Getting 125 Kg Gold Bar Out Of Glass Box | Amazing Japan

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Ra Mänd : 12.5 kg

Жак Морозов : he won 40 dollars lmao

stevenisthename : All that for only 42 bucks lmao, not even enough to buy Fallout 4 XD

Bagelstorm : 125kg wow they broke so many world records with their wrists

eemils X : 125??? are you a scammer from nigeria trying to get videos seen ???

Peter Griffin : 125 kg !? They are lying.. I think it is 1250 kg!

jhona Astudillo : 8:12

miguel bergantiño : 12.5 ,isn't the same

Chris Welcome : Good job man! You just pulled out a gold bar worth $150k! *Hands winner gift card worth $42* ...Cunts

Paper Please : i would use the gold to smash the glass from the inside

drewbiedoobie : $39.74 is the prize 😂

DARK BLAZAR- How to game and more : id rather the gold bar

Barnabas Lim : I would use the sleeve

Ansonfam : dis nigg picked up 275 lbs like it was nothing

Lamb Sauce : 125kg might easily break the table and me!

usman whyen : All that shit for 42 dollars fuck ur gold

Adam Gronemeier : Even if I injured myself doing it id do it like fuck dude

Sandeep Mishra : It's a 12.5 kg not 125 kg

Hari Krishna : it's not 125kg it's 1250kg

Medic : Stewie2k?

henry rostock : It is possible??

Gabriel Herrera : Cheap chinese 😑😑

Cam Neo : 75mm + wrist = impossible

Lt Catfish : I’m pretty sure that is 27.5 pounds

Your King : I can do this easy

oded : do you even lift bro

Peter Griffin : I would take off my shirt, put it through the hole, but the bar inside it and line the bar up against the hole and pull the end of the shirt with the bar through the hole with both hands.

Zayzek : Yeah i can hold 125 kg in one hand

j : This must be BS. How have they not brought in a midget with lobster claws to snatch it yet?

roman baron : lol 125 kg XDDD are they he is a super man

Tizi LP : 12,5kg Idiot?!!

Amer Sultan : Its 12.5 KG, if you take it out you keep it?

Peter Griffin : What is the name of that Japanes show? I have been searching for it for ages..

YPO6 : Verry stronk man.

Skucky Rotmg : 12.5 kg not 125 kg

hamed masan : I will simply put some superglu on my finger

Lennart Reisinger : Actually it's 12,5 kg

Kenneth Flaming : If they said the reward is The gold bar itself lol they would all go SSJapanese1 believe me

astrosyedst : Break the glass first..simple

Tariq Khan : You need to use your index, middle finger and thumb only to get that 12.5 kg bar out of that hole. I have stuck my index, middle finger and thumb in many holes but i never pulled out gold. lmao.

Oligampla : So cool!

Josh Koelker : I'd use the gold bar to break the glass

Tahair Campbell : Soo lucky im a go to the gym and come for that gold

Andi Tarigan : it is not 125kg, wtf i even need both my hands to lift a 40kg barbell

Cazimir Gonzales : its just 12.5 kg lol

Sanaz Hunter : there's always an asian man that is better than you like this one

sonu das : I figured it out like in the first 5 seconds after seeing the box 😅😅😅

Blzitup All Day : Cum on your hands before then you can have much better grip or just cum in the eyes of the workers and take it and run

Golden Ideas & DIY : Plot twist it was gold plated lead

HAZOX GAMING0525 : Use your godam fingertips, ur wrist is way too thick for that hole