Calvin Klein – Love

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KlausKirche : jaaaa, endlich wieder ein Video seit über einem Jahr 😍😍

Anthony Miyazaki : Eugen, your storytelling and ability to capture attention are always impressive.

Rachel Bracker : WHOA I just got the chills..... this is beautiful!

Kacper Daniel Kulinski : Ohhh ✌🏻❤️

DavidDincer : Das ist so heftig!

Septembermorgen : Top

Mikumo Osamu :


Ivan : Amazing. While i'm at it, will Alexander Wolf David publish full version of the track?

Лёха Иванец : Wtf !!!!!

Лёха Иванец : Sick idiots

MLGFearlessGamer : This advert gave me euphoric thrills right up to about 0:55, then it gave me dysphoric chills.

Омлет с мукой : здорово!

Stanford Lee : Young bin and young hee its massive apartment with house

ronaldggkk : You shouldn't watch that if you took some drogs😂

shanni1 : Superb.

Stanford Lee : Han ock.... 3 stair korea house

J : is this a movie ???? so cool!