Streaming Netflix movies in 1995

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Squirrel Monkey : *** Links to the two films in the video *** Mimique: Days Past (Star Wars tribute):

Area : Can’t believe Netflix premium is gonna allow me to stream movies in 160 x 144 resolution... if only I could afford that!


Chango Smiles : It would be great to watch a retro version of stranger things... oh wait! 😂😂😂

Swindle : I love these videos :=))) papa bless

alex76gr : Ahahahahahaha that Enter key sound!!! I love your videos!

mr y mysterious video : dont think there would be vhs artifacts on digital video in 1995, just low resolution and blocky images.

djvlad : brilliant

theagentofK : Yeah, I wouldn't trust Symantec condoms...

BlackMidKnight : 2018: Smash that like button 1994: *S M A S H T H A T E N T E R K E Y*

Seth Arvila : Wow only 11 hours! In that time I can binge an entire show on today’s Netflix, but I don’t get a free bag of popcorn or a poster:(

Metallic Archaea : I fear that the young will believe these videos represent the actual apps and services during the time depicted.

MoMo MSP : Netflix and Chill? Always use protection! Me: OH ewW Use Norton to prevent hackers stealing your netflix password! Me: Oh phewww..

Definitely Feelin' Good : A bag of microwave popcorn?! 🍿

RunninRebelBen : How this doesn’t make it to trending is beyond me.

Odin 77 : Like I'd be able to afford Windows 95. Whatever.

Vizal : You definitely need more views! I love this series, it's so cheesy and hilarious :D

Uri : Did I say you before that your voice is very cute? _O N L I N E_

beko120056 : haha I love that Enter key sound :D

Wena Wena : Idk why it's so relaxing to watch this retro-stiled videos... I'm 14 btw

StupidStickman : Does this work for Windows 3.1?

Daniel Blank : Always use protection uses Norton

ALL IN ONE : This guy Sounds like New kids on the block song 😂

supyoist : I'm curious, for the video of the ancient technology, do you animate it or use a VirtualBox?

JoJoke-a-Macintosh : 0:55 Step 2: Press Enter. (They ask the Incredible Hulk to pound the enter key.)

Michael Nedoma : 500MB hard drive? Are you insane? Who on Earth would ever fill even to one half? Impossible. Computers are too powerful thesedays. Like 64MB RAM. How can anyone except rocket scientists use it to the full potential?! Sorry,gotta sign off, because I already used my 60MB Internet quota for a day

Ravhi Rizaldi : Couples of weeks to get username and password..

antdude : Squirrel Monkey is loving every comments. Haha.

Preston Thugman : I only signed up for the free bag of popcorn! 😐

GoldSimmer : *ToDAYY*

Pro Tekno Adam : Webteknodan gelenler selamün aleyküm

glumpfi hfefef : Step 2: Press the enter key! *BANG*

sarah and the diamond : GOD!! i love this channel!!💕💕💕 you deserve a lot of attention!!♥️

TheGames4MehGaming : Love the way you took the twist on 'Netflix and Chill'. Keep up the great work :)

Kartikeya Srivastava : "When you Netflix and chill, please use protection. We recommend Norton AntiVirus." That was hilarious!

onarionaa : for some reason, watching this makes me want to go now and listen to Cisco Default Hold Music forever.

Flavaboy : OMG!!! You seriously must be kidding! It's sooooh time consuming and tedious. I can just imagine myself time tripping back to that era. I don't think I could handle it without losing my mind. Thank God for 21st century technological advances.

J Hyourinmaru : Yes I love this channel! Love your voice btw, so full of sarcasm 😂

DeckyStrikesBack : Very well done!

Dizon Dreams : Jo is my co-worker. He is this cool in real life, people!

TheEnglishGamer111 : Mooi gemaakt! Ik dacht eerst dat het echt was, Ik dacht al "Netflix bestond toen toch niet?" Ga zo door, geeft me een herinnering van de goede oude tijd :) +1 sub

SantiVenom Animations : When the channel loves your comment.

EAS : Netflix was originally a DVD rental service. You could’ve included VHS rentals.

Poison Blossom : Even if I wasn't born in the 80s/90s these videos are great of getting that feel off! I love how retro it looks really. Good job you earned a subscriber :)

Meist Syans : This is hilarious!!

Caio Gonçalves : 1:00 “Press the Enter key” **gunshot**

Dotkoshi Luki : Now Everybody *PRESS ENTER KEY*

Cory Mck : 4:14 BS=100% nice binomial distribution you got there.

rodrigo maldonado : I love this series, every video should be viral, your channel is great and so underrated, that makes me sad

Narata : I don't know why, but O thought it was funny when she went off topic and talked about writing a novel, the paperclip, and what movie seemed interesting to her. Good stuff!