Why Does American Beer Taste Like Water?

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Micah Philson : I love the American lager! I forgot to pay my water bill last month, so I've been using that stuff instead for my toilet. Works great!

Holy shit, it's a talking muffin : American Beer tastes just like America's personality.... Bland.

mms0011 : When I think of American beer, I think of the hundreds of micro breweries putting out world class beers, not the embarrassing mass produced watery beers.

El Guti : What a joke a beer with no foam.

Micah Philson : Wow, so many people here assuming that all American beer is that one style even you can find literally every kind in the US, which is kind of the point of this video, to explain why that kind became popular (it was literally the only choice for a decade) and how now it's not like that at all anymore.

Kevin McVann : Because it's served So Ice Cold ..it has no Taste at all Just let it not be so cold .......Then you realise why they serve it ICE COLD

CryptoAndCoffee : As for the people commenting about America's "piss beer" you should really try the local area's craft beer. We have beer of every style and shade of color from a Pale Ale to IPA to Porter to Stout. We are possibly the most diverse beer culture in the world. (Arkansas Native) If you only buy Coors, Budweiser and Miller thats all you will get is rice water. Sorry not sorry

tonkatoytruck : America = NASCAR = Lite Beer Europe = Formula 1 = Champagne Its a cultural thing.

Wolf Khain : Pisswasser

Marty.R Woodcock : As a Canadian who loves many kinds of beer, I have to say, I hate American beer. It's lightly flavoured water, with a tiny bit of alcohol. Mind you, Canadian beer should have more alcohol too, in my opinion, but at least it tastes better than the swill down South.

Donovan Jackson : The title of this video is like 30 years out of date. Today in 2018, American Beer = "Craft". "American Beer" is the largest number of craft breweries in the world, over 6,600 breweries. Over 95% of these breweries make everything but tasteless bland light lager (which is only 1 of the more than 150 styles of beer).

M Ouija : I started out with British beer in my teens, because my best friend's Dad was an immigrant from South London. I spent a lot of time at their house, and he was accustomed to the idea that boys who could grow hair on their body were old enough to enjoy a pint. I was totally happy with a glass of Fuller's or Samuel Smith's, but the beer at teenage parties was disgusting and made my mouth dry. Oddly, I didn't drink hardly at all through college, because everyone was drinking the same dry garbage that they did during high school parties. When I turned 21, I bought a pile of British ales with the idea of finding my "brand". That turned into a lifelong experimentation with American craft beer and a soft spot for English bitters. I'll still prefer a pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord over some big, giant hop bomb or imperial stout that's only sold for one day at the brewery. I had a friend from England who's folks lived within walking distance of the Timothy Taylor Brewery. Every time he visited, I'd beg him to bring me back a bottle. Once he brought home six. My wife drank one and she still hears about it ten years later.

ApexPredator 83 : I always prefer German and Belgian beers.

T-Bag : Your Beer tastes like piss. Also your so called pints aren't as big as our's. Who says America is bigger and better? Tsk Tsk.

Yuri PRIME : Russian Imperial Stout - drink some, you pansies ;)

Donobyte : The US is the top Craft Beer producer. Legit, look it up. We like beer. A lot. We respect German styles, Czech, English, Belgium, etc.. all of the giants. We copy them, we replicate them, and we innovate. I'm excited to go to Germany later this year,and i'm sure the beer will be be fantastic. However, i'm sure the US is doing absolutely bonkers in terms of beer for those who give a shit about beer.

durpflip : it tastes like water because it's actually german

Sean O Conner : I’ve tasted piss nicer than your beers

Leode Siefast : And that is why American homebrewers/craft brewers from the 80s onwards have looked to classic English recipes. Oh how they used to mock our 'warm' English beer while enjoying their pissy Buds! Now they are all trendy craft ale brewers making IPA, Pale ales, Bitters, Milds, Barley wines, Stouts and Porters. We will accept your apology now thank you..... Just joking, the US craft ale scene is produce some of the best beers out there at the moment. You have to thank them for bringing these classic English recipes back into fashion - they were almost dead in the UK in the 90s/00s due to macrobreweries pumping out easy peassy pissy lagers in cans. IPA, stout and bitters were considered an old man's drink - a dying breed. I am a homebrewer myself now, making my own American style IPA.

Mathew Mckenna : As a home brewer and lover of the many types of beer the world over, I hate that America is only known for our Light beers. Coors, Bud, Miller, etc. All of them all ice cold, piss water. If we have to be known for a Lager why can't it be Yuengling.. It's our oldest brewery and it actually has a good flavor as opposed to watered down cat urine that the world knows us for.

