My Demonetiziation Story / No more Spongebob Walkthroughs / @YouTube please watch
Man makes video of despression after his Spongebob Video Games Youtube channel gets demonetized

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You may think I belong to Weenie Hut Jr's, but it's really all the consequenses (I'm depressed really bad and I'm not able to work a regular job, you can only understand that if you've been through that yourself... But I need my YouTube earnings for me and my family, you don't go homeless in Germany because of these things, but it gets still much worse) and also what bad I've already gone through in my life. That I was bullied in school is just was thing for example, there's many things that have not been easy at all. .I ask everyone to tweet at YouTube on twitter, that they have to remonetize me and that you're enjoying my content. Simply write @TeamYouTube on your Twitter post and then write what you wanna write. I've made a text which you can simply copy and paste if you agree with what it says. @TeamYoutube please remonetize KyoakuNaKira, I think he was unfairly demonetized shortly after getting the monetiziation again. He does high quality walkthroughs which I enjoy to watch and he really relies on the monetiziation without it he can't make any further videos Huge thanks for everyone who supports!!!


HarmonyBunny : My sincere apologies... what are you gonna do now...?

Javian Williams : I’m sorry this happened. I’ll try my best to get you monetized again. But on Patreon. We’ll have to part ways till further notice. Bye, man.

KyoakuNaKira : Thanks everyone for commenting and espically for everyone which wrote to YouTube on Twitter! I'm not too sure right now what I'm gonna do. But I will atleast update you guys soon.

Nayumi Yosritomo : I just dont get it. Why Viacom was so rude with SpongeBob fans... if i get demonitized because uploading episode clips or music well i can agree that but why they demonitize the SpongeBob games walkthrough too?. Just sounds unfair to me

thezombiecreeper : ;-; So sorry.

NFS_JBA : I can't believe that you are being demonetized when you have such high quality content AND you are so close to 100K. YouTube have next to no reason to even *attempt* demonetization! Maybe if we can get you to 100K, and tell them how we feel they'll take you more seriously? Best of luck to you, and I love the Spongebob videos, really great gameplay.

New changes coming : I’m sorry your not able to work man. YouTube company is pretty heartless on allot of channels. I’m not trying to cause offense, but if YouTube doesn’t like the channel, they either turn their back or shut it down. It’s hard to rely on YouTube for income I will say that much.


Vegan the Dutchie : I appreciate how you play old games, it's great to see the old games still live UwU

Lukeydrop : I am sorry to hear this happened but I have good news. So when someone gets demonetized, youtube say that you can’t contact the youtube partner support team, wrong! You can contact the youtube partner support team at this email: There is a video by jack eyes explaining his demonetization and that he got his monetization back by emailing that address. I hope that this works out for you. Best of luck

Wilson Duda : can you make your channel running forever

Snow Kitten The Toon : Dang, I’m sorry that this happened. I wish you the best of luck on getting your channel monetized again!


Mayne Enyam : Im sorry.

Antonio Rivera : Noooo

PSP ZONE : Susan is too busy making a channel than to actually fixing the site

Nayumi Yosritomo : Just be quick. Your channel is one of many channel in SpongeBob gaming community that was still active, and i really enjoying them. However since Viacom demonitized your videos, it seems you has some trouble to handle it. But what i would like to say is this. Do the Best for your life and channel, because there are always solutions for this problem. And dealing with "No More SpongeBob Walkthroughs" i really hope you still uploaded those since you start your channel this way. But i have request for you. Will you played and uploaded your BATTLE FOR BIKINI BOTTOM - REHYDRATED Walkthrough to your channel, For the Nostalgia Sake or even worst One Last Game?

meta527II : Does that mean you won't do a Nicktoons Unite no commentary walkthrough?

Dian MO : A😉😆😆😆☹😬

SKYBRITE : I waited over a year and no response at all from yt,they cut my views till i got below 4k hours a month,now i must manage to get 4k hours of viewtime a month for an entire year to even reapply 12 years on

Harold Endicott IV : Damn... I would help but sadley I'm no use in this kind of situation. I wish you best of luck and with one more thing. Life is a bitch who will always kick you to the curb if they don't like you, or don't need you.

giv_me_hell : How the fuck do you get demonetized this way? Is YouTube really this fucking broken?? All you make is Spongebob videos. Only thing I could think of is Copyright, which would be petty bullshit.

Lucia : What the fuck