When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend

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Kaizaqu 468 : Aahhhhh if I got a dollar every time he said Damien

The bitch is back ! : Sexy man cute animal. I like it a lot. 😍

kim kor : Wonderful video .. like thumbs up video 😊Suscribe channel now my friend Happy new year and for your beautiful pet 😊

Austeja Braziunaite : Cute

Last Man Standing : I need this pet

soli oc furry : Damian is cute like for cute cangure 😍😍😍😍

damian headley : The kangaroo is my name

DOLCE RITA : So adorable😍

Avishek : Everything is possible in Australia

Steven Wright : Musical.ly advertisement wtf lol

This is name deal with it google : This is the most aussie thing i have ever seen

Fox Ranger : 1:35 Damien is cute

TRIPPY MLG banana : Shes like a cat always has to get in the way

Travolta : Damian needs to be fired , she's a lazy worker

Christine : awwww

Adnan Ahmad : Take a shot every time he takes her name

Mr. lemon : 46?

supercat 4 : Soo cute

Saveira Gallant : Your lucky

arsh gill : So, basically dameian is a female??😕😕

Animebrother : I wish I had a baby kangaroo as a pet :)

Adriana G. : I want a pet baby kangroo too ;^;

강희권 : It was in my suggestion after I watched kangaroo vs people XD

Goji_Berry_Slimes : I like your dog

Cedric Poterlot : So cute

Logan Burton : Who found this after watching a guy punch a kangaroo in the face

MintyDino H : 46!?!??!

Rachel Riley : I am pretty sure it is a wallaby

Matthew McConnell : I wish I had a joey but we have a kitten and a dog but it may be a bit better though:)

Kimi Saionara : Omg soooo adorble like if you wanna damian as your pet

Priyo M : Mark my words one day this kangaroo will get punched in the face very hard.

Hey It's Iman! : So cute

Mommy Use This One : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that soooooo doper cute

Gallel Garras : Maltrato animal

Abinash Bhusal : Wow.. Like it.

BugSplat : *I come from a land down under*...

Giulia Pacciardi : Super cute

Nikhil Sapkale : Sooooo adorable 😍😍😍

Fantasy Slimes : So cute

Junko Urisawa : So his name is Damn It?

Damian Ochoa : It's all fun till she chokes your dog.

Vakare Mis : I like it ☺

Raw Sauce : Where can i catch this pokemon?

Esmeralda Tristan : Cute

Martin Experte : I don't know how the kangoroo got his pet but i don't think that that is good because cangoroos are wild animals which should live free. Perhaps there's a history that explains how the cangoroo got his pet, and it wasn't able to live free any more, but I hope noone will come to the idea (s)he makes the same thing

Rick Sanchez : We all know why we are here

ii _suup : What if damian died i would cry..

HappyDippy 22 : Relatable

Ionut C : Damn damien

Everyone Valenzuela : I love kangaroos and it also K is the first letter of my name