When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend

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Penny4Life : Only in Australia 🇦🇺😆♥️ I love this so much 😍😇 Love from Canada 🇨🇦

PE crafter : I want a pet kangaroo also

Russ the French Traveler : Omfg I need one

Slimey cats : Cute

Kaizaqu 468 : Aahhhhh if I got a dollar every time he said Damien

Abdul JM : Damian is sooo Lovely 😍😍😍 I love any animals

DearlyBelovedofGod : Aussiest. Video. Ever.

Drakath Gaming : That's a weird looking dog? What do you feed it?

Anonymous Mysterious : Are you kiding me, 46?!

Producer Of Music : So cute

Batman Jr. : 0:27 We'll see about that ya cunt!

koolipoiss27 : You cant be more Australian

יוסקוביץ רוזן : But Australian eat kangaroo meat. That’s messed up

Barbie rock and Royal Barbie : So SWEET and so cute😍😍😍

Zara Khalaf : Low view food 1:17 Now he has millions of view hmm his eating the Kangaroo

Mitali : My dog is a kangarooòò......

Damian Campos : Name sounds familiar...

bob blaubeere : My name is Damian.

shruthi shreeg : Never seen a pet kangaroo..I think Damian wants him to have him in his pouch..u have to have a front back..for him..pls..😍

Fortress22 : dog + bunny = Damian

Acronical GT : Nice Alligator bro

LPS Tassu : Aaaww! Damian is so cute!💖

jandray Hingleton : People let me tell you bout my best friend he's a one hearted person who will love you till the end

BoSs BabY : Damian is damn lovely.

XavierS Play : I need to have 1

VoDKa The Sad God : Is this a parallel universe? Kinda...the man who punched a kangaroo

PotporriTV : 50

hate for gasca zurli : God dammit Frank.

Yuri998 Romero : So cute

Marlon Realin : It's so adorable,nice

COD legendsniper : call 911 someone is killed by cuteness!!!!

Absolute Gaming : When you friend is your be 0 $ t racc00s n o i c e

sahil verma : Nice

Adarsh Naik : I love it 👍😘

Ava Day life : Lol is he being mean!!!

H4cks 4 lif3 : Time to go to my local pet store Edit- ohhh there's none there : ,(

Houdbare Couscous : Waarom zie ik dit als ik Ride or Dordie opzoek

Spicy Melonz : This is definitely edited on imovie I fucking hate imovie

This is name deal with it google : This is the most aussie thing i have ever seen

Kolli : I love Damian 😍😍😍😘

Mattia Maiorano : Nice 👍 👍

Marcus 06 : When you know he use it on iMovie

p a u l i n a a : _damiann_

Blazed UPP : My middle name is Damian

Leander August Rafdal : He was so cute

angy cantin : Damian is sooo Lovely l love animals

DerickTheAWESOME : Its so cute😍😀

logisch logo : So sweet

Animebrother : I wish I had a baby kangaroo as a pet :)

DamElBas :3 : my name is Damian...