Calvin Klein – Love
Calvin Klein Love Spec Spot by Eugen Merher

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Two boarding school boys fall in love with each other during a fight. CAST Edmund – Tom Irvin Nelson – Elliot Ferris CREW idea – Eugen Merher & Philip Chrobot director – Eugen Merher dop – Mortimer Hochberg producer – Philip Chrobot casting – Gemma Sykes editor – Elena Schmidt claim – Kim Leonie Scheu production design – Anika Klatt music composition – Alexander Wolf David sound design – Robin Harff costume designer – Hanne Konrad make up / SFX – Tim Scheidig VFX – Mario Bertsch & ACHT FRANKFURT GmbH stunt coordinator – Konstantin Widjaja a.k.a. Lee Huang 1st AD – Albert Lich gaffer – Manuel Dolderer color grading – Marina Starke 1st AC – David Gork & Philipp Tsemperlis 2nd AC – Christopher Behrmann & Franziska Kabutke  location managers – Maximilian Sperber & Marco Henn production design assistants – Caroline Liem & Lorena Hahn costume assistant – Pascale Beekmann light – Alexander Patikidis light – Philipp Fleischmann stunt rigging – Igor Tjumenzev & Niklas Kinzel set runner – Jens Fruytier, Naemi Tienes, Jasjot Gill set runner – Camillo Hochberg making of – Franziska Kabutke FILM SCHOOL senior lecturers – Bernd T. Hoefflin, Zoran Bihac, Martin Schmid, Florian Sigl project coordinator – Olivia Marten line producer Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg – Thomas Lechner SPECIAL THANKS Maik Siering@Sterntag Film GmbH, ACHT FRANKFURT GmbH, Tom Berendsen@Strangelove, Valentin Lilgenau, Katharina Trawny, Vantage Film GmbH, Petra Sips, Igor Petrov, Il Boccone Ludwigsburg, La Pinseria Ludwigsburg, Hotel Ibis Ludwigsburg, Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA, Celina Finger, Bernd Michalek special thanks to all extras from Antwerp, you guys were amazing! special thanks to the LBBW Stiftung! A production by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg ©2018


Christian Sena : the fight scene reminded me of hogwarts. awesome job Eugen! behind the scenes of this please

Ivan : Amazing. While i'm at it, will Alexander Wolf David publish full version of the track?

David Iskender Dinçer : Das ist so heftig!

KlausKirche : jaaaa, endlich wieder ein Video seit über einem Jahr 😍😍

aaron pastor : Hey man huge fan of your work. Just wondering if you used a full sensor and if so what kind of lens to get that bokeh

E M : Oh Please, the same with DIM and two girls XD

ronaldggkk : You shouldn't watch that if you took some drogs😂

Rachel Bracker : WHOA I just got the chills..... this is beautiful!

Anthony Miyazaki : Eugen, your storytelling and ability to capture attention are always impressive.


Patrick Wernicke : AMAZING work! Sitze hier mit offenem Mund!

Mikumo Osamu :

AVERREK : Ohhh ✌🏻❤️

rcmanization : cool ad, but what has this got to do with CK though? How does this zone in on their intended target groups? How does this convey the message that men should buy their boxer shorts and not a competitors'? This is a great ad, but it's not the right type of ad for selling underwears really.

J : is this a movie ???? so cool!

Лёха Иванец : Wtf !!!!!

Hungary : Why these kinda videos cant be normal? I dont like these gay videos. Its gross.

Лёха Иванец : Sick idiots

Septembermorgen : Top

shanni1 : Superb.

cylon2215 : i want a movie

[манямирoк] : здорово!

MLGFearlessGamer : This advert gave me euphoric thrills right up to about 0:55, then it gave me dysphoric chills.