Why Does American Beer Taste Like Water?

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Micah Philson : I love the American lager! I forgot to pay my water bill last month, so I've been using that stuff instead for my toilet. Works great!

Micah Philson : Wow, so many people here assuming that all American beer is that one style even you can find literally every kind in the US, which is kind of the point of this video, to explain why that kind became popular (it was literally the only choice for a decade) and how now it's not like that at all anymore.

Marty.R Woodcock : As a Canadian who loves many kinds of beer, I have to say, I hate American beer. It's lightly flavoured water, with a tiny bit of alcohol. Mind you, Canadian beer should have more alcohol too, in my opinion, but at least it tastes better than the swill down South.

Colin A : I feel pretty fortunate to live in Ontario where we have a good selection of independent, craft beers. It almost makes up for the fact that the liquor laws are archaic, and that the LCBO and The Beer Store are still the only games in town.

Crawlerz - Russian Tactical : We elected the wrong Carter.

Holy shit, it's a talking muffin : American Beer tastes just like America's personality.... Bland.

filpaul : Beer and No board games?!

Kevin McVann : Because it's served So Ice Cold ..it has no Taste at all Just let it not be so cold .......Then you realise why they serve it ICE COLD

Carlos Cabral de Menezes : USA is a great country and Americans are a great people, but considering beers, Thank God I live in Denmark, home of Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world and Tuborg. Cheers!

R R : 1:34 terrible pouring skills. No head on that whatsoever. I like craft beer. I just like the taste of a good, complex beer. I don't do it to be a snob or an asshole. I just quite simply LOVE beer.

Wolf Khain : Pisswasser

T-Bag : Your Beer tastes like piss. Also your so called pints aren't as big as our's. Who says America is bigger and better? Tsk Tsk.

Darg : As always, the government prevents necessary and desired industries from flourishing through coercive laws such as prohibition, excessive taxation, and anti-home-brewing statutes. Imagine: The United States could have become the world capital of beer had the government not impinged upon the market.

mms0011 : When I think of American beer, I think of the hundreds of micro breweries putting out world class beers, not the embarrassing mass produced watery beers.

azores15 : SOME craft beers are good, and by some, I mean less than ten percent. Many craft beers are a lot like specialty hot sauces - interesting, but not something you'd actually enjoy consuming. It's entirely driven by novelty and competition, which is why brewers must constantly create new beers for their restless and unsatisfied customers. Sadly, too many of the craft beers I actually did like were taken off the market because so they just didn't sell, which reinforces my suspicion that most craft drinkers are just partaking in a fad.

Cj C : I live in Ireland. We have the king of all beers.. Guinness

Justin Reyez : that joke about making love in a canoe was great

Novak : 1:13 Hey it's Aaron!

Micah van Everdingen : wtf apple pie isn't yours..... And beer is german/dutch, lol

Fuster Cluck : #1 budweiser is the only beer in USA #2 jimmy carter did many great things. Whomever made this video should just drop dead.

vrticle : Canadian beer is where it’s at folks!

Rubellite Fae : I'm not a fan of most lagers, but I prefer them to this IPA trend. Give me more malt, less hops, and maybe a tad more sugar for the yeast.

Ben : American beer is second rate for the same reason that American cars are second rate. It's a corporate mentality thing. " Make it cheaper" is their mantra. Quality is the last consideration in corporate America.

Leode Siefast : And that is why American homebrewers/craft brewers from the 80s onwards have looked to classic English recipes. Oh how they used to mock our 'warm' English beer while enjoying their pissy Buds! Now they are all trendy craft ale brewers making IPA, Pale ales, Bitters, Milds, Barley wines, Stouts and Porters. We will accept your apology now thank you..... Just joking, the US craft ale scene is produce some of the best beers out there at the moment. You have to thank them for bringing these classic English recipes back into fashion - they were almost dead in the UK in the 90s/00s due to macrobreweries pumping out easy peassy pissy lagers in cans. IPA, stout and bitters were considered an old man's drink - a dying breed. I am a homebrewer myself now, making my own American style IPA.

Brian Scraper : I love a good craft beer. I can't imagine drinking a lite American lager anymore.

