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SDSBBQ : *Yes Casey... it was good*

OSOCITYNATION : Hands down one of the best videos ive ever seen! I watched this legit a 100 times by now lol

Tampatec : inspiring, liked 👍

Leigh-Anne Marie : The Simba part and that cut back to the plane was the BEST

Young Mazda : CASEY! 2 years after you first pulled me out of a dark time, I have FINALLY started the channel I've been meaning to start for years. Keep on inspiring

GIMI Productions : This looks like a trailer for "Casey Neistat: Documentary" LOL (p.s: I would definetly watch it)!!

FantasticalGamer : Gods work this man is doing. Gods work.

Nathaniel Cole Alexander : I swear this is such a dense, kinetic, and effective editing job, it felt like I was watching an ad. One of those amazing ads from big companies meant to excite and inspire, except this video doesn't have a logo plastered on at the last five seconds. It manages to contain so much energy, message, and polish within a mere 4 minutes. Brilliant.

How To Make Sushi : it was good


Yes Theory : Damn. Casey will go off-the-grid for a while then come back and just drop complete bangers like this one. I don't think a single creator on this platform has inspired more people to make their own movies than Casey. Thank you for being the voice for all creators Casey and thank you for making us realize we don't need any of the fancy things to actually make it happen

Josi Daresbach : YEAAHHHH.....THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! THANKS \O/ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ INSANELY INSPIRING!

Luke Culhane : song?

Kevin Deegan : No that was terrible, do it again but stick to the script this time..


Andrey Kirov : 4 mins! so powerful!!! YouTube legend!

Collin Abroadcast : This is the best video on the internet, hands down

Уехать в США : Лучше не скажешь!

OMNIRADIUS : Everyone's invited also means that everyone is out there trying to play the movie-making game, which means there now is a HUGE supply vs a (less) huge demand. So it's easy for Mr Neistat to be inspirational and yell "everybody can be a star", since he's already made it. But reality is... 99% of people out there will never be famous or big on youtube. But yeah well, nobody's gonna read this comment anyway. So Umm. Here are some random words: Glacier, Cargo Door, Resting area, Fishing pond. Have a great day Scotty! Peace!

Inside The Dog-World : Thank you for this! This was a great film, inspiration and motivation :) You're awesome

Vanessa Blanco : This made me SO FREAKIN MOTIVATED TO CREATE!

Jackson Bird : "There's a camera in your pocket that's good enough for the big screen, but you don't need the big screen." That part always gets me. YES.

Thoisoi : Apsolutely perfect! Say my appreciation to Ann who edited that masterpiece.

Richard's World Traveler : That was some extreme editing right there!

Kutay ÖZKESKİN : Hahah that was good like old days of your Boost videos.. Missed those..

Travellight : I just knew that this was going to be insanely inspiring. It was.

Livin That Life : WOO! late to the watch party but that was sick AFF! I been travel vlogging for 2+ years now HEAVILY influenced by Casey& the like. It was a dream! To be able to work from anywhere and have freedom to travel whnever you want and make dope videos while you do! A simple dream. So I got on youtube and figured it out. A key part of that is figuring out how you can work remote or have an online hustle. Freelance. Start a web shop. Learn Facebook Ads. Write e-books. Something. This will allow you to travel more. And make more videos. - Nomad out. 😎🌴

ArcadiusKul and Sammie Gaming : Yes . It was good !

askroller - Канал о роликах : How many DAYS it took to edit this?!

David Di Franco : Amazing video, Casey! Very inspirational. Thank you!

Paolo Rigotti : Yes, it was good Mr Neistat!

Briana Jones Chase : Dude this is amazing. Casey ! Ann! Agh

Michael Mass : Great 4 minutes to bad the platform you are known on is now discouraging the small timer from even starting up. Love your stuff bro very motivating... Maybe one day!!!

BC Richard : young casey looks like layne staley

Caleb Twombly : I absolutely love these videos Casey!! Thank you for putting your journey out there and inspiring so many people every single day.

K1 Production : MAN this video pumped me upppp!!

현감독 DIRECTOR HYON : Can't believe how many times I'm watching this video. on and on and on. Loved every single part of it. Casey, please visit Korea. You're always welcomed.

Judi珠珠 : EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS!!! because it doesn't just pertain to filmmaking it's like relatable on every possible scale ❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉

i ride manila : That video in philippines donating 25k $ to typhoon victims was one of casey best video

Claudiu Lucian : That was awesome, Casey, you are a filmmaker, even one of the best at what you like doing. :)

Erin : I needed this. I've been feeling a bit unmotivated recently and this gave me a wee kick up the arse! Cheers 😊

Sean Siew : Thank you for being the voice for all creators.

Right Brothers : Make some noise! This video is so good ❤️

TheUselessTrials : Man, how do you find this perfectly suiting music every time?

LorenitaEV : THIS is THE video!!! WOW! Thank you.

Technicality : Casey is the only YouTuber allowed to say the grind.

Giacomo Dusina : Ok Casey, we get that you are a creator, filmaking is a sport made like 20 videos saying the same thing. Why don't you actually do some filmmaking? I think that what differentiates you from other youtubers is your story telling, the way you can tell fun and interesting stories, not just in a great technical way. So please, get back to tell stories.

SPK Projects Variety Channel : Yeah man, it was good! 😀❤ You're an inspiration, Casey! As a filmmaker I am so happy I found you! You're awesome! 😜🤘

Carter the Epic : LOVE IT. speech of the century.

Creative 2.0 : Casey, all the smaller youtube channels are now not apart of the youtube partnership programme and are demonitizing all our hard work! we need you bro