CT at max speed

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Andrew Jackson : See this in person and it's pretty damned impressive.

V : Ugh I will be in one of these in about 2 hours from now. Why do I watch this sort of stuff. I am scared as it is. It's not as bad as an MRI though, I couldn't even get in it, too small & loud.

Hugh Mungus : Watched the whole thing waiting for a portal to show in in the middle. I'm disappointed.

EOtekk : The technology that goes into these things.......It's absolutely amazing.

Ryan M. : Max speed Jump through the middle Winner is who ever doesn’t get shredded

1973Washu : That is why they hide the parts with a cover, otherwise everyone would nope out when they saw that thing spinning. (also people might get body parts caught in it...)

Semont : Seems like much of our technology relies on things spinning really fast.

jaymar panlilio : imagine it the other way around. the patient is the one who would need to rotate at full speed

Captain Transit : Does the rotating part of the gantry get its power like a subway train does? Contact shoe?

Tigrou7777 : You spin me right round, Baby right round, like a record, baby right round, right round ♫

Phoenix Phalanges : I fell like it's going to open a portal to another dimension

Youtubeaholic2 : I wonder what it would take to through the balance off that thing.

VideyoJunkei : An incredible balancing job. I wonder how much mass of that ring is just counterweights?!

Nick Keat : In answer to some of the questions, this is an incredible piece of technology - it rotates in the order of 1 tonne of metal 4 times per second with forces of > 40 times gravity with the ability to visualise details that are about 0.3 mm in size and which are different to the surrounding tissue by less than 1%. It's able to transmit around 100 kW across the slip rings that are needed to allow it to rotate constantly, and return scan data at the rate of around half a GB per second, with insanely low error rates. Cost is in the region of $1 million... And, yes, the patient lies in the middle unaware of all that's going on around them thanks to the opaque covers!

BIackMoonCGI : Now chuck a brick in, like they do with the washing machines.

Gran's Stuff : But what makes the loud knocking noises?

ZarV : CT definitely has a meat grinder operating regime for restless patients.

Doug Leary : One mistake and you end up in the Delta Quadrant.

Moo : They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamburrr...

robert deldge : looks like if it span fast enough it would open up a portal to another dimension or time or something like that. 

Josh Swann : if you successfully jump through it then you get double the views if you unsuccessfully jump through it then you get quadruple the views.

Zicep Yjarik : Pretty sure my upstairs neighbour has one of these.

Clyde Johnson : Pretty sure that's a time machine

RoboticGladiator : The possibility of a resonant cascade failure is extremely remote.....

WhoWantsToKnow81 : Black hole appearing in 3... 2... 1....

MotherEric : *Plays interstellar docking scene music*

Impala_vlog´s : the difrence between scifi and normal future is that in scifi they just dont have covers on the machines

Ethan Sawyer : Stargate :3

Sir Korax : My fleshlight is ready? awesome. 

Kizzume Fowler : Holy crap, I didn't know they spun that fast!

Dimitri Andreou : V1 , Rotate   hahahahahahaha

roidroid : Wheel of Fortune. I'll have an X please

Phillip Mulligan : That's a frightening amount of centrifugal force should that thing be slightly off balance. I would hate to be a patient in that when it's really off kilter like some badly loaded washer on spin dry cycle.

parp12345 : Imagine if it went out of balance - it would crash through the walls!

Tammy Snow : Sounds like an antonov an-124 but quieter.

LeGoCrAzYRoJo : It looks like a big fidget spinner

Alex Vyse : Jody Foster's dad steps out.

Malamute456 : Okay, now that is really really amazing and cool!

Mechmaniac77 : Had it last month... omg O_o It found a 4mm long kidney stone in my body...

westganton : I feel like these can probably be downsized a lot by now

coondogtheman1234 : Coordinates entered, preparing to open stargate.

forever spinnin18 : Geez i wonder how big the bearing is in the ct scanner!

TrainDrivershowTDS : Be careful,cause if it spin much much much faster like 100,000,000,000 it can start a black hole and also go the speed of light,wait dose light even have speed,ASK PLANET DOLAN

Karen Larke : I wonder how many rpm it clocks up at this speed?

Mickyelloow : and me saying that I went in one this october AND not knowing what that "turbine" sound was...

Nic Neufeld : Wow. I knew *something was spinning around in those things. I didn't realize it was quite so much machinery.

Juzztn : "Chevron one encoded"

Tjita1 : I have to say though, apart from the rather high amounts of radiation, it is far nicer to do a CT than an MR. First off, a full abdomen overview takes approximately 3 minutes, compared to the maybe 15-20 minutes of the MR, but then there is also the noise, that wining noise from it spinning is the only sound it makes, while an MR requires you wearing hearing protection. The pictures from the MR are a lot more detailed though, I've seen them both.

Nathan Wu : Now That's a well balanced unit!

Chase Comstock : "Don't get too close! It'll suck you into the time portal!"