Streaming Netflix movies in 1995

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Squirrel Monkey : *** Links to the two films in the video *** Mimique: Days Past (Star Wars tribute):

Area : Can’t believe Netflix premium is gonna allow me to stream movies in 160 x 144 resolution... if only I could afford that!

Chango Smiles : It would be great to watch a retro version of stranger things... oh wait! 😂😂😂

JoJoke : 0:55 Step 2: Press Enter. (They ask the Incredible Hulk to pound the enter key.)

Seth Arvila : Wow only 11 hours! In that time I can binge an entire show on today’s Netflix, but I don’t get a free bag of popcorn or a poster:(

hi you : Netflix and Chill? Always use protection! Me: OH ewW Use Norton to prevent hackers stealing your netflix password! Me: Oh phewww..

Metallic Archaea : I fear that the young will believe these videos represent the actual apps and services during the time depicted.

alex76gr : Ahahahahahaha that Enter key sound!!! I love your videos!

Wheel 2000 : Netflix was originally a DVD rental service. You could’ve included VHS rentals.

Chad Odinson : Like I'd be able to afford Windows 95. Whatever.

zumb1y the idiot : why does this feel nostalgic to me when I’m a 2000s kid and haven’t been introduced to technology until 2012

Ravhi Rizaldi : Couples of weeks to get username and password..

NostalgiNorden : -Press the enter key *SMASH!*

StupidStickman : Does this work for Windows 3.1?

MrFeelGoodJson24 : A bag of microwave popcorn?! 🍿

Uri : Did I say you before that your voice is very cute? _O N L I N E_

Preston Thugman : I only signed up for the free bag of popcorn! 😐

beko120056 : haha I love that Enter key sound :D

supyoist : I'm curious, for the video of the ancient technology, do you animate it or use a VirtualBox?

Ronald Maya : Another great episode of Wonders of the World Wide Web!

Poison Blossom : Even if I wasn't born in the 80s/90s these videos are great of getting that feel off! I love how retro it looks really. Good job you earned a subscriber :)

Vizal : You definitely need more views! I love this series, it's so cheesy and hilarious :D

antdude : Squirrel Monkey is loving every comments. Haha.

Flavaboy : OMG!!! You seriously must be kidding! It's sooooh time consuming and tedious. I can just imagine myself time tripping back to that era. I don't think I could handle it without losing my mind. Thank God for 21st century technological advances.

ThisGuyFrritz : The way how it's done, it brings back memories. I could've sworn it was a real video tutorial from the '90s. *But it ain't!* 1:00 *BANG* Sounds like a gunshot! :-D

J Hyourinmaru : Yes I love this channel! Love your voice btw, so full of sarcasm 😂

TheGames4MehGaming : Love the way you took the twist on 'Netflix and Chill'. Keep up the great work :)

Josh Helmuth : Genius satire. I seriously thought this was real until more than half way through. "In just 11 hours!" *dying

Charles Canlom : yes! My Comment Worked!!

Cory Mck : 4:14 BS=100% nice binomial distribution you got there.

rodrigo m : I love this series, every video should be viral, your channel is great and so underrated, that makes me sad

cark79 : Squirrel Monkey for President!

onarionaa : for some reason, watching this makes me want to go now and listen to Cisco Default Hold Music forever.

Narata : I don't know why, but O thought it was funny when she went off topic and talked about writing a novel, the paperclip, and what movie seemed interesting to her. Good stuff!

InvertedSlacks : How can my son watch his favorite episodes of dragon ball, thundercats and cowboy bebop? He didn't see an anime category (:P.S. IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN INSTERT MY VHS INTO MY COMPUTER? MY INTER-NETS ARENT WORKING AND I CANT USE THE NETFLIX WEB SITE APP)

Lucas Mariano Grigolato : This was so nostalgic I almost cried

xMehL : Three people to make a microwave bell sound?

Onur Mutlu : Mimique! Turkish actor! Hi from Turkeyyy!!! I’m very honored to see that 🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

박건 : XDXD Netflix finally!! But Netflix IS actually old (started in 1999) anyway...

Mike Richard : My internet is so slow , that 144 P is still the best resolution for my connection.

Rebekka inia : 4:06 not UTREKT BUT UTREGGGGGTTTT (Utrecht)

Riccardo Paolo Bestetti : La sua vita dipende da un sottaceto really is a touch of class.

TheEnglishGamer111 : Mooi gemaakt! Ik dacht eerst dat het echt was, Ik dacht al "Netflix bestond toen toch niet?" Ga zo door, geeft me een herinnering van de goede oude tijd :) +1 sub

David Calman : >anime >not Japanimation

Wood Master I post 3 wood videos Daily! : **enter key intensifies**

Myth Master : This is..... *GENIUS!*

Sabrina Schivo : “La sua vita dipende da un sottaceto” I might be dying 😂

InvisibleMag : Enemy Mime. Hahah Cheeky cheeky

Mike Richard : I miss the " Sega Channel ", I could never afford it as a kid. Rich pirates killed any profits cable companies were trying to generate out of it. When I finally got a computer , I ended up caving in to the urge to " Copy that floppy ". It turns out that the Famicom in Japan did not even need cartridges because Blockbuster could not rob them in Japan like they did in America ; before total piracy became a global epidemic after the death of Blockbuster.

Angel : i miss the time when my hard disc was 200mb :( and we played Quake1 or StarCraft: Brood War 24/7 ;(