This is why you sanitize user input: Chat hacked live by XSS/HTML code injection, hilarity ensues

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Vixus : Vixus / Hexxyr was here Hello Twitch and Youtube people! Give TASbot a highfive for me, beep boop. ~

Kira Slith : I'm surprised nobody tried framing your window inside itself.

Mr Fathead : You are lucky you have cool followers because it looks like they could have easily got you banned from twitch.

Nincadalop : *Gets hacked *Chuckles I'm in danger

Andrew Seich : I love his response. "You guys just hacked my chat and broke the hell out of it..... DO IT AGAIN!"

Armando : But can you run doom on your chat?

Zupprezed : such kind hearts in your chat, none of them put porn on them scripts

jackjt8 : Sometimes the YouTube recommendations actually give me something truly wonderful. This was one of them.

SirNapkin1334 : I like how there are these people who don't know JS, they're just copying the

unapologetic asshat : The fact that, instead of shutting the user down, that you instead encouraged them is amazing. love it!

Kaera Neko : This is hilarious. Nerds are dangerous.

JJRicks Studios : I've never laughed harder watching a video in my life 😂😂😂 Ooooooh gosh I'm gonna need a bit to recover, I'm dying. Just the hilarity of watching something pop up and knowing exactly what's about to happen... It's soooo good

angelsassin : Man, nobody imported jquery?

eihcrA spillihP : * {font-family: comic-sans;}

Overworld Alt : THE BEST HACK TO EVER EXIST. And more importantly the kids didn't see it so thats a plus

Vincent Killion : I'm very disappointed that I missed the XSS in chat. That would have been a very fun thing to experience live. Thanks for uploading to share it with those that missed it. Question though, is it fixed yet?

Sympathetic Vybrations : Can someone program your chat to run Doom? TPDTCV (Twitch Plays Doom, Twitch Chat Version)

asdf gh : twitch chat plays twitch chat

PurpulPancakes : That is the best chat window I've ever seen.

Flyin' high : Better be glad no one left an open tag in there.

Timmy Dirtyrat : *a HaCkEr NaMeD 4-cHaN*

boumbh : 0:50 Inverter stated "that can be... abused", and then he demonstrated... 3:36 Just testing... 9:38 This one is genius (again at 11:34) great effect 14:00 This one too. Thanks! That was instructive. I'm amazed there was nothing too evil ^^ . Your chat likes you, good chat ^^ . 3:36 don't mind me? 7:27 what was that? :-p

Richard Brenner : I think it's awesome that you actually had fun, and didn't try to control the madness.

thefyrewire : That's pretty hilarious. I had a similar 'incident' a few weeks ago when a certain micro500 did the same to my custom chat. Fortunately he was feeling kind and the worst I got was a bunch of marquees and popup alerts lol.

Grey Wolf : Totally would have put an image of hentai in chat lmao. You're lucky your followers didn't want you banned haha.