Streaming Netflix movies in 1995 - Wonders of the World Wide Web

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Streaming Netflix movies in 1995. All you need is a fast multimedia computer and an internet connection. *** Links to the films in the video *** Mimique: Days Past (Star Wars tribute):

Comments from Youtube

Area : Can’t believe Netflix premium is gonna allow me to stream movies in 160 x 144 resolution... if only I could afford that!


JoJoke : 0:55 Step 2: Press Enter. (They ask the Incredible Hulk to pound the enter key.)

Seth Arvila : Wow only 11 hours! In that time I can binge an entire show on today’s Netflix, but I don’t get a free bag of popcorn or a poster:(

Michael Nedoma : 500MB hard drive? Are you insane? Who on Earth would ever fill even to one half? Impossible. Computers are too powerful thesedays. Like 64MB RAM. How can anyone except rocket scientists use it to the full potential?! Sorry,gotta sign off, because I already used my 60MB Internet quota for a day

BlackMidKnight : 2018: Smash that like button 1994: *S M A S H T H A T E N T E R K E Y*

PurpleBorealis : Watch in 144p for authenticity

hi you : Netflix and Chill? Always use protection! Me: OH ewW Use Norton to prevent hackers stealing your netflix password! Me: Oh phewww..

Bootsii : DAMN, YOU REALLY HAD ME FOOLED!!! There's something very relaxing about... just about everything in this. Love her voice!!! It really captures the 90s somehow 😂

C. Gonçalves : 1:00 “Press the Enter key” **gunshot**

Radio Surfing Grupo Cidade : Netflix was originally a DVD rental service. You could’ve included VHS rentals.

shöbe the dog : why does this feel nostalgic to me when I’m a 2000s kid and haven’t been introduced to technology until 2012

Kartikeya Srivastava : "When you Netflix and chill, please use protection. We recommend Norton AntiVirus." That was hilarious!

Preston Thugman : I only signed up for the free bag of popcorn! 😐

Holy Kit : Now Everybody *PRESS ENTER KEY*

ThisGuyFrritz : The way how it's done, it brings back memories. I could've sworn it was a real video tutorial from the '90s. *But it ain't!* 1:00 *BANG* Sounds like a gunshot! :-D

Ronald Maya : Another great episode of Wonders of the World Wide Web!

supyoist : I'm curious, for the video of the ancient technology, do you animate it or use a VirtualBox?

The Tortoise : oh my god i so wish "Have Mercy, Xmirgox!" was real

Galial Woods : Even if I wasn't born in the 80s/90s these videos are great of getting that feel off! I love how retro it looks really. Good job you earned a subscriber :)

Frood : Really should have waited until April 1st to upload this... lol

djvlad : brilliant

JzN 2010 : This is painfully satisfying

Josh Helmuth : Genius satire. I seriously thought this was real until more than half way through. "In just 11 hours!" *dying

Josephine De Smet : omg it would definately have looked like this XD a floppy

Douchy McDouche : Oooooh, I remember this! Their slogan back then used to be "Netflix and rage for 11.5 hours".

Cdu8 W : You really should get a T1 line. Waaay faster. Like 1 mbps. If you can afford it though. It’s about $9,000 a month.

Diamond : GOD!! i love this channel!!💕💕💕 you deserve a lot of attention!!♥️

DeckyStrikesBack : Very well done!

Kounter : *In only 11 hours and 30 minutes!!*

alex76gr : Ahahahahahaha that Enter key sound!!! I love your videos!

Lucas Mariano Grigolato : This was so nostalgic I almost cried

no charity : Im obsessed with this channel

AussieGuy91 Main Channel : FUN FACT: Netflix was actually founded in _1997_ as a DVD Delivery Service!

A Lonk Between Pennsylvania :3 : 0:59 THAT SCARES ME

Geometry Nacho : No, seriously, THIS IS MY FAVORITE CHANNEL

Eric Hanchar : I've got a multimedia PC running Windows 3.11 is that compatible with netflix? :P

Narata : I don't know why, but O thought it was funny when she went off topic and talked about writing a novel, the paperclip, and what movie seemed interesting to her. Good stuff!

Sweet Missy : These are amazing. So glad I found your channel.

Metallic Archaea : I fear that the young will believe these videos represent the actual apps and services during the time depicted.

Wood Master I post 3 wood videos Daily! : **enter key intensifies**

Logan Cole : I actually believed this. You actually fooled me

Joeyblondewolf2 : I would just go to blockbuster lol screw that!

Levi Mehmedov : I am from 2018 but you are in the 90's but how ???

MarEpor : this needs more attention

Eureka : I was born in '95.

Onur Mutlu : Mimique! Turkish actor! Hi from Turkeyyy!!! I’m very honored to see that 🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

TedNeeTed : I love how you always smash the enter key 😂

xKry_ : "La sua vita dipende da un sottaceto" Andiamo fratellih