TV? HERE IT IS. Seen here in it's ENTIRETY for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! Take a trip back in time to good 'ol 1999. IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH. Setlist: 1. Intro / Dance / Medley 2. (You Drive Me) Crazy 3. Sometimes 4. Born to Make You Happy 5. ...Baby One More Time This is both Pop Culture, and Pop Couture. THIS ONE IS FOR THE FANS. I HOPE Y'ALL LOVE THIS AS MUCH AS I HAVE OVER THE YEARS!!! ENJOY!!! :) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!~ @MattFerro4 Please Subscribe, Like, SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE & Comment!!! #FreeBritney


Fuck me Please : in 1999-2004 Britney is top, never can beat her era

Yora Pasho : Her body is goalsโค๏ธ

Cardell A. Griffin : She should be very proud of her career.

Seyfun 14 : I just love the simplicity of the show, the clothes, the set....

witbeyondmeasure : She has such a beautiful natural deep voice and they had to make her sing like a baby. You can tell particularly in Born To Make You Happy that she's naturally deep and is struggling to sing an octave higher. Imagine if she could sing naturally ๐Ÿ˜

Misty Maxwell : She's like a human Barbie. So beautiful and perfect.

Fiesty Chick : Actually... watching "this" Britney Spears makes me sad and emotional... it brings me back to the Britney that was so talented, active and entertaining, while engaging with the audience and giving them what they paid their money's worth... Now she performs like a robot & doesn't even bother to sing live. I've seen her sing other songs LIVE from this album, it wasn't only this performance. She lost her confidence level in SO MANY WAYS. I've loved her from the very beginning and I still do-- the only difference now is that I am completley heartbroken and sad for what she has gone thru, what ppl put her thru, to have become the Britney we now know... I hope the Britney that we all knew way before will be reborn again someday and all her 90's fan will be reunited with her. ๐Ÿ™

effjaybee : I love when she sings with a deep voice and does little runs

Leithel H : She literally was one of the hottest ppl in the world in this time!!

hello is it me youre looking for : i wish her makeup artist from this era would do a tutorial. THIS is how you do a natural makeup look

Fiesty Chick : Omg I was HERE!!!!! I remember this!!! I went to this Wango Tango! Daymmmmm!!!! Can't believe how old I am!!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Alyssa L : This was like 20 years ago, and sheโ€™s had two kids since then..OF COURSE SHE LOOKS DIFFERENT. The paparazzi used to eat this woman alive trying to tear her apart. Can you imagine the psychological damage being famous has done to her? Because neither can I ...give her a break. Sheโ€™s badass

belair90210 : This looks so dated yet feels like just yesterday. The 90's were awesome ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Nola Chick : Who the hell put this girl in pleather pants in summer??

Farrah's Dress : That was probably one of those times when she thought: "Screw this, I'm done with singing live and imitating this baby voice."

Kayla Cat : When I watch stuff like this I just get so depressed. It will never be like this again ๐Ÿ’”

ANTHONY SCANDAL : This is amazing, such a damn superstar. Nobody can ever touch her.... but are we just going to ignore that KICK ASS opening choreo from her dancers? Mind you it's 1999, still looks current lol.

classic : Also, clearly that microphone is being a pain in the arse.

Katty vasquez paredes : just a real fan of britney knows that this is so rare and amazing at the same time xD

Jack Walker : Great quality...for 1999 wow

azabache1525 : This is hard to see, she was trying so hard to sing with that baby voice but her strong tone is there. I always think how is the real sound of her strong voice

Eraun Haughton : Do people realise how ICONIC this is?!?!? I've been trying to find this for so many years!

M M : I'm sad because her backup dancer Tj now works at a bar as a bartender. That was her top backup dancer. I figured he would keep dancing for her

HALO 3 LOVER 3:16 : Back In her prime years she was the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life on this planet and still is to this day. Goddess

Giselle Yanez : A lot has changed in the industry... even the backup dancers had more technical dance moves here as opposed to the half naked catwalks and poses they do now ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

MrRaccoon92 : that muscular yet feminine figure tho.. and many girls still starve themselves to become bone thin. some muscle definition wont make u look like a man girls!

WorkBitch24 : Nobody compares to her. She is so iconic and amazing. Only MJ and Madonna. Britney has certified herself with those two artists. She is so perfect.

Bajlabajlaooo : I miss these times, this music, I was child, no Iphones and shits like times and never come back.

J F : I can't believe I'm FINALLY seeing this! so iconic! a star was born! seen these photos forever but never the video!

Amanda Panda : I miss Britney Spears at this age such good times back then


karoleska1 : the truth is she's struggling to sing live. she's always had some kind of playback over her live singing. doesn't mean she's a bad singer, but she just can't hit all those notes with dancing include.

Navi LeBlond : Looking back it is so sad to see how far from this the industry took her, she had/has all the right tools, even tho she is still doing great, her career could've been even greater, had her management nurtured her natural voice and took the time to help her develop it and master her vocal techniques with a good vocal coach, instead of masking it with auto tune, her voice was stronger & mature when she was younger, it's no wonder she won't sing live now, voices mature with age and she can't sustain singing in a higher key that's unnatural in reality, they turned her into a product and forgot who they signed to begin with, a sweet delicate young lady with a unique voice and talent to capture the audience, I wonder if she ever looks back on these performances and thinks why didn't I just stick with my own voice. I would still like her to just take a break get her voice back on track and release an acoustic album, she no longer needs to be the heyday Britney, just a Britney that's in love with performing again and engage with her audience!

qq zz : her natural voice is good ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข (I was born to make you happy's low register)

Syah Nazmi : today's performers cannot be up at this standard ! Before you call someone Queen, think again, because BRITNEY is the ONLY QUEEN

HarrLable : I wish she would just let loose and go full-out like we see here. Britney today is a little stiff and always concerned about fixing her hair when performing

Stephen Martinez : I think she thought she messed up bad because her mic piece kept falling from her face ..... yet she was amazing. โค๏ธ

the three stars : I'm crying at the existence of this.

London Gaysquirrel : Wade Robson looks sooo young at the beginning, talented guy. Britney had more hunger for performances here. She's slowly got it back, AMAZING performer!

Jessica Vincent : All these fairweather fans need to give current Britney a break. She's still a wonderful performer.

Jason Thomas : Sure do miss those live vocals from her early eras, before she really began struggling with the forced voice. The tone of her lower register is just beautiful.

Laura Lamb : those backup dancers tho. werrrrk.

Misha Johanna : She's so dreamy <3

Gaming Celebrity : Damn, this is practically 20 years old?

Kayla Warner : Growing up through the rise of Britney was so much fun ๐Ÿ’–

Cate Rivera : I pay ANYTHING for see this Britney again

Armie Concepcion : she looked like marilyn monroe!! and the appeal as well

Tom Steinert : my goodness she is just adorable

faaaduma : Can't believe i'm seeing this for the first time. Epic moment of pop musicโค๏ธ