CT at max speed

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Ryan M. : Max speed Jump through the middle Winner is who ever doesn’t get shredded

Tigrou7777 : You spin me right round, Baby right round, like a record, baby right round, right round ♫

jaymar panlilio : imagine it the other way around. the patient is the one who would need to rotate at full speed

Hugh Mungus : Watched the whole thing waiting for a portal to show in in the middle. I'm disappointed.

Semont : Seems like much of our technology relies on things spinning really fast.

Andrew Jackson : See this in person and it's pretty damned impressive.

VideyoJunkei : An incredible balancing job. I wonder how much mass of that ring is just counterweights?!

Moo : They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamburrr...

1973Washu : That is why they hide the parts with a cover, otherwise everyone would nope out when they saw that thing spinning. (also people might get body parts caught in it...)

Phoenix Phalanges : I fell like it's going to open a portal to another dimension

V : Ugh I will be in one of these in about 2 hours from now. Why do I watch this sort of stuff. I am scared as it is. It's not as bad as an MRI though, I couldn't even get in it, too small & loud.

Doug Leary : One mistake and you end up in the Delta Quadrant.

Zicep Yjarik : Pretty sure my upstairs neighbour has one of these.

EOtekk : The technology that goes into these things.......It's absolutely amazing.

Josh Swann : if you successfully jump through it then you get double the views if you unsuccessfully jump through it then you get quadruple the views.

BIackMoonCGI : Now chuck a brick in, like they do with the washing machines.

Nick Keat : In answer to some of the questions, this is an incredible piece of technology - it rotates in the order of 1 tonne of metal 4 times per second with forces of > 40 times gravity with the ability to visualise details that are about 0.3 mm in size and which are different to the surrounding tissue by less than 1%. It's able to transmit around 100 kW across the slip rings that are needed to allow it to rotate constantly, and return scan data at the rate of around half a GB per second, with insanely low error rates. Cost is in the region of $1 million... And, yes, the patient lies in the middle unaware of all that's going on around them thanks to the opaque covers!

Impala_vlog´s : the difrence between scifi and normal future is that in scifi they just dont have covers on the machines

WhoWantsToKnow81 : Black hole appearing in 3... 2... 1....

MotherEric : *Plays interstellar docking scene music*

Youtubeaholic2 : I wonder what it would take to through the balance off that thing.

RoboticGladiator : The possibility of a resonant cascade failure is extremely remote.....

JustSomeGuy : Almost expected a star gate to open.

Captain Transit : Does the rotating part of the gantry get its power like a subway train does? Contact shoe?

parp12345 : Imagine if it went out of balance - it would crash through the walls!

Lefty Guns : If I was a transformer - I'd be an MRI machine.

robert deldge : looks like if it span fast enough it would open up a portal to another dimension or time or something like that. 

Kizzume Fowler : Holy crap, I didn't know they spun that fast!

Tammy Snow : Sounds like an antonov an-124 but quieter.

Dimitri Andreou : V1 , Rotate   hahahahahahaha

ZarV : CT definitely has a meat grinder operating regime for restless patients.

Phillip Mulligan : That's a frightening amount of centrifugal force should that thing be slightly off balance. I would hate to be a patient in that when it's really off kilter like some badly loaded washer on spin dry cycle.

Sir Korax : My fleshlight is ready? awesome. 

Mechmaniac77 : Had it last month... omg O_o It found a 4mm long kidney stone in my body...

alexthebro 265 : looks like that thing from avatar.

Nic Neufeld : Wow. I knew *something was spinning around in those things. I didn't realize it was quite so much machinery.

Space_Blank 089 : I am fascinated and scared of this thing. Is that possible?

Chaton : Stargate :3

Gran's Stuff : But what makes the loud knocking noises?

John : Photonicinduction needs one of these

FaZe Rojo : It looks like a big fidget spinner

Alex Vyse : Jody Foster's dad steps out.

Juzztn : "Chevron one encoded"

Chase Comstock : "Don't get too close! It'll suck you into the time portal!"

Riker626 : Did not know I had that thing spinning around me like that. Not sure I will get back into one of those!

Mickyelloow : and me saying that I went in one this october AND not knowing what that "turbine" sound was...

Element of Kindness : I had no idea that there was so much crap being slung around in one of those things. Thanks for posting!

Clyde Johnson : Pretty sure that's a time machine

Lost n' Found : 2:06 CT scanner what an incredible invention, all that heavy machinery and electronics spinning up to 200 rpm.

coondogtheman1234 : Coordinates entered, preparing to open stargate.