Space Monkey : I prefer whiskey

Hot Dogs : IPA’s and Belgian Ales are LIFE.

Jason Stallworth : Very thankful for all the craft beers these days!!

El Capitano Kapitan : A good Christian shouldn’t drink.

Jeffrey Wagner : After traveling to Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Indonesia , Singapore and Mexico and tasting the local beers, I find them to be no better than the usual American lagers. That style of beer seems to be very popular around the world. Add in Stella Artois in Belgjium and Hurliman in Switzerland and it is all pretty close. A lot of folks like that style. Even in the UK you can find some pretty light lagers. So, yes this video is irrelevant.

ben england : Light beers for pussies, American beer isn't really even beer.

Mike Regan : Water tastes better.

ReturnTrip : Budweiser and Keystone Lite aren't the only american beers these days lads...we make it better than you now.

JRM 4 PM : Nothing beats British Ale.

GADCL4 : Aussie beer is gnat's piss too.

kd1s : I'm not such a lager fan. I By chance back about 20 years ago I discovered ale - much better than beer. I like the really dark ales. And here's a cheery though - there's a shortage of CO2 in Europe right now, and it's coming to the U.S. too so beer isn't going to be so fizzy any more. But ale is as the yeast produces CO2.

apostate001 : A more accurate title - Why Does CORPORATE American Beer Taste Like Water?

chris corona : Mexican beers are better

Yuri PRIME : Russian Imperial Stout - drink some, you pansies ;)

Ruben Vineh : Stone Brewing opened in Germany...dont see any German breweries opening in the United States...

Tom deaardappel : I don't know what American Lager taste like, but if you who are reading this has to choose American Lager (like Bud) or a pilsener (like Heineken), which one would you choose?

Dave Brock : Craft beer will be around as long as the economy stays stable. This generation wants craft foods and brews. Now it’s quality over quantity. As in the past, it was the opposite.

Ineluctable Smith : It doesn't its the best in the world and if you don't like it go back to Africa, muslia, Europe, or whatever confused country you came from. God Bless America death to Iran.

The American Chauvinist : Dark beer is better

Matt Foster : i think we all have more important things happening in the world to argue about rather than beer ...besides our American lagers you don't have to wrestle out of the mug with a fork

Yogi Demis : Because it's made from 90%water and it's American Beer!!

Jeff Snaman : It's kinda crazy how this channel hasn't blown up way more than what it's at currently. The shots and edits are brilliant and so is the script.

James Rowland : I enjoy craft brews... some of them. It seems many are going too out on a limb to try and be different, usually by adding way too many hops to the recipe making it undrinkable. However it really has expanded the menu in available suds on both sides of the border (i'm a canuck). American beer (the mass produced stuff) I've always despised, it's just a waste of time and always felt light and without substance in contrast to Canadian beer. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not fond of Molson or Labatt either. Personally, I'm happiest drinking imports from Germany and the Czech republic. Also - if you are even the least bit interested in making your own beer DO IT, it's so much fun!

Filip Schneider : Funny thing is that here in Czech Republic (where the original Pilsner-style lager originates) we're having a craft beer boom also right now. We've always had many mini-breweries but they all basically made the same pilsen-style lagers (however with each having a distinct taste). Most of them sustained the communist nationalisation, most of them somehow sustained the wild privatisation of the 90s. However even with our market opening to the world there was always very small market for foreign beers (less so for foreign beer styles) because 1) Czech consumers are really nationalistic about their beer habits and 2) Czechs don't like to pay more for their beer (you'll usually pay 1-1,5 dollars or less for half-litre in pub, about 50p for bottle at mall, we even have a law enforcing the pubs to have at least one non-alcoholic beverage cheaper than beer, because until very recently, many pubs would charge you more for water than for a beer). I'm not sure why the times are changing now, but I would blame 1) Millenials being more picky as well as adventurous and open to the world in their consumption 2) Huge number of western expats settling in our country (Americans recently very quickly surged to be the 5th biggest national minority in Prague) being able to economically sustain craft beer pubs (and therefore craft beer breweries) before Czechs gradually get accustomed to come there as well...

ChromeLeatherGel : Pilsner Urque is the Best!!