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SDSBBQ : *Yes Casey... it was good*

OSOCITYNATION : Hands down one of the best videos ive ever seen! I watched this legit a 100 times by now lol

Tampatec : inspiring, liked 👍

Leigh-Anne Marie : The Simba part and that cut back to the plane was the BEST

Young Mazda : CASEY! 2 years after you first pulled me out of a dark time, I have FINALLY started the channel I've been meaning to start for years. Keep on inspiring

GIMI Productions : This looks like a trailer for "Casey Neistat: Documentary" LOL (p.s: I would definetly watch it)!!

FantasticalGamer : Gods work this man is doing. Gods work.

Parker : I have the same dream!

Nathaniel Cole Alexander : I swear this is such a dense, kinetic, and effective editing job, it felt like I was watching an ad. One of those amazing ads from big companies meant to excite and inspire, except this video doesn't have a logo plastered on at the last five seconds. It manages to contain so much energy, message, and polish within a mere 4 minutes. Brilliant.

How To Make Sushi : it was good

Andrey Kirov : 4 mins! so powerful!!! YouTube legend!


Josi Daresbach : YEAAHHHH.....THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! THANKS \O/ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ INSANELY INSPIRING!

Lionel Balland : Thanks Casey, that was really great! Really motivating to get out there and make more. Almost no one watches my videos, but I just like making them ... and that's what it's all about! Thanks for the constant motivation 😊

Luke Culhane : song?

Vanessa Blanco : This made me SO FREAKIN MOTIVATED TO CREATE!

Kevin Deegan : No that was terrible, do it again but stick to the script this time..


OMNIRADIUS : Everyone's invited also means that everyone is out there trying to play the movie-making game, which means there now is a HUGE supply vs a (less) huge demand. So it's easy for Mr Neistat to be inspirational and yell "everybody can be a star", since he's already made it. But reality is... 99% of people out there will never be famous or big on youtube. But yeah well, nobody's gonna read this comment anyway. So Umm. Here are some random words: Glacier, Cargo Door, Resting area, Fishing pond. Have a great day Scotty! Peace!

Sean Siew : Thank you for being the voice for all creators.

Travellight : I just knew that this was going to be insanely inspiring. It was.

Inside The Dog-World : Thank you for this! This was a great film, inspiration and motivation :) You're awesome

TheUselessTrials : Man, how do you find this perfectly suiting music every time?

Creative 2.0 : Casey, all the smaller youtube channels are now not apart of the youtube partnership programme and are demonitizing all our hard work! we need you bro

Giacomo Dusina : Ok Casey, we get that you are a creator, filmaking is a sport made like 20 videos saying the same thing. Why don't you actually do some filmmaking? I think that what differentiates you from other youtubers is your story telling, the way you can tell fun and interesting stories, not just in a great technical way. So please, get back to tell stories.

Paolo Rigotti : Yes, it was good Mr Neistat!

Oh Hale YEAH! : When everyone is Super....NO ONE will be. - Hilarious evil villain in The Incredibles Also one of your best vids.

P.5 : Yes. Yes Casey, that was good♥️

LorenitaEV : THIS is THE video!!! WOW! Thank you.

idonotmakevidsyet : TOO MANY JUMP CUTS

Technicality : Casey is the only YouTuber allowed to say the grind.

William Singer : I’m sorry to say this, but filmmaking IS NOT A SPORT. For something to be a sport, it must be a competitive physical activity or game. Look it up if you don’t believe me

Feather : Filmmaking is NOT a sport.

MrMojoRisinn : This is UNWATCHABLE! christ why sooo fast? worst of your videos...

argw27 : This was Good!

K1 Production : MAN this video pumped me upppp!!

Stonesorrow : That editing gave me anxiety and a headache. The pace is so fast and cut with disjointed clips that takes 1-2 ms extra (due to varying types of quality, color, focus) to decode in my brain that the flow is lost. Repeatedly. And the message could've been distilled into the last 40 sec of the movie: "You have the power to create what ever you want. Do it, improve, do it passionately. Boom".

Brian Choi : Got goosebumps watching this. Casey the GOAT

Brandon Brandon : You look like a crackhead!

Hakins하킨스 : Any small filmmakers who wanna support each other?

LivingBobby : This video is just amazing Casey! This isn’t even about filmmaking, it’s for everyone who has a dream! LETS GET IT!! 🤜

Jacob Brink : Does anyone know the music for the very first cut?

SOMOS CRACKS : Next step taking my camera

Michael do Carmo : "Something that was totally out of reach"... no; wait, its starting to get out of reach again. Thanks YouTube, for your notice today saying that to monetize you need 4,000 hours of watchtime and 1,000 subscribers. Lets cut out all the small fish so that only the big fish get to play. Bad YouTube, bad.

Jon L : Hi Casey the new YouTube rules suck it's discouraging for us up and comers

Erin : I needed this. I've been feeling a bit unmotivated recently and this gave me a wee kick up the arse! Cheers 😊

Anders Lindhe : Not at all Mr Casey, it was wonderful ❤️

Aaron Geyer : LOL, They had me on at midnight but no one actually watched me.

hasan : L.E.G.E.N.D.

Waterboy Vlog : Every YouTuber should watch this!! Great job Casey!