Why Does American Beer Taste Like Water?

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Sam MacCleod : Oh. So that's why American beer tastes like the devils piss 🤔 Thank god I'm 🇬🇧

Dave Brock : Craft beer will be around as long as the economy stays stable. This generation wants craft foods and brews. Now it’s quality over quantity. As in the past, it was the opposite.

Jeff Snaman : It's kinda crazy how this channel hasn't blown up way more than what it's at currently. The shots and edits are brilliant and so is the script.

Alagathevictor : I work in the business... we water down to shameful levels. It's all about watering down as much as possible without people noticing... oh we failed

Biggle Cox : "Excuse me sir, might i have a nice refreshing *LAGER* please?" -man explains entire beer menu- "Oh, just a Coors" "Ooooh-kayy...ಠ_ಠ"

Simon Boyne : Obama drinking a Guinness . Such a craft beer

Aiden Aidens : Apple pie is from England. You can keep the snookie.

Frank Hieber : American beer doesn’t taste like water. Bad American beer tastes like water.

Jason Gutierrez : I'm an IPA guy but as much as I love IPA's and other ales, I love those crisp lagers when it's hot and I'm dehydrated idk it's just good I love all the beer!!

William Coolidge : I'm tired of beer snobs. Drink what *you* like. And stop telling other people what *they* should like.

porscheguy19 : Excellent video. I'm sitting here drinking my homebrewed German Pilsner (Bitburger clone made with 100% pilsner malt), and thoroughly enjoying the information presented here. Most people I know who drink, prefer mainstream macro-brewed lagers that are easy to drink and relatively inoffensive to the average palate. I've been told by a relative, "Well, I don't drink beer for the taste!" And I find that tragic. I bet there's a craft beer out there for every beer drinker, and I've been able to win over a few friends. On the other hand, it's great that there are mainstream beers for those who wish to drink them. I encourage everyone to find a local craft brewery and try them out - I bet they'll be pleasantly surprised.

tchence : great show but why didn't Yuengling get any love American's oldest brewery 1829

August Towers : Fuck lite beer and lagers...stout beer for this man

Philippe Panzini : The pendulum has swung to the other extreme with many small and micro-breweries in North America: Ultra hoppy IPAs that you could probably use to disinfect a sewer. Good beer is about balance.

Ben Cooper : Here in the, soon to no longer be, UK we actually drink more lager than we do ale or Ssout... We produce a lot of Ale, drank it historically, and do still drink it more than most nations BUT the assumption that we all drink dark colour, room temperature beer isn't the case. The average bar (by my research) will have about 4 lagers, 4 ales and 2 stouts. Specialist real ale bars will have about 10 ales on, but still sell lager and, increasing in popularity, are chains like BrewDog (and similar independents) who sell around 50 different kinds of beers (lagers, ales and stout)... I guess you could just say that we're enthusiastic about beer. Not sure why I felt the need to tell you all this... Education! YEY!

Robert Seviour : A while back I was in the Bow Bar, one of the finest watering holes in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have a blackboard listing the current real ale / craft brews offered on tap and staff who can tell you something meaningful about them. In short a classy pub. So in comes a visitor from the US, looks at the board, ponders a while and then asks 'Do you have Budweiser?' More than one head was shaken and glances exchanged among the habitués.

John Jacob : Its sad that Americans (I'm also American) enjoy piss water but then turn their noses up to dark stouts/caramel ambers. There's so much great flavor there, but people think coors/miller/bud light tastes better. Its so backwards

Leo U. : I live in Germany and our beer is kinda awesome 😄

Alagathevictor : I work in the business... we water down to shameful levels. It's all about watering down as much as possible without people noticing... oh we failed

Jessie Hydro : Im American and i cant stand that water garbage. Give me a Imperial Stout, Belgian triple or an ipa

apostate001 : A more accurate title - Why Does CORPORATE American Beer Taste Like Water?

oledognes : Aaron Yonda from bber and board games snuck in at 1:18

Wolf In Wool Productions : I just hate being at a party where all they want to talk about is the hoppiness of their favorite micro breweries. I don't know who is worse: them or the pot enthusiast.

