When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend

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Raja Gombal : Give me ONE !!!!!!

Perfection8 Network : how cute pet

Max.c : This is what every American picture when they think of Aussies

Alal Hossain Abir : From Bangladesh,,, I am also like this animals.... just wow...!!!

peter lamprou : Flat earthers : Australia doesn exist!!! They are all actors!! Kangaroos are actors in costumes!!

DOLCE RITA : So adorable😍

Juan S : Meanwhile in Australia...

Evaløtion Art : Omg so cute!!

Keyla Calzada : This is cuter than 5 little puppies😍😍

Adam Caven-Brown : 0:06 s ooooo cute like if you agree

Abdul JM : Damian is sooo Lovely 😍😍😍 I love any animals

Johnny Valencia : So far 7.5K Kangaroo and cuteness haters...


It Is Possible : He's like the Vodafone pug... i will follow where you go

Nitro Reed : Aussie boi

This is name deal with it google : This is the most aussie thing i have ever seen

Damian Concannon : I know this is a very late comment but my name is Damian and this is like the first time I’ve heard someone name something Damian that’s so cool and sweet

Natalie Luders : There so cutie when there little but when they grow they'll beat the shit out of ya

Nefertiti *SheLa* Morrison : this is great - but, hey, apologize to the woman for "punking" her when she just asked curiously "how old is she?" Treat others respectfully AND all the more positivity towards the kangaroo!

JosRp Music : Y la madre del kangurito?

Animebrother : I wish I had a baby kangaroo as a pet :)

llyns _ : AHHHH QUE FOFO ❤❤

Amarjit Sapam : The daddy is hot 🔥 af.

BenGamimgGo -No sense : Why Damian Is Small Kangaroo

Gema D : why her name is DAMIAN??😮

Mrs Gf wolf : *Damian is so cute*

Rodjie Jan Vargas Matillano : So cute!😍😍😍😂😂

Mee Yum : Ooww so cute ....plz give me one baby kangaroo

vj thakur : Why people dislike video

superdooper : that is a true Australian

Penny4Life : Only in Australia 🇦🇺😆♥️ I love this so much 😍😇 Love from Canada 🇨🇦

Awww! : "If you wanna get paid you gotta do the work" 😂😂😂

I Love Music - I Love Cars : A kangaroo isn‘t a pet...

Charles Bareng : This is australian

Prince Sarkar : so cute and funny 😂🤩 yarr I need your pet.

pixelking : My name is Damian aswell This video was very confusing for me

Roshi : Sweet

Nelson Gj : ADORABLE DAMIEN 😊☺😗😙😘😍

BurningDrone GT : Edited using *iMovie*

Franklin and Lamar : Alright I need a gf , Is there any girl single?

Da'Pyro Le'Burner : Is this a parallel universe? Kinda...the man who punched a kangaroo

Damian Reigns : Thats not a girls name :/

Levi Markus Lumma : So cute 😍

Aidan Wu : Let’s see....... Do you live in Australia?

c los : Aww so cutee , I want one😍😁

just deep quotes : Omg😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

VICKY BELENA : So cute the baby kangaroo❤❤

aniMeQueen Fischer : *I WANNNNNNTTTTT ONE*

Liam Ruth : 0.47 😂😂 ahh she's 46... Like if U laughed at that moment?

EpicTrixx : Hes cute