Russia World Cup Commentary, Animated!

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69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Neymar is more sensitive than a butterfly, if somebody actually hit him it would probably create a black hole that would suck the whole planet in

Satan Sudip : You're Absolutely genius 🤘

Drazzle Music : ''And still they can't make it COUNT!'' I died on that one😂

Allu:D : Your videos are awesome, they always make me laugh. Brilliant yet again!

cSkitz25 : 0:38 killed me.

Shinchan's Funny Vines : Truly underrated channel

Anhel Rajikova : Thank you for providing us with this entertainment. Always makes me laugh.

CenTz : curb your _it's coming home_ . great animation btw

Amlan Das : He's done it again ⚽⚽

Manuel Albani : He's done it again!

Manank Panchmatia : Neymar's slip and "It's coming home" banter was the best thing 😂

アラブA D N A N Ø حياتي جحيم : 0:30 Mbappé is such a jerk

Mr Death : I love your videos keep up the great work and your videos always put a smile on my face

Harry kane : Well it was coming, was it not?

Iván Garrido : This is a work of a genius!!!

舞Dᴀsʜᴇʀ : *_MBAPPE!_*

M1911PH : I've been a fan since you've done " Release the Kraken!"

Sama Tube : the piano one is great hahaha

Ibrahim H. Abukaf : I can't imagine how much effort goes into making these animations. You deserve more subs : Keep up the good work!

Astina : Yes, it's coming home. England is coming home!

Shinchan's Funny Vines : This is absolutely genius piece of editing and animation.

Adriel Aldarondo : 0:57 lol the Neymar roll

JG11 Plays : *noice*

Austin Davis : Another amazing video!! Keep it up - always love the mini plot lines :)

Moatasem Alsharif : you are the best at this love ur stuff. keep up the good work.


Jason Stratton : This stuff has star quality. This all just seems like gold to me.

Tlot Pwist : 0:24 Pavard's goal :)

Brian Ngoma : The Columbia one was too perfect

PE crafter : This channel is for 2018 WC what 442oons was for 2014 WC

Andy Koenigsdorf : @0:30 Mbappé killed me. 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

shahida begum : This was genius! Absolute genius! Hahaha *o* I've become a complete fan! Woooooooooo!

Akshay Koul : always a big fan of your videos, and you know that!

The Walrus : We have been blessed. Two videos in one month. Again, keep up the great work mate👌😁

Elephanty 88 : So many Lol's

Bilal Ansari : Absolute genius !! 😂😂♥️

Indra A. Rumengan : you're a gift to my life. thanks a lot for every one of these videos

ManuCR20 : This videos are always good, good job!

Sean J : Keep it going. Cricket one would be nice. Great stuff!!!

Shady Minion : Short and very sweet.

Sarah Rosa : Can’t even explain how much I laugh watching your videos

Rafael : This is going to blow up m8 Inb4 1 million views aye


Red-Haired Shanks : Oooohh. That's a bad bad Miss 😂

Danc0r : This is the best thing ever! xD

HardBrokeKid2 : haha neymar, spot on !

Dani K : Man, who scored that goal for Colombia? A scooter?

Wajahat Siddiqui : I can watch it all day

Aditya Chaudhary : That's a bad miss. 🤣