Ed Smelly : American beer is shit for the same reason that American coffee is shit. Because Americans have shit for brains, er, i mean taste. I know this because I've been living in America all of my life.

SAIDIKROM Mardiev : The expert's voice sounds like Obama's

Cannabis origanum : Wtf is this shit?!?! The home/micro brew revolution started in America, primarily as a response to lite beer which originally became popular due to dieting trends, and yes some people do like the lack-of-flavor taste. Which is kind of ironic when comparing the calorie content of Guinness and Bud. The pint being, if you want to drink piss you can, but many other options exist. Cheers!

Mar : if I hear him say "czech" style pilsner one more time my german lederhosen will explode like a alahuakbar

rionmoonandroid : Many good things Jimmy Carter did? How abiut the ONLY good thing he ever did

anotherrandomtexan25 : Also wondered ehy beer tasted like piss water to me sounds like I need to try some proper stuff!

BaberJacks : budwisser tastes like shit. i don't know if all yanky beer is the same but i think i'll stick with my VB

Jessie Hydro : There is plenty of American brews that dont taste like water, this should retitled "why is the most popular brands of beer in America taste like water"

thomas magand : American beer has surpassed all the other beers in the world. Even germans and belgians are trying to brew American style pale ales, ipas, stouts etc... Also the number 1 selling beer in 99% of the countries in the world are tasteless lagers.

Garth : It still tastes like piss flushed drunk pissed and flushed again..Sorry America will never do decent beer..In fact it's wrong to call it beer let's call it piss larger :-)

M Rose : I never liked beer, at least the mass produced stuff. I started drinking beer when the local brewers started getting really crafty, for example: "Dragons Milk". I'm lucky, I live in the craft beer capital of America, Western Michigan.

dimitri jordania : Change your title, that's absurd! Obviously written by someone with 0 knowledge of the actual modern industry....or America's beer tastes....MASSIVE ADVERTISEMENTS and otherwise lack of product knowledge/knowledge about beer at all, is why many ppl go for the same big shitty brands/styles. Actual/avid beer drinkers (HUGE %age of ppl in the US) are no longer buying shitty big names, microbrewing is at an all time high, I'm sorry but ur title is un-educated, and I strongly disagree. Goto visit New England one day. Or California. Or any major city, idk, ur video is relevant I guess about ur story, but ur title does not reflect reality.

EWSentinel : I'm one of those American weirdos who actually likes lite American lagers... That and cherry vodka with Diet Coke. Don't judge me. ;)

TheSoundOfTwang : James Mercer with a lisp

Dear Hunter : 3:18 you would think those hags would rely on alcohol.

Pierre S : It should be retitled "How The American Beer Industry Came To Be".

mike albers : The only bad beer is no beer.

Streety101101 : I heard that American beer is piss weak.

Andy-a gaming : This is why I make home brew beer.

Y2Kr4SHM4N : Could it be because America loves sweet, and cannot stand bitter?

SRB NS : Usa has low quality foods

Eric Glueckert : American "craft" beer tastes nothing like water, probably some of the best beer comes from American craft breweries.

Bob Olson : It doesn't, European beer tastes like good glue.

Mr. Toelicky : I drink microbrews only... i drink IPA. IN America. Its not like water. Budweiser and coors hate micro brews bc people are realizing beer can taste good. Bud and coors started propoganda commercials that play at superbowl that say people that drink good beer are beer snobs. Truth is good beer takes more money to make than watered down rice filled beer. Jokes on you "im not a beer snob guy" you believe water beer is better because of commercials

CeekSolo : U mean dishwasher-brand? :)

Brooks Smith : Why is the light American Lager popular in the US? My answer would be the same reason why Trump was elected: stupid people who don't know any better.

Mark Ferrer : I don't think I've liked any of the big name American beers. You really have to go with lesser known brands.