Calvin Klein – Love

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KlausKirche : jaaaa, endlich wieder ein Video seit über einem Jahr 😍😍

Rachel Bracker : WHOA I just got the chills..... this is beautiful!

NAME : Ohhh ✌🏻❤️

Игорь Куделин : Так блять, куда то не туда меня ютуб занёс

DavidDincer : Das ist so heftig!

Anthony Miyazaki : Eugen, your storytelling and ability to capture attention are always impressive.


Septembermorgen : Top

Ivan : Amazing. While i'm at it, will Alexander Wolf David publish full version of the track?

Mikumo Osamu :

Лёха Иванец : Wtf !!!!!

Лёха Иванец : Sick idiots

MLGFearlessGamer : This advert gave me euphoric thrills right up to about 0:55, then it gave me dysphoric chills.

Омлет с мукой : здорово!

rcmanization : cool ad, but what has this got to do with CK though? How does this zone in on their intended target groups? How does this convey the message that men should buy their boxer shorts and not a competitors'? This is a great ad, but it's not the right type of ad for selling underwears really.

shanni1 : Superb.

Christian Sena : the fight scene reminded me of hogwarts. awesome job Eugen! behind the scenes of this please

Stanford Lee : Young bin and young hee its massive apartment with house

ronaldggkk : You shouldn't watch that if you took some drogs😂

Stanford Lee : Han ock.... 3 stair korea house

J : is this a movie ???? so cool!

Hungary : Why these kinda videos cant be normal? I dont like these gay videos. Its gross.