Urius Tosh : America invented the craft beer scene. Europe is trying to catch up, with varying degrees of success depending on the nation. I live in Europe and travel often around the continent. Most of the trends seen in craft beer in Europe were done, invented or reintroduced by American brewers several years before. American brewers have no conservatism, and use ingredients unthinkable and shunned by traditional brewers in Europe, particularly the often lauded German and Czech brewers. They make good beer, but basic beer with no creativity. Purity laws prevent that. As European and world brewers catch up to the American creativity and innovation, there will be no difference in geographic location for finding such beer quality. The only reason the Americans are doing it better and more often is because they started this "craft beer" trend in the 1970s and 80s with the first modern IPAs produced by Anchor and Sierra Nevada and the deregulation of beer production in 1979. Everyone can make good beer, everywhere in the world. It's only a matter of time, and probably not far off before the world marketplace starts putting American brewers behind.

kbjjdan : Australia beer is way better than the American.

apostate001 : A more accurate title - Why Does CORPORATE American Beer Taste Like Water?

Marc Scordato : America makes superb craft beers. The main line popular beers however are not very good.

Space Monkey : I prefer whiskey

Ruben Vineh : Stone Brewing opened in Germany...dont see any German breweries opening in the United States...

Joey Jamison : I've tried many and still like Miller's Lite. I drink it with my Saturday lunch meal from Taco Bell. That tells you a lot about me, doesn't it?

Der Reichert : All your american beer looks like waterd down piss Greetings from Germany

Dragitall : The way this country's going, it won't matter. If there's alcohol in it, we're going to get drunk as shit as often as possible.

Rubellite Fae : I'm not a fan of most lagers, but I prefer them to this IPA trend. Give me more malt, less hops, and maybe a tad more sugar for the yeast.

Anthony ONeill : America at the forefront the out some of the best craft beers you can get

Dark Cloud666 : You dare to call that stuff they drink in the states beer? More like Pisswasser.

rockerteen8300 : Taste like water? I assume you mean Miller and Budweiser and so on. We would be lucky if it tasted like water, it tastes like rancid piss, don’t ask me how I know what rancid piss tastes like. American micro brews are quite good though.

ReturnTrip : Budweiser and Keystone Lite aren't the only american beers these days lads...we make it better than you now.

Fuster Cluck : #1 budweiser is the only beer in USA #2 jimmy carter did many great things. Whomever made this video should just drop dead.

Han Solo : heres why water down the beer and companies can cheat customers aka more profits... never drink american beer

Mike Regan : Water tastes better.

comic cat : I'm so happy right now. I just turned 16! Now I can finally taste a cool refreshing beer

Anonymous : so in short: 1. US was not able to make beer like it tasted in Germany 2. instead used whatever they had to make beer their way (watery) 3. then prohibition with no legal beer making at all 4. followed by years of industrialized and commercialized beer production (watery) 5. then golden age of craft brewing (finally some taste in that beer!)

GADCL4 : Aussie beer is gnat's piss too.

Trevor 803 : yall do realize we have craft beers that taste better than anything I've tasted overseas

Jeffrey Wagner : After traveling to Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Indonesia , Singapore and Mexico and tasting the local beers, I find them to be no better than the usual American lagers. That style of beer seems to be very popular around the world. Add in Stella Artois in Belgjium and Hurliman in Switzerland and it is all pretty close. A lot of folks like that style. Even in the UK you can find some pretty light lagers. So, yes this video is irrelevant.

WisMicYal11 : Give me stout or give me death

Charlie Butler : did you know that none of the ingredients in apple pie come from america

Taken Too Seriously : I live in Colorado. I guess I don't have that problem.

A Ginger Heathen : "light on beer flavour" so, water.

Jerry C : That's cute, go watch the many videos on YouTube where people from places like Ireland taste test beers and what is funny is that most of them pick the US beers as the better tasting. Yes there are exceptions, I think everyone universally hate Miller beer.

Rick Kerssies : In Holland we drink Grolsch or Heineken. The way this Guy talkes about American beer makes me not want to taste it. How could you like watery beer... 🤯🤯🤯

iafozzac : There are hundreds of small breweries in the US that make amazing American ales. The problem is that it's easier to find a good American ale here in Europe than the US itself cause Americans.

John Something : Is that Aussie holding a Foster's while complaining about American beer? Foster's is disgusting. Anyway, with regards to American beer, there are a lot of good American beers. There is a brewery on every other street corner these days it seems. So many unique beers. The mass-produced domestics are definitely weak, in particular the light beers. Most people who drink them are those who don't have a lot of money, because they're cheap. And binge drinkers, because you can drink them quickly(due to lack of flavor) and the calorie content isn't too high, so you don't have to become a fatass if you drink a lot.