Making Giant Playdough Worms with Hydraulic Press | ODLY SATISFYING!

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In this odly satisfying video we test what will happen when you press candles, playdough and other stuff through small holes with hydraulic press DOWNLOAD LINKS TO DESTRUCTION TUBER SIMULATOR MOBILE GAME: Android: iOS: And if you like the game please leave good review for it, That would help us a lot! Thanks! Our filming gear: Main camera: Panasonic GH4 with Lumix G Vario 14-140mm Lens Handheld camera with stabilization: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II + Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-100mm f4.0 PRO Lens + Gimbal camera / handheld 120 fps camera:Sony ILCE-6500 a6500 with 10-18mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens Gimbal: Zhiyun Crane 2 Drone: Phantom 4 pro ND-filter pack for drone: PolarPro DJI Phantom 4 Pro Cinema Series Filter 3-Pack Mic: Rode Videomic Pro-R Lavier mics:Rode Microphones RODELink Digital Wireless System Audio recorder: Tascam DR-70D 4-Channel Portable Recorder High speed cameras: Choronos 1.4 high speed camera with 16 gb memory Action cameras: GoPro HERO5 Session + Olympus Stylus TG-Tracker 4K Action Cam Our second channel Our fan shop Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!! Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell

Comments from Youtube

goodBEan : fill it with potatos, make french fries

Pa Re : the best part about this channel is that its wholesome fun, no hurting anyone, no comments, no politics, just laughs. great work!

flawmore : Good day! "I need 20kg of peanuts, 30 candles, 100 bars of soap and 30 packages of play-doo". I immagine you get a lot of strange reactions from the store you buy at? You should film this as well!!

skelitalmisfit12 : Anyone else just love how innocent the curiosity is that everyone seems to share with these videos? Just watching stuff get squished, its extremely refreshing when you think of this in that way. Like with all the shit going on in the world we can all at least agree this stuff is at least relatively interesting.

G Kuljian : Once there was soap on a rope. Now there's rope soap.

William Sims : Those candles were infinite!

thegrayrenegade : I would dip your peanut worms in chocolate and eat the snack

Open World Gamer : Your local stores must think your preparing for the apocalypse

kilxxn : The candles turned into Lil Pumps hair

marker113 : Lauri's face at 8:32 Like that of a joyous child!

Mertin Mertin : if you do food again. maby consider marshmallows?

Jay Walker : Lol GREAT thumb nail GUYS...😆✌

zUltra : Your game is damn cool! Really like it! Very well polished! 7:15 They look like Burger King French Fries (thx Watermelon boii)

Megan Rivera : Salt those "Peanut Worms" and I'd eat the hell out of them, they look delicious.

electronicsNmore : You can make fresh pasta with that. :-)

JdHol67 : 8:26 you’ve awoken the kraken

Rapsu 93 : pallistic kelatine

sleepinghiker : If you drilled the holes on the extruder couldnt you control the direction that things come out at? I noticed a lot of the things were hitting the top of the press. You could maybe even angle them so the materials spin when they come out. Although Im not sure if that would actually work at high pressure.

G4mmaLotus : Honestly those peanut worms could make a great snack, lol

stanonfire : I'm so glad this exists.

Mister RON! : 5:52 Her face is so cute, lmao

Cookie Cat -daylily from WA- : Noodles..... 1:57 : spaghetti 2:05 : lasagna

MN_Wild93 Live : I got a good idea do this but only have 1 hole and see how long of a worm you can get

Mike Bibby : I so want y'all to cook and eat some of the stuff you smash! Breaded Fried Cheese Worms would be great! Oven-toast the peanut worms and dip 'em in chocolate sauce! Weird industrial cooking channel! :)

Isabel Sinclair : Where do you come from? I wander because your wife said (ja) as in Swedish

Gouki : 8:32 His face cracks me up everytime lol

Get Schwifty : I love this Worm Maker 5,000,000 it's pure evolution that has got you to this machine of destruction. Fantastic!

Arno nümuss : Most of that stuff can be reused as rocket fuel :D

Keep Public Servants Accountable : HPC crush rice crispy treats. Snap Crackle and Pop.

mCKENIC : Oh wow! Worm-Maker 10m + Peanuts + Nutella = Heaven!

Mihai on Blitz : Making money from playing and having fun like a kid... I want that life too!

Alex : 7:44 they look like dog treats :)))

strangulator42 : these kind of videos make me smile more than anything else on YouTube :) I've been playing the mobile game for about a week and a half, and my favorite part is dropping the weight on things!

Dr MAK : What a Wonderful Video it was. This should Go in to Satisfaction Videos Category. What a Spectacular Machine that was.I used to Imagine Exactly this same Machine & always thought would any thing such exist & today u brought it forward. W W O W W Marvelous. Really Fantastic. I can Imagine the Amount of Time, Money, Hardwork & dedication thay goes in such Videos, I wish You More & More & More Subscribers, Wish to see u Grow more & more & more, You Deserve it. Happy Eid 🇵🇰♥️👍

MostlyVanilla : The presser with the holes is my most favourite 😁❤️

TheWebfive : Awesome! Just introduced my family to your channel. We spent a while last night watching. You two are great!

Lex The Lion : You should try a bunch of peeled hard boiled eggs

Tanner P : you should try some experiments with solids that can be melted into a liquid like wax or even some low melting point metals. for example you could shoot melted wax out of the extruder 5000000. might be messy and dangerous, but you're professionals!

bo yeon : And that right there ladies and gentlemen ... 2:02 That’s how you make noodles 😂

Xero Twillinut : I want to see jellybeens worminated

GummyBill Starflight : Me when the peanuts were being crushed: WHO WANTS PEANUT BUTTER!!!!1!!!11!!1!!

lilyashy-SARA- : Press marshmellow

James Long : 3:28 that is the exact noise I hear in the night lol ow and especially 6:20

Cz75MasterRace : plz try to crush some clothes shoes etc. id love to see some rubber boots (kumi saappaat). steel toe shoes would also be interesting (turva kengät) edit: you could also test different tapes and other stuff and test which brand is strongest. like so they can see (if u want to)

Leafyr Oakfyst : Reverse slow motion then high speed.

KONAmustang50 : WORM MAKER 10 MILLION is the ultimate tool! Pritti Guuud! 😜

Velve The Cat-thing : I guess you can say you made.. *STRING CHEESE?*

Hoo Dini : Destruction TUBER SIMULATOR gotta get PewDiePie's game title in there lol

Shawn Yu : The fact that the title has a typo is actually MILDLY INFURIATING